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Douluo Dalu: Jingying Sai
Douluo Dalu: Jingying Sai
Jul 29, 4:49 AM
Completed 52/52 · Scored 7
Inochi no Tabekata
Inochi no Tabekata
Jul 28, 5:15 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 10
Baumkuchen End
Baumkuchen End
Jul 28, 5:14 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 9
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  • Chapters7,200
  • Volumes386
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Zephaas Today, 3:28 AM
I'm not even in your state and I get the same. smh my head
Zephaas Yesterday, 10:54 PM
his dumbass face keeps showing up on my youtube feed and I've never wanted to smack a bitch so bad
Zephaas Yesterday, 10:45 AM
how does it feel to be taking fat L's as a Melbourne pleb? QUEENSLAND STAYS WINNING
bocksbocks Jul 31, 7:58 AM
saranghead oppar
Bunnyama Jul 28, 6:36 AM
It's a really beautiful country~ but bleh better wait for everything to calm down coz' people are getting crazy. ಠ_ಠ
5 months man... That sounds out of this world... how are you doing mentally ? I know that most people had a breakdown during quarantine...
Oh righto- Sorry lmao, in my country we don't exactly have big parties over exams or anything... we just have a drink if we feel like it or go to clubs ૮(ꂧꁞꂧ)ა we usually plan the summer vacations with friends as well but it's always kinda light xD at least for me (๑‾᷆д‾᷇๑)
Nope... It's not really a big thing here.. even when you're in highschool or middle school.. you have your classes and then go home to go to your outside activities but- It's kinda sad.. Yeah I'm alright now dw /pat pat/ I'm no more concerned by school fufufu- but it certainly made me insecure /blop. At least I'm blooming in my professional life and my coworker are really caring ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७
YUSSS DK are hugeeee~ my personal fav is Percy as you can guess xD but Vane is really nice too ! He's such a sunshine /sobs/ <3
Yahaaaaa this past week was really good for me with gacha xD I had some characters I really wanted in different games so now I'm scared something bad would happen lmao that was too much of luck-
Let's pray then /bow/ is there any H. chara that you really want ? :'o
Awaaaa welp without uno, if you're planning you get doggo, you can replace it with Silva and Romeo if you have them (even tho romeo is plague to use man zifheroejrig)

tsumu Jul 21, 10:44 AM
HAII LIBRA POWERR ( soorry, person who is addicted to Libra charas is talking here 8D)) still need to watch top s1 bc i never knew how to feel about mamochan voicing atsumu i didn't pick it up orz. Are you also reading Haikyuu!! manga? It's so sad another great Jump series has come to an end Q ^ Q only One Piece and Dr. Stone remain.........
Bunnyama Jul 20, 7:46 AM
I live in France ! And apparently spain is on lock down again but idk about everything but fuuu if we're back on lock down after this summer I don't think I will survive lmao Σ(●ꉺ▱ꉺ●) Yeah people in highschool and uni were and are still having a hard time.. Welp I don't know if they're THAT bothered by the cancelation of parties ? Σ(・ิ¬・ิ)
Yeah... For some reason were just living like nothing was wrong.. and used some pretext to go out like i have to exercise and stuff when they never ever had a jog in their life xD
Oh wow you're lucky to have clubs in your uni.. Here we don't have anything besides the library fufufu- but again I had to leave uni and take online classes bc of bullying σ(´し_`〃)ゞ ig they made me an hermit krkrkr
Bahaha same ! All of my friends are pretty crazy about him and sandy /sweats/ I mean i do like them but /bow/
Also.. idk if I should thank you but. I shed real tears ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ /shake hands/

Zeta is gud gud uwu Yeah /laugh/ I try hard the events so much to get these tickets >.> Yeah i'm thinking about that tooo.. Getting halloween Eustace is my wet dream.
Doggo works well with Uno and Lecia /feelsgood/get that wet sardine teamu ! smh the grand charas I need the most never come home orz.
tsumu Jul 17, 12:50 PM
Bunnyama Jul 17, 1:43 AM
Oh damn back on lockdown ?? Where are you from ? I know some EU countries are back to lockdown and they're talking about puting it back after the summer here as well.. but with the economy falling.. idk about that (?) Welp as for me, we had 2 month and half of lockdown but people were still going outside to do.. whatever they did and used the excuse of sport to actually meet some other people and stuff.. There is two extreme now, the people that are like all scared of everyone and the ones that yolo everything xD
Tbh I had no life even before the lock down /sweats/ I'm a true introvert and don't have much social interaction besides my coworkers kekekeke-
BRUUH idk about that, to be frank I don't really care for summer lucio /IMSORRY/ so I probably won't draw even if it's flash gala.. waiting the next one eventually and the suptix oof- BUT PLIZ GIVE ME LIGHT ILSA AEZUFHEHR the thing is, I don't like Vira but now, that's even worse u_u Yes yes Daddy sieg is really noice ! Yeah I guess I'll just wait for the next frenzy /sweats/ even tho it's scam XD let's have hopes and dreams !
HMMM Shiva is so awesome ! I love him so much~ the spear team is so nice to use /feelsgood/ I do have around 20 10parts draws rn with some tickets, need to check again.. I'll probably farm the last substories for crystrals and tickets-
UEZGYEHD NO I DON'T HAVE ALL THE UNITS jfrheuer I only have Anila and Kumbhira /cries/ I only got them bc I sparked them ଽ (৺ੋ ௦ ৺ੋ )৴ otherwise I'd be zodiacless /SOBSSOBS/ now I'm trying to see if I save my funds for doggo or Europa JURHERHUFR priorities- freaking grand charas.
arderine Jul 11, 12:18 AM
yeahhh \o\ /o/
Bunnyama Jul 7, 6:51 AM
oof- how is the situation where you live btw ? are you still on lock down ?
Honestly same ଽ (৺ੋ ௦ ৺ੋ )৴ there is times where I just close the app for weeks bc I have a life outside of gbf (or at least that's why I like to tell myself lmao) and then grind like there is no tomorrow etc etc.. /sweats/
Ok, so if I have no luck I'll blame you then ! >:D
He's not gonna be available for sure...same for light percy ;; They just got released and usually you can't suptix the new charas /SOBS/ I was so depressed with Kou until he finally came home /feelsgoodman/ now I'll probably tix wind metera or fire sieg /die/ KRKRKR I WISH, most of my missing husbandos vers. are seasonnal or grand charas..; I'm already glad I could tix meteon for the anniversary OTL
AT LEAST YOU GOT HIM ZKFERJ CONGRATZ /o/ /trophy/ Omg anila is so awesome !!! I sparked her last year with Shiva /feelsgood/ I saved my crystals so hard hahhahahaha And I sparked Kumbhira this year /o/ I got kinda disappointed in Vikala's design ngl that cosplayer act oof- but she still cute /dab/
Bunnyama Jul 4, 6:03 AM
Yeah I do.. djizuss christ give me your free time pliz, my grind time is really reduced because of work /sad/ so I decided to take it slow, focus on one thing at time and pray god KEK since gbf grind is the most time consuming thing I ever experienced oml.
IKR ! when i started reading his stories I was like "omh what the heck is going on" and instant fell in love KEKEKEKE he's one of my top gbf hubs now /tears/ OWA nier /feelsgood/ good luck to get her~ she's probably the next evoker I'll try to make !
PLEASE. I have no faith in the roulettes and the mukku frenzy IFHREIUHEFRI I'm flooded by all these Vira and Hallessena all the time... I get gold moons for a ticket but still... let's hope this year will be better luck for me orz. ALSO I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT WIND NAOISE SMH I WAS SHAKING WHEN HE GOT ANNOUNCED now watch him not being available in suptix. watch him.
CAN YOU BE ANY MORE LUCKY ??? I gave everything away to get valentine grimnir uezfhyufhe i don't even have the og one /cry/ I usually spark for the zodiac generals >.> need to get doggo next time o/
Bunnyama Jul 4, 1:17 AM
HOLA yeah I relate, welp this is me with earth atm LMFAO no matter the party if your grid is shit you go nowhere bruh.
Okto is actually the one I'm grinding for rn after i finally finished with Seox.. Tho I kinda abandonned him these past months because I'm also try harding for Lobelia in arcarum (ฅ⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́)و ̑̑ gotta get my psycho husband REEEE
you lucky enough to lucksack pliz- the only luck I had with seasonals are summer Naoise and christmas Metera and I literally cried when I got them KEK I have to suptix or spark whenever I really want something SOBS ptsd
Bunnyama Jul 3, 2:26 PM
Kakakak dark is one of my lowest elements bc of that hahaha let's hang on ! /flex muscles/
My main elements are fire and wind ! Kinda want to make it water but ya know the grid with a shitty earth party is gonna be wild baby /sweats. my katoru is crying-
Bunnyama Jul 3, 1:24 PM
oya, is earth your main element ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i might drop that gw lmao my earth grid is shitty af rip
Kahaha I hope that will bring you luck for your grind ! fighto-