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Dec 4, 2019
this anime .... sigh

so saintia shou is like none other of the saint seiya anime series why you may ask?

simple, saintia shou feels like a bad fanfiction created by a girl.any type of manly bravery is gone, reduced to atoms, instead we have beautiful men with luscious hair and in sparkling armor coming to save young ladies in trouble, from athena to shoko.

most of the saint seiya entries never had amazing plot, but this one is just histerically bad, the villains never felt good , not enough development on their side and eris is just a joke, the worst she ever did in read more
Dec 2, 2019
So Saint Seiya Omega, the non-canon sequel to saint seiya

I will judge this compared to the original Saint Seiya series, and will include little to no spoilers, enjoy:

Story: the story has 2 sagas each with their own main enemy and with separate arks inside each saga. Unlike the original saint seiya anime this anime has more characters that are actually developed and we get more insight on them, it isn't just gold saints and main cast. the story actually has turns that you don't see coming at first or has some minor characters that have some deeper feelings and thoughts. I wish i could read more
Jul 8, 2019
So I have just finished this side story. Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (this should be watched after Elysium btw)

Honestly the plot is not that complex , but if you are probably reading this you are a saint seiya fan anyway and you know how "amazingly complex" saint seiya's plot usually is.

After the events happening in Hades Chapter: Inferno where our lovely cast of the 12 golden saints break through the Wailing wall, we see Aioria waking up in a snowy place, we find out it's actually Asgard and we might a girl named Lyfia that wants to get killed by the current ruller read more