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Blue Period
Blue Period
Oct 7, 7:24 AM
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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season Part 2
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season Part 2
Sep 23, 10:11 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke
Jul 22, 10:54 AM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 8
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Blue Period
Blue Period
Aug 24, 3:21 AM
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Radiation House
Radiation House
Aug 8, 12:53 AM
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Blue Lock
Aug 8, 12:48 AM
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Bunnyama Oct 19, 6:06 AM
WOULD YOU STOP APPOLOGISING ALREADY IM GONNA SLAP U REEEEEE ! ! lmfao but really kuro chan, i keep telling you this but it's totaly ok ! reply whenever you feel like/can etc etc /pats :3 IRL stuff are more important ! and I reply late as well so you have no right to feel bad ;3; WOOHOOO CONGRATS THO ! :D I hope everything went well !! enjoy that well deserved free time hehehe !

Please at this moment, i don't think I'll ever be able to get some good stats.... only my Xiao gets the good goods u_u what is this tho ;_; as if farming mats wasn't annoying enough /screams/
I lost my 50/50 to keq after 70 pulls and raiden came 20 pulls after bahahaaa....ha. u_u I'm kinda scared to roll just bc qiqi is live you know >.> WHO'S LAUGHING NOW UH !!! YAE IS MIA !! but i will probably totally pull for itto... give me all them polearms u_u <3 OMG IKR ??? and his banner is so freaking disappointing if you ask me... he usually bring w him the new 4* but this time it's freaking useless.. he just here to blend some space until they decide to release new characters...BIG SIGH !
Yeah.. I totally don't get what they are thinking.. even the response was euh... yeah /shrugs/ literally the BP are better than the rewards /sobs/
Bunnyama Sep 22, 2:34 AM
Yeaaah tbf, i usually only buy the packs that gives you everyday goodies /sweats/ unless i'm in deep deep despair bahaha

Oof... a.. about that.. no, I'm kinda.. Not doing anything in gbf these days.. grind is taking too much time and I kinda lost the happy feeling i had when playing gbf ;3; While genshin is being frustrating af with the drops sobsobs
OH GOD YOU GOT QIQI ??? WHY IS SHE HAUNTING EVERYONE ?? A FRIEND OF MINE SPEND HIS EVERYTHING FOR YOIMIYA AND GOT SPOOKED BY QIQI HE WAS SO DEPRESSED /GASP. c3 qiqi... jesus ;; YEAAAS LMFAO I WENT DEEP IN THE END... her weapon is kinda super extra luck bc it came like.. in 2 pulls so ohohoh ! and for raiden, I lost my 50/50 luckily no qiqi but she came in luck just after /nods/ took me around 70 pulls. WELLLLLL I STILL DK IF I WANT TO PULL FOR YAE, depends on her banner tbf.. bc I really really want albedo and i still don't know about his rerun or anything WHILE CHILDE POTENTIALLY HAVING THIRD RERUN ISTG. /SPITS/ Yaaaa that's what I heard.. but I think I just naturally suck w him ? my aim is shit and also the artis /cough/////
btw you saw the drama w the anniversary rewards >.>
Bunnyama Sep 8, 8:51 AM
Uwoooo that's nice ! :D Good luck with work !! (can't exactly judge for gacha whale bahahaha...haaaaaaa SOBS) I'm doing good too, I guess~ still have some ups and downs but i'm getting better ;D

WOW DAMN SO LUCKY BAHAHAHA~ I did chose Nehan, as expected °_° I was kinda close to get Naru but... I chose my lust over the onee-chan rkkrkrr ! UWOOOO CONGRATS KUURO-CHAN !! BUT DAMN THE 100$ FOR C2 I DIDN4T EXPECT THAT you're so sparta !! and cough cough totally didn't ruin my luck... (ALL THANKS TO YOU UHHH /STARES) but at least i get my guaranteed yae or bedo bedo BAHAHA SOBS and she is indeed real nice to play ! I always have a soft spot for polearm users but she really is great ! :D I have the rust on him, bc i literally have 0 bow drops BAHAHA...HA...
I have 50pulls left after pulling for baal /sweats/ so I still have some time to save for whatever is coming ;; but mhy have mercy pls. wait, will signora be playable ? :O I'm just waiting for a playable scara plsplplspslpslpslsplspslpsl OTL. WAITED SO LONG FOR HIS RETURN AND HE IS JUST STANDING FOR 2SC. SCAM
pleasegivemehope Aug 31, 5:39 AM
sorry for late response, had to buy a new laptop 😔

ahh I see, that's pretty good. I swear some uni's expect you to attend lectures/classes all day and then work a full time job after it lmao, so dumb. at least you have free time because of only 3 subjects :)

oh yikes. physical fights were that common in my school, it was usually just 2 people verbally assaulting each other :') hehe that's true, I guess i'll start making my own home-made poison alcohol for a living.
yep pretty much the same here :/ stupidest fucking system in the world imo. I had a really bad day during my final biology exam so I got a pretty bad grade despite it being my 2nd best subject, still salty about that lmao.
off-topic but when I read "all they care about is me passing the subjects now :D " I remembered a interrogation video I watched where a girl faked all her grades and college forms, and then killed her parents 👀

I always see people talking shit about resellers and telling others not to buy from them but then go ahead and buy from resellers??? tf.
well whilst I was looking for a new laptop since my old one broke I did look into PC's and since my bf studies computer science he was helping me choose, but I just don't have space for a PC in my room atm unfortunately and considering I have to bring my laptop to my friends house just to download stuff I felt like a PC would be a waste of money so instead I got talked into buying a £1.2k laptop :')
possibly, it's just a perfect little game tho imo. no bullshit in it and doesn't pretend to be something it's not like lots of other games these days.
if you did make one lemme know your username and i'll give you a follow :) nah witcher 3 was certified shit 😎 pls don't kill me. yeah breaking bad is still one of the best tv shows ever made, i'm watching better call saul atm. first time watching it and it's really good so far :o
uhm Aug 25, 10:54 AM
Australia sounds super fun tho. What's your ethnicity if you don't mind me asking?

LOL I've always wanted to visit Australia but lowkey I'm pretty comfortable in the UK. Maybe in the future. Uhm, it's just called medicine. I'm a medical student hehe. I'm about to start 3rd year, im so sleepy all the time. I recently went to visit friends in nearby city for a week and we did a lot and it was fun !!
Bunnyama Aug 18, 7:31 AM
Sankyu Kuro-chwan ;3; and how are you doing these days ? :3

PLEASE THAT FREE GRAND IS LIKE A BENEDICTION BAHAHA i jumped on free nehan like i was about to die bahaha ! who did you pick ? :D
Yeaaaah it was a great surprise to hear her ! She suits Raiden so well aaaaa ! IM SO TEMPTED TO PULL FOR HER NOW ZJZELEZR MY POLEARM ARMY IS SHAKING ! b...but my cyno funds.... ARGHH WHAT SHOULD I DO KURO ??? plz even on pc is hard to use for me bahaha /sweats/ I only use child without his bow >.>
Yeaaah Gorou is so cute and I wanna hug him... I honestly wanna pull for him just for the fur but... ARCHER WHY ??? Sara looks so cool !!! but archer again bahahaha it would be useless having her ;3; but if Yae is catalyst..... i'll just... lose it ? tbh, mhy is breaking all my will to save AGHGHRER
uhm Aug 17, 12:06 PM
Lockdown? What country are you in? It's not lockdown here anymore LMAO

Depends, you can call me Gigi or Uhm. Do you prefer being called Aidan?

I'm from the UK and I'm studying medicine c: How's IT and business going?
Iuradanshi Aug 16, 8:20 AM
say less
pleasegivemehope Aug 9, 2:21 PM
do you have a job atm or busy studying? I can't remember if we had this convo already or not 🤡

it sounds interesting but they were very basic experiments, there's only so much you can do with 20 careless students lol. yep! but not drinkable alcohol, although you could drink it if you wanted but maybe you'd die idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
actually when I read your sentence I realized they're probably stricter on you in hs because that's what determines what college course you get into? that would be my guess anyway idk. once you're in college/uni they don't have to care anymore lol.

they were being sold for 1k+ around the ps5's release date, crazy and sad that people do that lmao. that's true but games are also getting better and better too and I want to play the newest games if they're good so I might just stick to console :/ i'll think about it when the time to make a decision comes closer tho, because I could use a pc for other stuff not just games so that's also a factor to consider!
I didn't play much because stopmotion but I can't wait to play it on ps4 :D I love greek mythology too and the little I did play was very fun. (pretty cheap too :o)
you don't have to :P you should make a letterboxd!! if you do lemme know, i'll give you a follow :) b99 is alright, not my fav but it's enjoyable. I loved the witcher s1 even tho I hated the witcher 3 game, looking forward to s2 in december. currently i'm re-watching breaking bad :P
uhm Aug 8, 1:38 PM
LOL. I didn't know it has been a whole year. I forgot it was 2021 LMAO. Bruh, how's you doing tho?
That's super good. I'm so happy for you kuuro<3 wooooooo all As are so impressive.

Where are you from btw and what are you studying at uni o:
uhm Aug 4, 12:03 PM
latest reply ever but hihi kuuro
how did exam season end up going? I had exams too but now im finished. feels empty and lonely I guess :c
pleasegivemehope Jul 26, 9:11 AM
well I enjoy my job because gardening is also a hobby but I don't think anyone actually wants to work lmao ;P

it was just the typical school experiments really. here's a few I remember: an ecological study in a field, using a light microscope, examining animal cells, investing the effect of ph on enzymes, we made alcohol once (not drinkable obviously lol), osmosis, germination, dissecting a heart.

would you have done the work at home tho? lol.
ahh I see. idk maybe it's just my parents but don't most parents care even less about what you do after HS? o_o as long as you're not doing literal crimes obviously.

oh nice :o I can't wait for it. idk tbh, the ps5 seems to be an endangered species because i've never seen one in real life. i'd like to get one but at that price it might be worth investing in a pc even if I won't use it that much? idk, plenty of time to think about it because ps5 stock is non-existent atm.
speaking of games, hades is coming to ps4 in august!! I can finally play it with more than 15fps :')
random shit mostly, my letterboxd is on my profile if you wanna check the last 4 movies I watched. I don't remember what I watched last tbh >.<

one of my friends did actually redo it. didn't get the results she wanted so she redid the whole year to resit the exams. she's smart asf now lol
Bunnyama Jul 22, 8:02 AM
Yeah yeah~ it's alright with my coworkers /nods/ but when new customers come in i panic bahaha /sweats/ :huggies:

SAME THOO~ but some drops are so low that even with 50 tix i can't even farm that much grrrrr /fliptable/
welllllllll~ since i saw her in the trailer i kinda take back everything i said, she look so awesome with that boob sword thing bahaha~ yeah i heard that too.. mostly because they're slower than other charas bc they're heavy? but idm either /nods/ i actually have a hard time with archers u_u
MAAAAH I GUESS I CAN FORGIVE YOU SINCE HE WENT ON FULL LUCK JUST AFTER !! a lot of people seems to hate qiqi /sweats/ hmmm he is alright i guess ? He's like the inazuma childe bahaha~ i'm more of of Gorou person ya know :333 besides baal are you interested in any new charas ?
hiimdeshi Jul 15, 7:32 AM
its good man, even though it was 3yrs ago, but its whatever