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ElleGrace May 13, 4:03 PM
Yeah, it is what it is. Thank you, I'll try~ \o/

I'm so sorry for the late reply! Life has been really crazy recently, and the closer we get to the move, the worse it gets. ;; How have you been? <3
GrindWeeb May 6, 5:32 PM
Pretty much, I checked it out, its an old forum, a lot of art groups are unactive :(.

I think I suck more than you xD
Felkyr May 5, 8:44 PM

Oh, I'm going to disable profile comments soon, and eventually delete them all. Just warning in case you want to save them or something. I don't know. I used to do that because I was a mad data hoarder. We'll continue talking via PM.
Felkyr May 5, 8:39 PM
I would have said the same a few years ago.

My day? It's pretty dull at the moment. I should be working on an assignment, but it's a group presentation and I hate my partner. She's been a pretentious douche for weeks now, and really rude. So I'm kinda putting that off. Just gunna go play some fighting games with people later to destress.
Felkyr May 5, 8:19 PM
That is... extremely naive... but, there's a place for that. If no one tried to be optimistic the world wouldn't be very nice.
Exit May 5, 8:06 PM
D:< Maybe I would if you stop messing with me!
GrindWeeb May 5, 4:38 PM
Nah. I added a lot of other people. Just looking for people that are into art :D.
Felkyr May 5, 6:21 AM
Ooh. Haven't seen it. *checks IMDB*. Ooh! An actor I really like too. What an honour! Haha. It is a nice beard. I was thinking something longer, but that would probably be more appropriate if I'm to be seen about the town XD

Oh right. You're one of those people who has a fake RP account I'm guessing. So many of those in the Tokyo Otaku Mode Fan Club because they're too worried what their friends will think of them if they knew they were into 'childish' stuff.


Oh right. I forgot to mention why I made that distinction. I don't mean to say that your friends here aren't your real friends, I'm not passing judgement on that. I've just had some poor experiences, one quite recently, which have made me seriously re-evaluate how much of my time I'm willing to commit to people I don't know. The game of dancing behind aliases also irritates me a little. It seems to bring out the worst in people. So I tend to make most of my friends in-person these days.
Exit May 5, 4:33 AM
*bust-... safely opens the door and steps onto your profile*

Felkyr May 5, 4:03 AM
Oh yeah, there's that possibility too :(

Haha. Thanks. One day, I'll have a brilliant beard to properly wise (legit' one of my goals for retirement). Hmm... That sounds almost like a real friendship, certainly moreso than one that only revolves around anime. Well. You have the means to contact me if you ever change your stance on that.
Felkyr May 5, 12:00 AM
Oh yeah. Very recently I've been able to force myself to communicate in those situations. I think, left to their imagination, most people would assume you don't like them if you don't want to talk to them. I've noticed how much quicker I can become friends with new people if I talk, about anything, rather than only talking when something really needs to be said (not casually). I think, for them, being able to attach auditory data to a memory of a person is important. Although many people claim to be primarily visual learners, I find that people that are content with learning about me primarily through observation to be the minority.

Heh. Only if you idol-worship counsellors. Everything is relative, Kyubi-chan. If you were seeking answers about something to do with Criminology or Psychology, I expect you might come to me. Similarly, if I were seeking answers about something more specific to nursing, I would come to you (maybe once you start studying it, since I'm not aware of any prior knowledge). For me, this logic of 'expertise' extends to more layman areas of life too, and even becomes less of a factor when we're talking about things that I don't think you can have expertise in, such as dealing with the human condition, where I wouldn't assume one person's solution is any more or less valid than the next, but sharing is still helpful for everyone.

P.S. I might be seeing my brother again next week. It's his eighteenth birthday soon, which means a whole lot of things for us. Mainly his freedom.
ElleGrace May 4, 7:54 AM
Thank you~

I'm involved in 3-4 different clubs' staff teams and so am stuck in this situation where I feel bad because I've missed some of the card edition deadlines I said I'd make, but I missed them because I was busy irl and the club people were all warned ahead of time. ;; Again, oh well. I just feel bad sometimes because I know it can be inconvenient for others.
GrindWeeb May 4, 1:50 AM
Hi there xd. I think it was some art club or forum, something like that.
Felkyr May 3, 11:49 PM
Always happy to share stories. I may come off distant, even in person, but that's usually because I'm perpetually lost in thought. I rarely choose to withhold information, especially where it might be helpful to someone else.

The diploma helped me a great deal (personally). It will never lead to employment unless I drop out to do unpaid work experience for a year, but it was taught in a really applied way. A lot of our assignments required us to record mock counselling sessions with other students demonstrating certain skills and submit that for assessment, rather than writing so many essays. A couple of times we even had to do it live in front of the class, which was nerve-wracking and extremely personal. We all had to sign confidentiality agreements before the session. But I learned social skills through those tasks which are probably the only reason I can talk to people comfortably now.

I've largely recovered from the issues I had circa 16-22yrs-o. I never actually expected to be eighteen, so once I made it that far without doing anything hasty, I decided a careful plan would lead me to better health and just generally better outcomes. It's working, slowly. A big part of that was moving away from my family. Except my brothers and sister, who I miss dearly.

I appreciate the offer. I don't have any pride issues taking advice from younger people. Especially in areas where they would have more experience.

And I'm sure you'll work out your focus as soon as you start studying nursing. I promise. It happens the same way for everyone.
Felkyr May 3, 8:28 PM
I mean, exposed to different areas of study and career options through the textbooks we're assigned or just by talking to the lecturers about what they do, attending the occasional professional seminar, etc. It's a sort of insight I just didn't have in highschool. My thinking was pretty much 'I got good grades in Psych, that's clearly what I should be doing'. I didn't really care about it that much. But when I applied for the Psych' degree at Deakin they offered me a place in the double-degree of Crim/Psych, and I took it because I figured it was my only offer. After studying this stuff for over a year now, I've realised I have far more interest in corrections than anything else. Both the philosophy and practice of. Although I am still fascinated by certain topics in Psychology such as cognition (attention, memory) and reading behaviour, all of this can be applied in 'correcting' people anyway. So it's kinda worked out okay, even if I did waste a few years in between (getting a diploma in counselling, but also a couple genuinely wasted years due to mental health issues).