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Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone
8 hours ago
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Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV
Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV
Today, 9:15 AM
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Re:Stage! Dream Days♪
Re:Stage! Dream Days♪
Today, 9:15 AM
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Garden Sphere
Garden Sphere
7 hours ago
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Doushite Watashi ga Bijutsuka ni!?
Doushite Watashi ga Bijutsuka ni!?
7 hours ago
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Ochikobore Fruit Tart
Ochikobore Fruit Tart
7 hours ago
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Yae_Sakura Jan 22, 2:31 AM
How r u?
Yae_Sakura Jan 21, 7:22 AM
Hi ^_^
Thx for accepting
Nice to meet u :)
The_Shinjinator Dec 28, 2017 9:52 AM
i love it! and yeah she is O.O
The_Shinjinator Dec 28, 2017 4:15 AM
yeah it as great and likewise :3, well i started Black Lagoon recently O.O
The_Shinjinator Dec 27, 2017 2:59 PM
oh hi! how you doing? X3
danilitoleon Jul 31, 2017 5:23 PM
I don't really celebrate birthdays, but I really wish you have (or had) a nice day!
Shinino Jul 31, 2017 10:36 AM
Happy Birthday! :)
Kunii Jul 31, 2017 3:48 AM
Happy Birthday
Blueberry-san Jul 20, 2017 8:28 AM
Yeah! It makes up a good portion of my music playlists. The other portions are showtunes and Vocaloid music~

Yeah, it is .My best girls are Kanan and Rin but I find myself liking all of them pretty much ^^
AkemiInoue Jul 18, 2017 10:28 PM
Thank you so much!!!!(*^▽^*)
Well unfortunately I do not have any Nico stuff... I might make a cake. I will probably Nico-Nico-Nii before I scout.
Probably because they are against us getting good cards! (* ̄m ̄)
I do not blame you. If I do not play for a few days I fall out of step and just do not feel like playing for weeks after. Not to mention I lose any semblance of skill I had! XD
Yeah, to be honest it feels like most fans of the series are not too great. Muse songs are the best! Well most of them, though there are some which I can not stand. I know that feeling. I recently re-watched Sunshine. On all my accounts(I think) I have cards from both sides, because of events and such. But my distribution is as follows;

JP(Main)- Muse - No specific girl focus
EN- Aqours - Yohane shrine/focus
TW- Muse - Nico shrine/focus
CN- Muse - Rin shrine/focus
KR- Muse - Nozomi shrine/focus

So EN is the only account I scout in the Aqours box, though I occasionally spend my JP green tickets in the Aqours box.

XD I usually just think about how long it takes me to build up amass amount of loveca whenever I feel tempted (talking about you Job Kanan). Then it does not seem worth it to me.
Probably because |I hype up Nico's cards more than Rin's. I feel like Rin's cards aren't as cute as they could and should be. Sometimes they look...odd. Like the unidolised Pyjama Rin's face. Something seems off to me. But Initial Rin and Maid Rin are some of the cutest cards in the game! And my name is Nicolette so we match! (Nico and I)

Yeah, I am finding myself more disappointed with each passing episode. I guess I am! Haha. For sure! I would definitely recommend it!

Oh I understand where you're coming from on that. She is a sweet heart! I can relate to her too!
Don't worry about it too much! I am still very impressed at how fluent pretty much every person from every other country is in English while here in Canada they don't even attempt to get us partially capable at communicating in even French!

Well with the new recent (but honestly not surprising(I kind of thought/imagined hes was all along) revelation that he is the son of a CEO, it may be related to that. I do not know what company his father is the CEO of but perhaps it is very powerful and the company is scared? of him and his potential influence? He has said (allegedly) that he dreams of buying BigHit. So maybe Bang-Pd just does not want him to get to big for his britches. Obviously Seokjin is the lat person to do something like that but I wish they would praise him more. He does such an amazing job being the Eomma of six crazy boys. He is a very reliable hyung and he deserves recognition and respect for it.
So long story short, I guess maybe they are afraid of his potential power? Or it could just be the fact that they really hold his career in their hands and for whatever reason Bang-Pd chooses to pick on him.

No, I would say that is a perfect example. But maybe that is what they are going for..? XD They want to appeal to young teen international fans instead of noonas....?

So far I like Ko Ko Bop the best. Which is surprising to me because I typically favour the non title tracks. How about you? I am glad it is just an extension. And I can see him chasing the other members around with it to be annoying. I just feel like no one owns that style and so saying that having dreadlocks is appropriation seems 100% inaccurate and unfair. No style belongs to just one culture. Yeah. I recently spent a fair amount of money buying EXO albums and thinking about spending so much money again is intimidating.

No, it has not premiered where I live yet. have you seen it? I plan to go watch the first showing at my nearest cinema on the twentieth. Actually today I read some stuff people were saying about Yifan and how he tries too hard to be cool and it is cringey. I have never ever thought that he was cool. He will always be a dorky cold-city-man to me.

NCT's rap line is amazing. Yes I am a fan. Though I wish the official fan name was "long ass riders" instead of NCTzens.

Whenever we talk I have to go on the computer instead of using my phone like I usually do because I always have so much to say! XD
AkemiInoue Jul 12, 2017 12:15 AM
Yeah, I think so!

No way! I am so excited and nervous for Nico's birthday! I almost forgot to clear all the girls side stories I have unlocked. That bumped my gem count up quite a bit! We should be allowed to use Green Tickets on the rotating boxes. :/
Only 20? Do you have many good cards then? And do you stick to one side Aqours or μ's? (As far as scouting)
I don't really know. I get them from Full Combo-ing and the daily play gem. Also Events are good for both earning and wasting( RIP (ー_ー)!! ) Um Nozomi is perfect, Honk is perfect, Nico is perfect, Kotori is perfect. But Eli and Rin are... underwhelming? Which sucks because Rin is my best girl... :(

Probably! I guess I am just not actively excited for new "main" instalments. YES! I can not wait! I forgot about it until I saw an ad for it while I was reading 3Rei! the other day.

All of them. I am a huge New Game fan. But I really like Shizuku. I love them all so much I can't really pick a favourite! Yours is Hifumi though , right?
Yeah. Though I feel like Shizu-chan is not exactly cocky? Izaya and Rin are though.

Yes. Just thinking about it I can't stop laughing. Another example of BigHit disrespectfully sleeping on Seokjin's beauty and talent. HE WENT TO UNIVERSITY TO BE AN ACTOR!!??

Um, I do not really care for it but I will always support BTS. Beyond the Scene is even more uncool than Bulletproof Boyscouts in my opinion. I dunno. It feels unnecessary. Your poor keychain! :(

So you're EXO-L right? How do you feel about the new album? I am so excited!! Except for Baekhyunee's mullet which is an unfortunate thing. And poor Nini was worried that people would be upset about his hairstyle because of the dreadlock backlash during Wolf promotions.. :( And I want to buy the EXO-M & EXO-K versions of all three types but with the post shipping it is nearly 200$!! I mean I will do it anyway but I will be very bothered by the price...

Also I just saw a commercial for Valerian and I am so excited for more Yifan on the big screen. XXX was amazing because of him and no doubt he will be the best part of this movie as well.

Do you like NCT?
The_Shinjinator Jul 12, 2017 12:01 AM
its not like its hard to wait when ive got tons series to do :D... and well umm... filler hell`s... hell... *cough* its was awesome but all the filler just made it painful to watch XS
Blueberry-san Jul 8, 2017 5:52 PM
Good, just listening to some anime music ^^

Yes! And Rin is my best Muse girl~. Hbu?
The_Shinjinator Jul 8, 2017 11:50 AM
well im hyped about watching it since through the manga my best friend loves it XD... its just that ill wait until its finished airing :D
AkemiInoue Jul 6, 2017 1:05 AM
Hmm. Probably teenagers, as in high school age. I feel like they are the ones who know how to work hard and have fun at the same time.

Not really. Well once on the tapping I got Spy Eli in the Blue Ticket box. And to be honest I feel like it is just coincidence when I do get something good because more often than not I get poor results.

I know! Kanan s already so adorable and they go and somehow make her cuter? I think I have 350+ on JP and because of the TW-EN merge I lost 620+ and now only have around 120 (I think) on TW. :( I hope Aqours get birthday boxes soon. But at the very earliest they would come next year. Now that I have wasted all my Yohane gems I think I will start saving for the eventual Yohane birthday box. And because EN is so far behind I will hopefully have like 700+ gems by the time the box gets to EN. I agree, nothing like guaranteed best girl, especially if she is as cute as Kotori!

That EP was sooo funny! Yeah, that's for sure, I guess I am more of a parody spin-off Fate fan? I think I have seen every Fate series though from 2006 until now? So I must not hate it. I love it too! |Especially how it is somehow amplified in Carnival Phantasm? Though I really love cocky characters in general...

Ugh yes, the wait is a little frustrating but all too common.

Oh my goodness yes! Immediately! Top priority level importance.