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Days: 44.9
Mean Score: 7.35
  • Total Entries278
  • Rewatched5
  • Episodes2,677
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Oct 11, 12:37 PM
Completed 11/11 · Scored 7
Kanata no Astra
Kanata no Astra
Oct 11, 12:37 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Oct 11, 12:36 PM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 8
Manga Stats
Days: 7.6
Mean Score: 7.18
  • Total Entries84
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,361
  • Volumes149
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Ai no Kusabi
Ai no Kusabi
Aug 15, 2:43 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Jun 26, 10:36 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Yoru wo Tomenaide
Yoru wo Tomenaide
Feb 7, 2:14 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 7


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AllahDiyenKirpi Nov 13, 2018 10:59 AM
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i'm out of any recommendations and this season have many great animes, so...
actually, i was about to recommend kiseijuu to you but you're already ahead of me, again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
anyway, until i found a recommendation for you, take care and see you.
AllahDiyenKirpi Nov 4, 2018 4:04 AM
The MC is the only thing that saves the show, in my opinion. They showed us MC's true personality in the end and this makes audience curious about what happens in the future, whether they like or dislike the show. This is the thing that makes this show unique and memorable. Back when i watching this anime, i was like ''meeeh, pretty average anime, i probably rate this 6''. But then i watched final episode and i finally understand the reason why this show is so average looking. The mind who made this story, wanted us to think that way. Wanted us to think ''this show is no special'' but in reality, this show is more than it looks. This show carries a lot of potential and this season's only purpose is introducing us the characters, this season was just a prologue. Then i understand that the real story will start from now on and i decided to give this anime the respect it deserves. Plus 2 points, just because what they did in the final episode. Time well spend.

I am glad that you enjoyed the show. What a relief for me.

Well, let me make this clear, the recommendation i am gonna give to you is not like inuyashiki. It just so good as inuyashiki.
Cowboy Bebop. The anime that i refuse to watch for 5 years. Last week, i finally decided to give a chance to Cowboy Bebop and whoa... this anime is pure GOLD.
I am ashamed of myself. I am probably the worst human being that ever existed. I wanna go back in time and beat myself up. I am a failure as an anime lover. I should have watched this anime a long time ago.
Don't even look at reviews or synopsis. Just go and watch this show without knowing anything. Every episode is so stylish, so different. This anime is the definition of the art. Oldie but goldie.
26 episodes of different episodic events and yet they build characters and main story so masterly. Tbh, i really love this anime as much as i love code geass.
Lastly, this anime might get boring at some point (i hope you won't get ever bored) but be patitent. Also, OP/ED is so beautiful. I have listened the ending song over than a thousand times in three days.

And lastly (this time is for real), this anime is the third anime that trully get me into depression after i finished wathing it. (First one is code geass and second one is re:zero) I can't stop crying every time i remember the final episode.
AllahDiyenKirpi Nov 3, 2018 6:31 AM
Yup, episode 7 is so unfortunate. Blank episode. Remember when i say ''every episode is better than previous one'' well, that was an exception :)

Honestly, i didn't dig that much back when i was watching this anime. I consider this show as an appetizer. And i don't wanna give you any spoilers about our douchebag blondie, what he is up to/ why he is in highschool etc... why some guys looks older, why they are in high school... i have some thoughts about all these questions but again, i don't wanna spoil it for you. If you really wanna know my thoughts then hit the button. But i recommend to you to not hit.

AllahDiyenKirpi Nov 1, 2018 5:57 AM
oh hi :)
About that anime, as far as i can remember, first episodes are pretty average and unfortunately plot is very predictable at first. But even though show got a predictable plot, it is still quite entertaining. And, yes, every episode is better than the previous one, so... Hadi hayırlısı :D
thanks for writing your thoughts about the show ^^
please let me know your further thoughts.

Oh btw, i think i found the perfect anime that i can recommend for you but im gonna tell you after you complete to watching this anime. A masterpiece anime just like inuyashiki. Anyway, have fun watching.
AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 20, 2018 2:20 PM
if that so, i bet you will rate ninja scroll 10 points.

enjoy watching, cya.
AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 20, 2018 1:41 PM
Well it seems like you don't like animes with slow starts (mostly) and definetely hate cringy stuff animes. Also you don't like crap romance animes.
The way i see, you mostly like serious animes and you wanna get suprised by story. Unlucky for me your anime pool is bigger than mine, that was hard to find something worth for recommendation.

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e - this will definetely suprise you in the end, if you don't know synopsis yet then good for you.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko - well this is not a hentai, actually it has been a long time since i watched this anime but i remember i got suprised in the end. 50/50 like and dislike

Dagashi Kashi - The most innocent anime i have ever seen. I believe you gonna love this show, definetely an anime for chilling when you need.

Juubee Ninpuuchou (aka ninja scroll) - Really exciting movie. Like, REALLY. No joke. Full of adrenaline.

AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 20, 2018 12:54 PM
ok i am on it.
AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 20, 2018 10:44 AM
even terrorblade's itself could not save Devilman : Cribae
at first, when i see the netflix on the screen, i thought this will be waste of time. first three episodes seems promising, devilman was cool, i thought this anime is similar with Supernatural. but i was wrong. it was worse than supernatural. (i like first five seasons of supernatural,it went bad after then, just like this show)

conclusion : yup i was right. that was partially waste of time. next time i see netflix, i will just get away from it as much as i can. i feel sad when i see a potential go waste. this anime represents ''wasted potential'' to me. i rate this 5.5 - sure it was better than many other animes. it was not really good or really bad but also not completely mediocre.

inuyashiki was an excellent recommendation, i really enjoyed 10/10. i am sorry but i don't enjoyed watching devilman.
naaah actually both of your recommendations were unique anime recommendations. i would rate it 6.5 tbh, i can't deny it , there were some enjoyment in it but i hate netflix :D so . . . yeah, that is all of my thoughts about this show.

feel free to recommend more animes to me, take care.
AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 20, 2018 7:42 AM
just finished watching episode 3.

nudity : off the charts (same old dumb teenager bait technique)(i hate when studios choose teenagers as target audience)
musics : good - some of them reminds me hotline miami
art : joke (really bad, looks like makers doesn't even tried to make something good)
story : simple yet interesting
enjoyment : meh, musics saves this anime, i think.

terrorblade <3
AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 20, 2018 6:42 AM
holy shit he turned into terrorblade but it is like permanent metamorphosis form. GG

i like TB so i think i will give this show a chance.
AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 20, 2018 6:30 AM
watching devilman:cribae rn and i think i just lost my innocence. i feel like defiled. netflix why are you like this.
AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 19, 2018 7:40 PM
meeeeh, i watched re:zero ep 18 again so i am all good now. lul
AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 19, 2018 7:08 PM
they animated trump and he thrashtalked (i lolled so bad, even thought i am not american)

i am definetely traumatized right now. i will never ever rewatch this anime. i really feel sick right now, my stomach hurts... the feels, the pain. all of this because of finishing a masterpiece anime.

opening : very nice
vocalization : sincere (the best dubbing i have ever seen in an anime)
story : really good
art : CG is meh but oher than that it is okay
characters : feels like they are human (thanks to creator a million times)
enjoyment : i feel like i got raped in the brain (bitter sweet)
ovarall : an unique serious anime experience, 9.5/10.

i think i will stay away from animes for a time, until i recover my mental state back to normal. :D definetely worth it - thx for recommendation.
AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 19, 2018 5:07 PM
this is my reaction whole the time while watching episodes 4, 5 and 6 of inuyashiki.

AllahDiyenKirpi Aug 19, 2018 8:34 AM
high school student who rebuilded as a strong cyborg and can't empathize, decided to kill the people without thinking through. and another strong cyborg who is against that bad student. :( i have seen this so many times. chaotic evil vs lawful good, righteous vs bloodthirsty, ironman vs evil ironman, hulk vs evil hulk, churchill vs gandhi, mayweather vs pacquiao, white people vs black people, my mom versus my dad, me vs my brother... so cliche. but meh, it is okay i guess. :D
yeah, i think they will made something up in later episodes to put sense in it. and then i probably change my mind again.