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MysticGod May 18, 2:30 AM
MysticGod May 17, 6:47 PM
u 2
MysticGod May 17, 5:47 PM
Yea Thank you, I am from India and it is morning.
MysticGod May 17, 5:23 PM
It is my pleasure to be friend of you
There are two reason thats why I sent you friend request
1. I saw you like anime of type which I like
2. Your Profile Pic was Cute!
-Aether- Apr 19, 6:51 PM
Hey dude, how is everything going? o/
Just wanted to check in on you since it's been a while since i said anything, stuff happened and i forgot to message anyone on MAL for a while, so i'm sorry i forgot your birthday back in January as well
I didn't mean to be rude so i'm sorry for anything :p

And i know this answer is 4 months late, but better late than never am i right? The girl in my profile picture is Kokoro from Touhou haha

Speaking about profile pictures, nice choice with best girl Sento right there, i approve :D
MainstreamBean Apr 9, 2:39 PM
Hehe thanks, and have a nice day as well fellow Tennessean!
Hayley_N_Haydet Mar 13, 11:53 PM
Rapidly going paragraph-by-paragraph is impressive enough for me. Wish I could do that! xD Well, I probably could, but then the quality of my messages would, without a doubt, drop dramatically. I rarely if ever respond to the paragraphs of a long message in order; I skip them and come back to them later as needed, which not unlike how one would approach an exam. I tend not to rely on my memory to that extent, partly because I don’t want to miss any details if I can help it.

I was hardly annoyed by your story; I appreciate the fact that you shared it with me. While I doubt that I would’ve removed the other people (perhaps that was your attempt to satisfy a desire to get even, even if it meant using scapegoats?), I imagine that I would’ve been more upset than you were, perhaps far more so - despite recognizing the plain fact that none of my correspondents, including those whom I’ve kept in touch with for a fair amount of time, owe me anything. Being told that I would be removed from the life of someone I cared about - in such blunt terms, no less - would’ve hurt badly enough on its own, but being unceremoniously thrown out like that would’ve been...galling, to say the least. And needless to say, the rejection of a long farewell message would’ve added no small insult to injury. So it’s not very hard for me to understand why you reacted the way you did. We don’t want to hurt people or be hurt by them, but perhaps that is unavoidable to some extent. We can try to learn from the past and apply its lessons to the present, but at the end of the day we are what we are; true change is very difficult, if not altogether impossible. What can we do, except be more mindful of ourselves and those around us.

Your comment wasn’t rude; after all, life can sometimes be a reflection of film, or at least feel like it :D I can at least appreciate the fact that the sting of my friend’s remark induced me to take a closer look at myself.

I used to think that the bundle theory of identity (as opposed to the pearl theory) was true and irrefutable, but now I’m not so sure. While I am still inclined to think that the theory is defensible, and still hold that one’s personality is not absolutely immutable, I do think it plausible that there is a fundamental pattern of behavior in each individual that remains consistent throughout the course of his or her life.

Consider the following excerpt from Arthur Schopenhauer’s essay on free will:

The character of man is constant: it remains the same, throughout the whole of life. Under the changeable shell of his years, his relationships, and even his store of knowledge and opinions, there hides, like a crab under its shell, the identical and real man, quite unchangeable and always the same. Only in respect to direction and content does his character undergo apparent modifications, which are the result of differences in one’s age in life and its needs. Man never changes; as he has acted in one case, so he will always act again—given completely equal circumstances (which, however, includes also the correct knowledge of those circumstances). A confirmation of this truth can be gathered from everyday experience. But one encounters it in the most striking manner when after twenty or thirty years one meets an acquaintance again and soon catches him doing the same silly things as formerly.

For my part, I think I am, in many ways, the same as I was in early childhood, warts and all (mostly warts, really). My friend is no longer alive, but I can’t help but wonder what he would think of me if he could see me now. I imagine that he would say the exact same thing as he did last time xD

In your case, at least, having a bias in favor of female beauty doesn’t sound sexist so much as...heterosexual xD

I think the mere fact that there are so many different languages in the world (more than 6,000, I am told - to say nothing of all of dialects for each language) is a strong indication that the connection between word and object - to say nothing of the connection between sound and meaning - is fundamentally arbitrary. While there is obviously a logic to language, the superstructure is to some extent grounded on happenstance and circumstance. I think more or less true of most if not all systems invented by humans, whether it be sports, law, government, religion, and perhaps even science itself. They’re to some degree relative, which isn’t necessarily to say that they are devoid of validity or utility - it’s just to say that they are not absolute. Even if words had magical powers (see the Japanese concept of kotodama), which I doubt, I’d think that the power is not something inherent in the words, but something imbued from without - whether from humans or…gods something else.

If you’re interested in the origins of words - and the origin of language itself - veteran linguist Daniel Everett has a fair amount of things to say about that (though you might find his story of living and working among a particular tribe of the Amazon Basin and achieving fluency in their super-obscure and baffling language more interesting).

I’m not confident that I’d be able to make it through something that long either; it’s challenging enough for me to stay awake through a few hours of anime, even if I’m enjoying it. Haha, no XD I’m not open to dating, but I am open to bonding :D

Well, one could say that, depending on the beholder, real life itself is a beautiful mess, though there’s no shortage of ugliness in there either. It’s certainly a mess, in any case - more than any movie could ever be. I did watch Transformers, by the way. At the moment I don’t have much to say about it, except that it was fairly enjoyable, boasted impressive SFX, and left me with a deep understanding...of why Megan Fox has her status as a sex symbol, that is xD

I’d love to have my favorite seiyuu provide the voices for my favorite appliances and gadgets x3 Incidentally, your comment about female voices brings to mind another interesting H. L. Mencken quote:

The world presents itself to me, not chiefly as a complex of visual sensations, but as a complex of aural sensations. The fact explains many of my prejudices and weaknesses—for example, my defective appreciation of painting. It explains something a good deal more elusive: my taste in women. I seldom give much heed to the faces and forms of females, and I almost never notice their clothes. But when one of them has a low-pitched and soft voice, with a good clang-tint, she is free to consume my wealth and waste my time whenever the spirit moves her.

I’d be curious to know the extent to which you can relate.

If you’re addicted to female voices, there is no shortage of videos that you can indulge in. Like this one (I trust that French is to your taste):

I know that you’re not a big fan of ASMR, but you can always just listen to the audio. (Pretty sure that I’ve said this before :D)

I’m glad that the video, or at least some aspects of it, was to your liking. I have no moral objection to curse words (though I tend to be sparing in my own usage of them), so no, I don’t think it’s wrong for you to love the way she says “Fuck it” (which, by the way, coming from her, sounds like a single, inoffensive word to me - kind of like “bucket” :D). I wonder if you appreciated the incongruity of her voice and her words as much as I do ;) This may be my favorite part: “If you feel less than perfect, let me tell you straight: perfection is bullshit.” The way she says those last three words is...well, hilarious perfect :D (She’s apparently from Lithuania, by the way.)

I can see obvious advantages to homeschooling (assuming that what’s being imparted is accurate information, of course). It’s an intriguing subject and I’d like to explore it sometime.

Yes, ugly-yet-cute dinosaur puppets FTW! xD He has a video that is over 4 hours long (that’s his longest, I think).

He’s great at what he does; I reckon he’s one of the most creative ASMRtists out there. Practically a magician.

Never put on a VR headset before. Definitely would like to try it sometime, especially with the new VR anime coming out in the near future. Ever play any scary VR games, BTW? I get a kick out of watching people jump out of their seats xD

How did that “little yoga thing” work out? I think any decent fitness routine would probably help with sleep.

Diversity seems to be the fundamental rules of this world. I’ve come to a point where I suspect that differences of opinion MUST exist, that each and every viewpoint MUST be represented by someone sometime somewhere, and that’s just the way it is. In any case, it seems that variation in opinion is about as natural as variation in color, shape, or size. Of course, that doesn’t mean that certain opinions can’t be harmful, and some of them harmful to the extent that fierce and uncompromising resistance to them would be in the interest of most people, perhaps even those who hold those opinions! I don’t feel a need to respect such opinions, though I can respect the individuals who hold them. For the most part, I am in favor of the “live and let live” rule, especially when it comes to the arts. I’m not thrilled when someone bashes something that I like, but I can at least appreciate the contrast between our radically differing views. It’s a yin-yang kind of thing, if you will. Also, it would be pretty boring and uninteresting if everyone agreed with me on everything :P

We can argue if we wish (lots of people apparently get off on the anger and insults that disputes often entail), but there are other and better ways of getting our points across. Competitive debates can be entertaining and stimulating, but collaborative discussions are arguably (no pun intended) far more edifying, as there’s no need to score “points” and therefore more room for intellectual honesty. But as you’ve pointed out, people want to push their beliefs onto others. That’s to be expected, as the desire to make conversions is natural.

Are the random images still in your list? I don’t think I’ve seen them.

Oh, I’ve gotten that more than a few times, especially from people who’ve seen me in person :D Some folks seem to think that metalhead = meathead (see “Metalocalypse”), but from what I’ve seen, plenty of those who consume and create metal music are intelligent individuals. I’m a metalhead, but am I a Hessian? Given my lifestyle and the way that I dress, I’m inclined to say that the answer is no. But I do have genuine passion for the music, and so perhaps that would be enough to qualify me as an “honorary Hessian” :P

No, I think I know exactly what you mean. I can name more than a few of the big names in pop and hip hop, for example, but I’d be hard-pressed to name a single record by a given artist :P

My pleasure :) I can’t quite remember how I even discovered the (reconstructed) Ancient Roman music, though it seems fairly likely that one day I just thought something along the lines of, “I wonder if they have that on YouTube?” In any case, I’m pretty sure that I discovered it during a period when I was particularly dreading the prospect of America going the way of its star-crossed Roman predecessors. The music gave me some comfort; I think it reminded me that even if the worst were to come to pass, fundamentally it would not be anything that hadn’t been undergone before.

Nowadays one can find all kinds of cool stuff on the Internet, including stuff that is quite...quaint (including stuff that’s quainter than Ancient Roman music).

I’m interested to know what you thought of the Suzumiya anime. I’m not the biggest fan of it, but it was one of the earlier series that I enjoyed, and the movie is rather beautiful.

I adore Holo (I’m more used to this spelling); she’s a goddess (literally as well as figuratively). Also, the OP for Ookami to Koushinryou is nothing short of stunning, both the music and the’s majestic and down to earth at the same time - a kind of merging of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Oh, and recently I’ve discovered another Spice and Wolf song, performed by the same singer:

It’s quite marvelous in its own right. I find the entrance of the vocals breathtaking, to be honest.

I’m fond of the Amagami SS OP. It’s so...affectionate. It’s pretty good at cheering me up. (I’ve enjoyed some of the character songs as well.)

I'd already considered reading Planetarian (thanks to you), but that video piqued my interest further. I can tell by the premise that it probably has a heart-wrenching ending ><

One critic described Conan the Barbarian (the 1982 original) as “a sort of psychopathic Star Wars, stupid and stupefying”. Does that pique your interest? xD

Your remarks on video game soundtracks have a ring of truth. I have little if any doubt that hearing the music when you are younger (as in childhood and adolescence) makes a big difference in how you regard it when you are older. I suppose that for many, early youth is their Golden Age - the happiest, most carefree, and most magical time of their lives. Naturally, that which is enjoyed and imbibed during a certain period of one’s life becomes permanently associated with that period, and engenders fond feelings when revisited later on. But music possesses a special resonance that - at least in my experience - childhood toys and books do not. Video game music has a special advantage in that it plays on a loop and so has a good chance of embedding itself in the consciousness through sheer repetition alone. You might say that music (whether it be from video games or not) is, in a sense, more *spiritual*: rather than populating your memories as objects, it permeates them as something you cannot see but can nonetheless perceive very clearly - it is nothing less than a soundtrack to those reels of the movie (or sitcom, if you like) that is your life. What’s more, you can - at least in this day and age - readily revisit it as often as you like if you have an Internet connection.

I myself have had the pleasure of playing a fair number of games over the years - side-scrollers, racing games, wrestling games, fighting games, puzzle games, FPSs, TPSs, RTSs, TBSs, STGs, RPGs. I spent way too much time on them when I was younger, when I could’ve been studying and maybe even learning new things on my own on the side. I don’t regret the fact that video games were a part of my life; I only wish that I was more moderate in my consumption of them. I haven’t played any games for a long time now (unless you count visual novels), though I’d like to start playing them again in the not-so-distant future if possible. Either way, the music remains.

I wouldn’t necessarily feel sorry for people who’ve never experienced video games. I recognize that video games probably aren’t for everyone, and that one can always find beauty and excitement in many other things. That said, I do think that video games are a unique form of entertainment and offer something for *almost* everyone, and I look forward to seeing the new heights that they attain to as technology advances.

I tend to struggle doing even one thing at a time, I’m afraid. My mind is easily distracted and can be very slow, to boot.

Yeah, if you listen with undivided attention and closed eyes, it can feel as though nothing exists in that moment except for you and the magic of the music. Quite a feeling.

I was rather salty when I found out that the YouTube video for “Plastic Love” (the one with 350,000+ likes) had been taken down for copyright reasons >:( At least the new video has been getting plenty of love x3

Anyway, I think I may be a natural eclectic; that would at least partly explain my musical tastes. The saying “variety is the spice of life” rings true for me. That’s why I’m a polytheist and a polyamorist. (Actually, I’m not either of those things - not exactly...not yet, anyway xD)

Genetic and environmental variation is a fact of life, but one that is often overlooked or underappreciated, I think. It’s hard to say how many masks a person has, but it’s obvious that an individual is not static but dynamic, undergoing innumerable changes throughout his or her life cycle. A person is a pattern, but also a process.

I’d be interested in watching something like that. What do you have in mind? Would you consider doing video game longplays and/or reviews?

Thankfully, I haven't really watched anything were I feel really frustrated about people getting killed off, but I still feel like I'll see something at some point that I will feel like that.

Something tells me that you’ve seen something fitting that description since then xD (If not, perhaps Akame ga Kill will do it for you.) I suppose that you weren’t thrilled by how Steins;Gate utilized the death trope. Also, it looks like I can safely assume that you’re not a fan of the Final Destination series - and that you’d be quite unlikely to enjoy ANOTHER series in which death has a similarly prominent role…

Your remark on “opinion fluidity” (for want of a better term) brings to mind a relevant paragraph from H. L. Mencken:

Converting me to anything is probably a psychological impossibility. At all events, it has never been achieved by anyone, though I have been exposed more than once to the missionary technic of very talented virtuosi. I can't recall ever changing my mind about any capital matter. My general body of fundamental ideas is the same today as it was in the days when I first began to ponder. I was never religious, and never a Socialist, even for a moment. My aversion to
conversion extends to other people: I always distrust and dislike a man who has changed his basic notions. When a reader writes in to say that some writing of mine has shown him the light and cured him of former errors I feel disgust for him, and never have anything to do with him if I can help it. I dislike, more or less, all Calvinists, Communists and other such enemies of reason, but I dislike ex-Calvinists and ex-Communists very much more.

While I have a measure of sympathy for this sentiment, I cannot agree with it for at least two reasons. One is that many if not most people never had the chance to freely and independently work out their “basic notions”, that is, the fundamental components of their worldview. Chances are that they were spoon-fed the constituents of the belief systems of their parents. Should one doggedly, to the bitter end, stick to whatever Weltanschauung they happened to imbibe along with their mother’s milk, stubbornly dismissing any and all evidence to the contrary, and perhaps even precluding the very possibility of its being false, simply for the sake of consistency? (It’s worth noting that the process of indoctrination at an early age may permanently vitiate certain cognitive faculties, thereby rendering one incapable of critically examining their worldview later in life, no matter how much information they have access to. At certain level, indoctrination disables intelligence and distorts information.) The other reason is that belief is not a choice. Anyone who doubts this assertion can refute it by choosing to believe something plainly preposterous, like the notion that they are a bird or a reptile or a unicorn. If belief is really a choice, then they should be able to, through sheer force of will, override the logical faculties that would normally prevent one from reaching this conclusion.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting that one ought to willy-nilly discard all of the ideas that one has been inculcated with throughout one’s formative years. But it is crucial to scrutinize those ideas if one cares about facts and wishes to ground their outlook on them.

For a long time I’ve wondered why exactly SAO was loathed with such passion by so many people, despite having mixed feelings about it myself. I mean, I can understand why people abhor certain aspects of the show, but those in themselves don’t seem to account for SAO’s status as an anime that people love to hate. I guess the best (and perhaps the most obvious) explanation that I can come up with is that, for all of the hate that it gets, SAO is highly popular. The vociferousness of the critics of a thing tends to be directly proportional to the success of that thing. Which is not to insinuate that there are no valid (even devastating) criticisms of SAO or that all of the hate is rooted in envious resentment or whatever, but it seems all but certain that, if SAO wasn’t as successful or popular as it is, there wouldn’t be nearly as many people expending time and energy scrutinizing its every flaw or just tearing the whole thing apart.

That said, there does seem to be something (or a number of things, rather) about SAO that people find exceptionally exasperating. I have yet to see comparable vituperation (in amount or degree) for, say, Clannad, Detective Conan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Steins;Gate.

I highly doubt that I’ll be working on a manga anytime soon, but if I ever finish one, I’ll remember what you said ;) I’ve never actually played Minecraft, but of course I know what you mean. There is a level on which creating comes naturally to most if not all human beings. Even people with little or no artistic talent effortlessly conjure up entire worlds of extraordinary complexity in their heads, night after night - quite literally in their sleep. As Akira Kurosawa said, people are geniuses when they are dreaming.

I get what you’re saying about your family, and I don’t really see anything to get offended about. It’s not like you chose which family to be born into besides. While your life does sound enviable, I don’t hold that against you. Why should I? I don’t have a problem with privileged people per se; I can accept that some people are luckier than others, whether in terms of health, intelligence, personality, family, what have you. That’s just life. I have a problem with privileged people, particularly the ultra-wealthy - especially those who got a significant head start in life from their parents - who ignore or deny a rigged economic system and pretend (or blindly believe) that we live in a genuine meritocracy and that everyone can “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” if they just shut up and keep their noses to the grindstone long enough. That convenient notion is a bad joke and I could hardly be more contemptuous of it. Anyway, may your good fortune endure :)

Given the considerable generation gaps and the language barrier in my family (among other factors), I suppose it’s only inevitable that we’d have so much difficulty communicating with and comprehending one another (though I suspect that I understand my family better than they understand me). It’s a bottomless source of maddening frustration, though I think it has also given me - or forced me to acquire, rather - a better grasp of the art of articulation and dialogue, as well as the nature of disagreement.

Why, thank you. My personality leaves A LOT to be desired (perhaps this is an understatement) and there are certain things that will probably bedevil me for the rest of my life, but I think I can accept this on some level, as I am something of a fatalist: I recognize that, in a way, I’m no more a master of my destiny than a fictional character of novel (or a play, TV show, movie, or video game) is of theirs. I tend to agree with the person who said that life lives through the living and not the other way around.

Well, I do find rage comps entertaining…

I’d consider introducing you to an old friend of mine if I could. He loooves board games; I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s held dozens if not hundreds of get-togethers with fellow board gamers over the years. He used to be an avid video gamer, but at some point he (largely) traded the discs for dice (figuratively speaking), since he found the latter more simple and less stressful. Not that he has completely abandoned video games. They still come up during those (exceedingly) rare occasions when we talk.

Anyway, that’s a nice little dream to have; I hope you realize it someday. I’m pretty sure you could find some kind of club online if you look hard enough.

Given the rather long list of failed dark predictions (made by both religious and secular minds), it makes sense to take the apocalyptic visions of would-be prophets with a dash of salt. (See Dan Gardner’s Future Babble.) That said, I’m not entirely dismissive. The period in which we are living is, all things considered, the most prosperous and perhaps even the most peaceful in human history; paradoxically, however, it is also the most perilous, given the twin threats of climate change and nuclear war. (The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists tells us that it is “2 minutes to midnight”.)

Even if those threats didn’t exist, there would still be the economy to worry about. Some experts predict a devastating crash by 2020. Apparently we’re due - or overdue - for one, given the nature of capitali$m. The preposterous - and possibly unprecedented - wealth inequality is another cause for concern; I don’t think it would be much of an exaggeration to say that it’s a ticking time bomb, and a big one at that. I’m just hoping that it will be defused before it can blow up into a bloody, French-style revolution.

As others have pointed out (among them George Carlin, LOL), it’s not so much the planet itself (i.e., the geosphere) that is in danger; it’s the people and other lifeforms inhabiting it. Earth is resilient, but humanity? Animals? Plants? Not so much. The late Stephen Hawking said that we must jump ship and move to other planets as soon as possible, and it’s not hard to understand why.

It’s worth mentioning that even if we somehow managed to resolve every single geopolitical and environmental problem on Earth, that still wouldn’t guarantee our safety. Of course not! Look at the dinosaurs - they inhabited the planet for hundreds of millions of years and were more environment-friendly than we can ever hope to be, but they were still annihilated by a massive rock. (Incidentally, this is one of the reasons why observers like Elon Musk believe that it is imperative that we depart for other planets.)

The planet isn't going anywhere. We are! We're going away! Pack your shit folks, we're going away!

—George Carlin

To whom do you pray, if you don’t mind me asking?

I don’t quite remember when or how I started listening to Kraftwerk, though I’m pretty sure that the first song I heard by them was an official remix of “The Robots”.

I did enjoy the two concerts I’ve attended. The first was held in an auditorium and the second at an amphitheater. Admittedly I was somewhat skeptical at first, as my lack of imagination prevented me from seeing how a live show with mannequin-like performers could be exciting. Happily, I was proven misguided; the inventive visuals that accompanied the music were quite dazzling. Two fine evenings overall.

Though many classical composers (including usual suspects such as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, and Mozart) made extensive use of the human voice, it’s true that many if not most of the opuses consist entirely of instruments. I’d say that classical music resembles painting in this regard: it speaks for itself without words; such is the extent of its complexity and expressivity. (I daresay that the same thing can be said of jazz and metal, if to a lesser degree.) By contrast, vocals are generally indispensable in modern popular music (especially hip hop, for obvious reasons), though individual instrumental pieces are not all that uncommon. Of course, pop music is almost invariably much simpler than classical music, and I think there is a correlation between this fact and the emphasis on vocals and lyrics.

Well, if you're not basing your tastes mainly on popularity level, or, more to the point, on a desire to be different, then you're not really a hipster, at least as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, I hear you on underrated anime - it's always nice to see them get some love :3

I watched Joshiraku and I’m glad that I went along with your recommendation. It wasn’t what I’d expected (I’d assumed that most of the action would take place on stage), but I had a good time. I appreciated the wit, the wordplay, the randomness, the quirkiness, the zaniness. And I don’t think it needs to be explained why it’s fitting that the girls, who are professional actresses and storytellers, would be aware that they’re in an anime; they probably would know better than most that the world is a stage. I must admit that I got rather sentimental on Episode 13, where Tetora said that this would be the last time she and her friends would be animated. (Hopefully she’s wrong!)

I have yet to watch the other one that you’ve recommended, but I’d like to get around to it before much longer.

[I’ve found Arakawa Under the Bridge to have a comparable brand of off-kilter humor; it’s probably one of the funniest anime I’ve seen. I recommend it as I’m fairly confident that you’d enjoy it.]

Now for the songs:

    Chobits Soundtrack - “Kata Koto No Koi Duet Version” (the YouTube link works just fine, if you wanted to know): I'm pretty sure that you've mentioned this one before. A charming and upbeat number that reminds me of the NHK ni Youkoso OP.

    西沢 幸奏 - “『LOVE MEN HOLIC(TVアニメ「ラーメン大好き小泉さん」EDテーマ)』Music Video 2chorus.ver”: The intro vaguely resembles that of "God Knows" (was that what you were talking about?). (The MV made me look for ASMR eating videos xD Never really understood their appeal, but perhaps I'll come around sooner or later.)

    Oreimo Tsuzuku Portable OST - “SECRET x2”: Neutral to this one.

    Oreimo Tsuzuku Portable OST - “Sweet Time”: This one is pretty nice. "Sweet Time", indeed. Sweet and gentle. I'm quite fond of OreImo and would like to play the game(s) sometime.

    Little Busters! Original Soundtrack - “Tick Tock Routine”: Nice "lazy Sunday" vibe. As someone (sort of) pointed out, it would be a good song to wake up to in the morning :D

    Spice and Wolf 2 - “Perfect World”: Oh, I've actually heard this ED before - many, many times (while watching and re-watching the anime). But I'm pretty sure that this is my first time listening to the full version. I like it a lot - especially the chorus; the vocals give me a sense of gliding through a windy, sunset sky.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies Soundtrack - “Beauty Of Annihilation”: Decent track, though I suspect that I'd prefer to listen to it without the vocals when playing the game. (It recalls to me the good old days of pulverizing demons from hell in Painkiller xD)

    Empire Of The Sun - “Half Mast”: Not a fan of the style of the lead vocals, but I find the chill and airy ambience agreeable enough.

    Empire Of The Sun - “On Our Way Home”: This one is much more to my taste. I could dance to this one.

    Future Girlfriend - “Your Grill [Future Funk]”: This one is pretty sweet (no pun intended), not least because of that delightful video! I could definitely dance to this one :D

    Phoenix - “If I ever feel better”: Digging the vibe and groove of this one~ Will probably listen to it many more times…

I generally don't listen to anime OPs or EDs before actually watching the show, but there has been at least one case in which I became interested in an anime after doing so: Death Note. As I recall, I immediately became hooked on the OP and ended up binging the series. But yeah, good point; the visuals can give away quite a lot if you're paying attention.

Oh, I'm quite fond of duets myself, though I don't listen to enough of them - not even close.

Some gems (I'm quite certain that I haven't listened to the first one in more than a decade):

I'm perpetually out of touch with the vast majority of the music that is out there, so from time to time it's rather nice to put on something that is not my usual cup of tea, whether I end up liking it or not.

I’ve been listening to more metal music as of late. I’ve gone through Deathspell Omega’s unholy trinity monster trilogy twice in the past couple of days.

I haven’t been doing great for the last nine years or so. It’s a long story :x But there have been more than a few bright spots, and there are many things that I can find solace in throughout my days: anime, ASMR, books, conversation, MAL, meditation, music.

That’s a nice little, that’s sweet of you c: And you’re very welcome; if the effusions from my less-than-perfect and far-from-facile pen (or keyboard, rather) have brought you any joy, then this has been worth it ^^

I appreciate your consideration. I’m not certain whether or not the “SEE YOU AGAIN SOON” was meant to be ironic, but I think we both knew (more or less) that my reply would be anything but swift =w= This letter was quite a struggle to write; I worked on it for something like three or four times a week for the past couple of months or so. (I should try to follow your example more often.) I imagine that there are master wordsmiths in ancient and modern times who could dictate entire books with minimum time, effort, and error. How I marvel at that! How I envy them! I don’t know many hours I’ve spent on my letter, but I’m pretty sure that I took longer than last time, though the text is still rushed and rough in places :P Thank you for the compliment :D I make a point of striving for a level of style that is at least respectable, as well as an amount of substance that is at least reasonable, and I like to think that I succeed more often than not.

Time is always short, and there is simply no shortage of things demanding my attention >.< Goodness knows how long my next letter will take me to write xP If we want to talk more often, I really think we’re going to have to think of more efficient methods of communication XD

As for the deleted content, I would’ve been fine with an unedited cassette tape xD

Thank you for your kind wishes (not to mention your patience). I’m not doing too badly at the moment. Work is boring as usual, but I’m always busy with something, and I’m rarely bored during my spare time, so the days go by quickly. I hope this letter has found you well.

Till next time~
Hayley_N_Haydet Jan 23, 12:38 AM
Happy 21st Birthday Cla--I mean, Kyou~

May you have a cheery, charming, and Chobits-y day ^^

-Aether- Dec 31, 2018 2:57 PM

Happy New Year!

Man if you think that message was late then what the hell are mine? Hahaha, anyway, hope you enjoyed your anime challenge and congrats on completing it too!

Sorry, wasnt really meaning to bring you down or anything, especially on Christmas haha, just trying to be a bit philosophical (if it was even, i dunno, just play along) but you got the point!

Noooo i didnt mean it like that too! I was just saying you're older than me at least, and it gets harder i noticed! And im gonna stop talking about that now cause i dont want to be depressing on New Year's. If anything i believe next year will be much better!

Anyway, again, i just hope 2019 is an amazing year for you and everyone, and i hope it brings change, for the best obviously. We got this dude!
-Aether- Dec 24, 2018 2:19 PM

Hey man! Merry christmas! This last week has been so relaxing. No worries, just me, anime and hanging out with friends, and hell yeah i earned it! Haha

Ohh okay, how's the challenge going then? Are you gonna complete it?
Well i finally changed my name to something im used to, so i hope you dont mind and get used to it too :p

You know what, better alone than badly accompanied is what i've always heard. Im glad thats not my case but i love being alone too, its just really freeing i guess :p
But dont worry, im sure you'll find someone, you just need to meet up new people. Which isnt easy when you're older but just keep trying!

Yeah they really do alot of big christmas parties in anime, but its not about doing big stuff i guess, just family and being together is enough

I can actually feel the Christmas spirit a little more cause all my family has already gotten together and all that stuff so im glad for that, enjoying it while it lasts :p

Actually in my country, if we just raw translate it we say Happy Christmas but since everyone i talk to in English says Merry, i just get caught in it haha

Anyway yeah this message is my gift! I hope you have (or had, depending when you read this) a wonderful Christmas and i'll wish you a wonderful 2019 too, when the time comes :D
-Aether- Dec 9, 2018 1:04 PM
hey hey! im once again very sorry im so late, i finally have alot of free time since exam week is over and just one more week of school till a 2 week holiday! i deserve it to be honest :p

so how did fallout 3 go? did you finish it already? oh and red dead 2! its safe to say its probably my game of the generation, i loved it so much, its really just art haha, i hope you played through it already with your dad and uncle

well im glad you feel that way cause i really did leave you hanging for a while, again. i said sorry so many times already its kinda losing its value hahaha, so i wont say it again, i hope you dont mind :p

you changed your username again! i have nothing against it since im all for kyou and kirino haha, but why is that so? i thought your own name was pretty good. i still need to change mine, damn it.

so Christmas is around the corner, any special plans or anything? i dont think i'll do anything out of the ordinary, just family stuff like every year, but its still special in its own way. i kinda feel that Christmas is getting less exciting for me over the years, i loved it so much more as a kid, maybe it was because of the gifts haha, but still.

anyway, i swear this time i'll be quicker to answer cause im free, and i want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year on the actual days they're supposed to be haha, its my gift to you xD
Kazami Nov 26, 2018 11:46 AM
Okay so since I just know my response is going to be late, I decided I'll throw in my discord account here earlier in case you wanted to add me.

(please add me)
Hayley_N_Haydet Nov 17, 2018 6:07 PM
You mean you literally read and wrote at the same time? That sounds about as easy as simultaneous translation o.O It turned out quite well, nonetheless ^^ ...And from what you said, it looks like your conscious mind was outstripped by your unconscious mind. You may well indeed be some kind of magician :D

I make a point of making an effort to respond to everything, especially if I actually have something to say. Of course, I can’t expect to address every little thing. But I read every word addressed to me, so it’s always possible that whatever I don’t reply to in one exchange will resurface in a future exchange.

You can tell me the story of what happened to you during the summer, if you like. I will say that I noticed virtually nothing on my end; the only thing that I noticed was that your comments section seemed to be quieter than usual. So if I was on the receiving end of anything, it escaped me entirely. Besides, it wasn’t - or wouldn’t have been - something to take personally, no? :)

I’m no stranger to stubbornness; pigheadedness runs in my family (and may prove to be our undoing someday), I’m afraid. I can understand why someone would stick to their guns, even if it might not be in their best interest.

As for your remark about personal growth, it’s funny because a long time ago I had the kind of experience that you’ve described. It happened on an evening when I’d reunited with some friends after what had seemed to me a period of much maturation and evolution. I think you can say that I’d been feeling quite pleased with myself. Then all of a sudden, one of my oldest and closest friends - despite not being privy to my thoughts - sort of smirked at me and said, “You haven’t changed at all”. That simple statement was like a slap in the face, and I think it forced me to rethink things. Now I see that in some ways I’m still very much the same person I was at any other point in my life (as far back as my memory goes, anyway), whether it be the age of 20, 15, 10, or 5. Thank you for your request, and you’re quite welcome, though it’s not like I’m not at all writing for my own sake.

Yeah, there’s something about “raunchy”. (It brings to mind an image of a naked woman covered in salad dressing, TBH :P) Your remark reminded me of the TV show Dead Like Me. The heroine’s mother hates the word “moist” because she thinks that it sounds “pornographic” xP

Here is some etymological data on “raunchy” and “beauty”, as well as a few of the synonyms of “beautiful”:

I’m reminded that the origins of many words are unclear. It seems that etymology has less to say about specific words than about language in general :P

I was a rather avid fan of TLotR when I was in my early teens. I watched all three movies in the theater and was into some of the video games as well. (I didn’t pick up the books until much later.) I haven’t revisited any of them in ages, but I remember them as being a magnificent visual and visceral experience. Fans of the books have more than a few things to complain about, but if you take the movies on their own merits, you just might have yourself a splendid time. (How does marathoning all of the installments of TLotR - and The Hobbit - sound? :D)

Never saw Transformers, though I enjoyed the toys and comics when I was little. Just looked at the Wikipedia article; now I’m actually interested in watching it LOL. Would you say that this line sums up the movie well:

one of the few instances where it's OK to enjoy something for being smart and dumb at the same time, mostly because it's undeniably also a whole lot of fun

Anyway, who’s to say that entertainment and eye candy aren’t sufficient reasons to like a movie? :D And let’s not forget that a movie doesn’t have to be well-directed, well-written, OR well-acted to be a kind of masterpiece…

Oh, I hear you; you’re far from being the only one who finds female voices more soothing than male ones. You might want to try this meditation:

I think you’ll at least find it somewhat relaxing and amusing, if nothing else.

It’s OK if your mind wanders during meditation; it’s only natural, and a laser-like focus isn’t a prerequisite anyway. Part of the point of mindfulness meditation is to recognize your distractions; it’s not so much about maintaining unbroken concentration as it is about noticing and acknowledging the moments where your concentration does get broken.

What do you find creepy about ASMR? If it’s the video, there are also audio-only recordings that are available. If it’s the voices, there are also recordings that consist primarily of sounds emitted by hands and/or inanimate objects (wooden boards, brushes, beads, slime, etc.).

“Did you enjoy the manga or the anime more than or are they both strangely equal in a way?” That’s a tricky question. One reviewer of the anime series described it as a “delicately human tale”, and I think that’s an apt way to put it. The manga, on the other hand, is...grittier. To put it mildly. If the anime drags you down to the mud, the manga drags you all the way down into a sewer - or a sea of cockroaches (this is an actual image in the manga).

I’ve watched the anime 15 times but read the manga only once, so I can only go so far with comparisons. But I will say that I enjoyed the anime more, for sure. Was the manga “strangely equal” to it? I want to say no, but I can respect it (to a point) for crossing a line that the anime could not cross, and going places where the anime could not go. Overall, it wasn’t as engaging, entertaining, or edifying as the anime, in my opinion.

I checked our past correspondence and found that you had indeed made a remark about the manga:

I'm glad I chose it [the anime version of NHK ni Youkoso] as well compared to the manga version yikes. (It sounded a bit mad, even more mad than the anime)

You didn’t exactly repeat yourself, though both “rotten” and “mad” are suitable adjectives :)

Your explanation about your mindset and expectations makes perfect sense. Speaking of hilariously inane anime, Yokujou Bazooka comes to mind. The first five minutes of it in particular. It’s probably the only hentai that ever made me laugh out loud; it’s simply ludicrous, in a unique way. I hesitate to recommend it to you, being well aware of how you feel about sex scenes, but if you think you can stand having your mind in the gutter for a little while, you just might find it worth a peek xP

Art, like language itself, is a form of communication, and like language, it is full of ambiguity but devoid of any inherent meaning; it only has intended meaning, assuming that it has any meaning at all. It seems that interpretation of art largely consists of projection, of “self-superimposition”, if you will. Take the statement that such and such a work “hasn’t aged well”. It doesn’t really make sense, or at least it simply isn’t true; it’s about as true as saying that the Sun rises and sets - while that may appear to be the case, that’s not what’s actually going on. It’s an illusion, an inversion. The work - whether it be a painting, a novel, a movie, or a song - remains the same; only the beholder changes. A work may have an effect on the mind and influence it in some way, but the meaning, like beauty, is “in the eye of the beholder”.

Getting back to Plastic Memories, I never gave the zombies (or “Wanderers”, as they are called) much thought (was too busy soaking in the feels, after all :3), but now that I think about it, I do wonder why there weren’t more efficient and reliable countermeasures for them. Even if fail-safes weren’t feasible, couldn’t the Giftias been fitted with kill switches?

It appears that you haven’t watched Steins;Gate yet. I’d be curious to know what you’d make of the time travel featured in it. (Sweet list design, BTW ;))

As for your remark on illogic and romance, quote David Hume:

Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.

Let’s see: I was mostly into Metal music when I was in high school. I started with Metallica and eventually expanded to death metal and black metal, though I couldn’t enjoy the music freely because of the religious beliefs that I held at the time (which led me to seek bands that did match my beliefs :P). My favorite bands, in addition to Metallica, were Megadeth, Children of Bodom, and Blind Guardian, among others. My playlist was also populated by progressive and avant-garde acts like Dream Theater, Tool, and Meshuggah. (I was a particularly big fan of the former.) Songs by 1349, Venom, and Burzum were guilty pleasures. Over the years I’ve expanded my horizons to encompass classical music (mainly the Bs and Mozart, along with a few others like Rimsky-Korsakov), jazz, rock, pop, electronic music, ambient music, devotional music, folk music, military standards (from the USA, Russia, North Korea, Bulgaria, etc.), and reconstructed ancient Roman music.

Naturally, I appreciate anime music as well; I have a rather long list of opening, ending, and insert songs that I enjoy.

One of my earliest favorites:

If I have a Chuunibyou anthem, this song is it:

I don’t disdain movie soundtracks either.

Also, I’ve been fond of video game music ever since I was a little kid c:

I don’t listen to nearly as much music as I used to, part of the reason being my discovery of audiobooks. Now I rarely if ever listen to music while doing something that requires concentration, and most of the things I do in daily life demand my full attention. (I really, reaaally suck at multitasking xP) Besides, I prefer to listen to music when I’m able to give it my undivided attention. Sometimes I’ll sit still, close my eyes, and listen to a song from beginning to end without doing anything else. I’ve done that with whole albums, but that is extremely rare.

I don’t have many favorite bands; I have more favorite songs than favorite artists, though when it comes to classical composers I seem to favor Brahms above all for some reason. (I imagine that 99% of classical fans prefer Bach or Beethoven. My tastes may well change upon further listening.) It used to be a habit of mine to listen to favorite songs on loop. There’s a death metal song that I’ve listened to more than 1,000 times (maybe more than 1,500 times): “Graves of the Fathers” by Cryptopsy.

Although I can’t say with 100% confidence that I have a favorite genre, Metal remains high on my list. Heavy, speed, death, black, doom, industrial. I suppose some part of me will always feel at home in this sonic landscape of beauty and brutality.

Recently I purchased records (in CD format) by Mariya Takeuchi and Linda Ronstadt, so they’ll probably be at or near the top of my playlist for this month.

Thanks for the clarification. And that’s OK; you didn’t really ruin my imagination. I knew that you were a guy, so I had little reason to think that you looked anything like your profile pic x) Now I’m picturing you as a combination of a disheveled Satou (from NHK ni Youkoso, particularly as he was in the beginning of Episode 16) and a crouching L (from Death Note) xD Not the most flattering image, but rest assured that I’m only holding it as one possibility out of many :D

Here are the “four great motives for writing” that George Orwell delineated in his essay “Why I Write”, which you may find useful as a reference:

It’s common to talk about the masks that we wear in society, but there are those who say that there is actually nothing real underneath the masks, that it’s all masks all the way down. I think I can explain myself reasonably well, but since I did not design myself, there’s only so much that I comprehend or account for. Indeed, humans consist of myriads of layers. I’d add that they consist of myriads of clones as well, with one for each day, being born in the morning and dying at night.

As a wise man once said, “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” In my opinion, it’s not necessary to study, work, volunteer, etc. in order to be busy. If you’re filling your time by occupying yourself with hobbies that you’re passionate about (whatever they may be), then you’re busy as far as I’m concerned. A different kind of busy, but busy nevertheless.

I was going to suggest using your communication skills to create quality content for YouTube as an avocation if not a vocation, but then I reread your remark about wanting to meet people - including your future wife - offline, so…

Anyway, I think that’s healthy. There’s nothing quite like face-to-face interaction.

Admittedly, Kara no Shoujo has been more frustrating than fun, I’d say. It’s a murder mystery, and the protagonist’s choices are a matter of life and death for himself and those around him. I probably reloaded the game hundreds of times. There was this girl I was trying to save from the killer’s clutches, but she kept falling into them no matter what I did. It was all I could do to save myself, but it was very difficult to accept that she was a goner. When I finally gave up and moved on, I experienced a sense of emptiness. Then it was the protagonist’s sister who was in danger. I eventually found a way to save her, but I still got a “Game Over”. I noticed that I’d spent way more time on the game than I’d intended, and so finally gave up trying to beat it on my own and started using a walkthrough :P

LOL, your remarks about sex scenes reminded me of something that Ridley Scott once said: “Sex is boring unless you’re doing it.” (Apparently he was explaining why his movies don’t feature lovemaking.) I’m sure that you don’t need me to tell you that the undying popularity of porn - whether it be 3D or 2D - is massive proof to the contrary. Voyeurism seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

I try to keep an open mind, but I too am slow to change my opinions. I suspect that most of us, regardless of our political leanings, have something of the conservative in us. I can believe you when you say that you mean no harm in anything that you say or type. Not that I thought any differently.

In the second season of Sword Art Online, there is a chronically ill (or terminally ill, to be precise) person who uses VR technology to live, however briefly, a life that is otherwise unattainable for them. You didn’t like the original series, by the looks of it, so there’s little chance that you’d like the sequel. Thought it worth mentioning, anyway.

I’ve had the far-fetched idea of having each and every human on the planet strapped into their own virtual reality machines...for their entire lives. We can’t all agree on what kind of world we want to live in, so why don’t we each of us live in our own world? Then again, who’s going to reproduce and perpetuate the race? I’m half-joking, anyway xD

You’ve piqued my curiosity about your life and family :D As an old song goes, “Some are born to sweet delight / Some are born to the endless night”.

That’s a good attitude you have there. I’d say that gratitude (which I could use a lot more of) is indispensable for happiness and well-being. I doubt that we can enjoy our blessings to the fullest without counting them.

Though my family has undergone much hardship, especially in the past decade, I recognize that we’re still relatively lucky in many ways. No one in my family really understands me, and I often find them exasperating, but I’ve never forgotten everything they’ve done for me, and I try to repay them in my very limited way.

A large house, especially one that has been passed down from generation to generation, would indeed be nice, though there is something to be said for smaller, more manageable dwellings. Reading what you wrote, I was reminded of Ranjit Maharaj, an Indian sage who resided in the same one-room apartment for more than half a century.

Let the mind live, but keep a watch on it. A jailer keeps a watch, be the jailer. Where is the jail? Don't make it a jail. But the mind says, "I am in jail." Be anywhere and say it is a palace, what harms you? This small room is a palace for me. Doing nothing here, I do everything. How much time does it take to clean this room. A minute. Understanding should come, nothing else.

I’d say that all but a few of the signs apply to me. Yup, I’m a piece of work >< And I’m no stranger to the behaviors you’ve mentioned. Including the last one - I have a big appetite for good conversations (particularly those that extend beyond weather, work, and weekends), but they are few and far in between.

That’s a very good point! Whatever happens in anime is by design, while that’s only half true for video games, in which your decisions - as well as the decisions of other people - make a difference. Needless to say, the pressure and frustration that this entails is not a feature of anime. The lack of anime rage compilations on YouTube attests to this. Game rage, on the other hand... :PP

One of my closest friends used to be a big gamer, but at some point started distancing himself from consoles and PCs in favor of board games. Now I think I have a better understanding as to why…

I may not be as frugal as you, but I can relate. I used to buy books, audiobooks, MP3s, and CDs almost compulsively, but I don’t do that very often now. I’m not exactly poor either, but I also do not like to waste resources, whether it be food, water, paper, ink, shampoo, toothpaste, or floss, not to mention money and time. I think there are at least four reasons for this: 1) the way I was raised by my parents, who, unlike me, knew poverty and hunger in their youth, 2) the recognition that the planet’s resources are finite and not well-distributed, 3) the sentiment that less is sometimes more, and 4) an awareness that times of abundance won’t necessarily last forever, and that times of austerity may arrive sooner or later.

I’ve attended very few concerts myself, though I’ve seen Kraftwerk live more than once.

Why, thank you ^^ I do have a love for the English language and an appreciation for language in general as not only a practical tool but also an art, though I only have so much to show for it; there’s always room for inspiration, improvement, and even innovation. Your appreciation for my effort is appreciated :)

I don’t consider myself a hedonist, but I’m not the type to go looking for conflict or danger, either - unless it’s in motion pictures or video games. Of course, fun doesn’t necessarily entail passivity or comfort; sometimes one finds more gratification in a good challenge.

I first learned “Baroque” as the style of music that J. S. Bach’s oeuvre is classified as, but it wasn’t until I read a certain book review on Amazon that I picked up that other definition :>

Well, as you probably know, I did watch Violet Evergarden (including the special). It was indeed marvelous, and moving - in particular, the story about the mother and her daughter had me in tears. It is surely one of the more elegant, eloquent, and emotionally engaging anime that I’ve seen (which makes sense because of its primary themes). Obviously now I know exactly what you were talking about when you said that it made you pay closer attention to your phrasing ;)

I’d definitely like to see it again someday, and I just might pick up the light novel before or after that happens…

BTW, you might enjoy Fune wo Amu, as there are some noteworthy parallels between it and Violet Evergarden. It’s much more modest, but it does have a charm of its own.

Hey, I’m not above being embarrassingly childish at times myself, and I’m staggeringly ignorant about all kinds of stuff. You’re very, very welcome for the message ^_^

I haven’t been doing that great, but I’ve been keeping busy, as usual, and things are getting hectic as the end of the year approaches. I hope this message finds you as well as you were last time, if not more so. I also hope that we will be able to continue our correspondence for a long time to come, even if you’ll have to wait a long time for each of my replies =w= And likewise, please take care of me XD

I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed reading my paragraphs; I had fun reading yours c: Naturally, I haven’t been able to address a lot of the things that you wrote, and naturally some of my nonverbal responses couldn’t have made it onto the page. (Nods, grins, chuckles, and so forth :3) But I read every sentence, and that which has gone unaddressed may well resurface in a future exchange.

I would’ve loved to have been able to get this thing done in 3 hours. It took me more than 13 >.< Lots of pausing, pondering, researching, and revising, which was par for the course. You already knew that I was a slowpoke, but now you have a better idea as to just how lead-footed I really am xS But that’s OK; I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t feel it to be worthwhile.

P.S. Regarding your last comment - nothing for you to be sorry about. My difficulty is less with reading than with responding to what I read :P Anyway, thanks for being considerate :) It’s a pity that I wasn’t able to reply sooner; I would’ve been interested in reading the deleted content...though God knows long much longer it would’ve taken me to reply had that been included. (Spent another 70 minutes completing the final two paragraphs and reviewing the whole thing for mistakes. SMH X'D)
Hayley_N_Haydet Nov 2, 2018 12:37 AM
Cheers ^_^
Kazami Nov 1, 2018 1:18 PM
Oh now, don't talk about being late. Don't forget you're talking to me. I don't even need to speak about it xP
So, for this time, I literally have no excuse cause even though the uni schedule was crazy busy, I still had time on the weekends yet I was still too lazy lol
I know you're tired of me apologizing, but I'm really sorry for always being this way haha, I'm just extremely lazy by nature

LOL oh boy... the smuggy behaviour is real XD
yup, misunderstandings. I can understand that. It's even hard to convey your feelings through words, facial expressions, body sign, and voice 100% accurately in real life, let alone the internet where words are taken very lightly by some people.

Yeah, when it comes to humor, that happens a lot to me as well haha, but not because of wording or being limited to words, it's just that my humor is a mess to begin with so it will always be delivered indeliberately wrong kek
hence my constant use of "haha, xP, lol" and the likes

Ah, I see what you're getting at. Yeah, true, people sometimes are too complex and moody to know what exactly they expect from you, or what they want to hear from you, or the way they react to something, their opinions and whatnot. I kind of wish it was that simple to tell, too, but I guess that's also what makes people unique. And also nother reason why 2D is superior to 3D. In all seriousness, it is true that written characters in general are much easier to understand and relate to, but people are not scanned pokemons dammit looool

Your life sounds really exciting, I think it's good to follow what you really feel is the right for you, even if you feel somewhat lost and scared of the future. I can never quit college or pause studying because of my strict parents and everyone around me, I wish I can be like "screw you all" and do whatever I feel is right for me, but I have neither the courage nor the ability to predict how they're going to react so I can be ready for it. That kinda thing is too scary for me, man >.>
I'm happy for you for being true with your feelings, though! Keep it that way!
Hahahahaha! I see someone is aiming for a harem! sharing is caring just saying

kneel down to your waifu 100 times and you will be forgiven

Hahaha, that reminds me, we had kid in middle school that always wore one of those, it's not 'cause of a lazy eye though, i think part of his face stopped functioning fully or something so he had to put it on so that nothing comes into his eye, since it doesn't blink and is sensitive. I just don't know what the syndrome is called in english
I mean, even if I was asked not to wear glasses anymore, I still would. It would be the same for me, I don't want to make that big a change, but also my eyes are really small, like super small, you wouldn't recognize if they were closed or not from a distance, you'd have to stand at least like 7 feet close to me to tell for sure lol, my glasses kinda enlargen my eyes a little which is convenient for me

ah yeah I very much agree with all of what you said. I forgot about how obsessive the world is with faster machines now, I mean sometimes it's overkill and just unnecessary. I saw a keyboard the other day that uses USB 3, faster transmissive cables and touch response on the keys to make the signals reach faster (and of course, triple the price of the already expensive ones) I mean jeez, keyboards don't even need that, the current ones already respond very fast and I don't think it needs to be any faster lol
Oh man, I'm also really looking forwad to Google Glasses if they ever become a thing.


That show looks interesting. I've meant to watch it also once so maybe it's a good opportunity.

Hahaha yup. by the way, my cousin just recently got into anime and she recommended FMAB to me as well after the surprised look of her knowing that I still haven't watched it. "I know, I know. I'll get around to it soon."

lol no get the filthy politics away from me boi

Hahaha, it's really amusing that you heard about Juni Ito despite not reading any of his works. His art is just that shocking. Lol, I can't understand why I like horror either. Fun things are just fun xP

Yes, yes. evengfe89fhjnausidasn indeed.

Lol, I can see why.

Also dont worry about MAL, it's not like it's hard for me to log in to message someone or anything lol
we can, though, use Discord if you already have it as an additional communication platform, don't go out of your way and download it tho xP

Oh man, I'm so sorry I talked about that, lol... looking back at it it looks so random and poorly put I can only imagine I said that stuff cause I had been holding it in. I'm sorry you had to read that, I'm thankfully starting to get used to it, it doesn't look like it'll get back to how it used to be but I think getting used to the situation and accepting it is the best to do at the moment, and again, I feel like I can get used to it seeing how everyone around me is not complaining and taking on the challenge.

LOL it's kinda pervy yeah, so definitely don't let it in when it's at your doorstep if you're not tolerant to that kinda stuff xP

Hahahaha, come on, it was really cute at least.
Thank you so much!!!

Yeah, I found the anime in the video's comments. Thanks.

ah well if you know when it's good and when it's not then it's all good, glad to hear that

Hahahahaha, don't worry about that, and the only reason messages take me that long is because of my language limitations, the time it takes me to fully understand something or search for the correct word, not because I'm writing a lot or hurting my wrists or anything like that, not to mention the breaks, so I'm taking care of myself very well xP

No problem! :3

>Thanks for typing me as usual as well, hope you're doing good and had a nice weekend and see you (metaphorically) soon again!
don't thank me goddammit i'll just feel more guilty for being late xDDD
appreciate the kind words tho, and am looking forward for your response as well <333

Damn! I'm not even close this time!

If you're becoming Violet Evergarden, I'm probably becoming Akame ga Kill

If you didn't get the joke then you probably haven't watched the show so I advise you not to read too much into it to not spoil it for yourself