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Gi(a)rlish Number
5 hours ago
Re-watching 7/12 · Scored 7
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Hyouketsu no Kizuna
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Hyouketsu no Kizuna
Dec 3, 11:40 PM
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Dec 3, 9:08 PM
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Burn the Witch
Burn the Witch
Sep 17, 12:50 PM
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Aug 31, 7:09 AM
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Aug 29, 5:56 PM
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winddevil1 Nov 6, 7:58 AM
winddevil1 Nov 6, 2:42 AM
easily the best forum signature/picture on this site =D
KannoSugako Sep 5, 5:24 AM

Hell yeah they are back!!! Missed the GIFsssss!!!!! <3

Hello there! Yet again it’s been quite some time but welp, can’t help it with work haha * tries to sound busy and responsible*

Well about my work it’s been a bit more than a month and so far everything has been great, like, colleagues are nice, boss is chill, the place is nice, the job itself it’s pretty easy and it’s nothing stressful or anything. I’m working as a receptionist in a hotel at Rome, I live 40km away from there so I pretty much have to commute for like one hour and half or smth. So I think it is fair to say it’s cool. Besides, I can earn me some money and that’s always GREAT-O! I mean, it is as you say, job is job, but I can read manga or like right now reply some messages.

My dear lord! You should watch Banana Fish!!! It’s pretty cool, love the action and the whole story it’s really intriguing…I love mafia stories and badass MCs so hahaha. But so far it has been great, seriously. Also, I recently started this seasonal show called Revue Starlight and oh lord, If you have seen series like Utena or Mawaru Penguidrum and enjoy them this is for you. Even if you haven’t, show is really interesting (theater, singing and dancing) super moe (but not cringe moe) and has an interesting subtext. Musically speaking is really good too.

Oh that’s great! I mean if you enjoy writing, more so if it is about anime then why not!? I’ll be to lazy to try something like that to be honest hahaha, so, so far have you written anything? Is it in English or Portuguese?

LOL, i’ve been waiting too for MAL to be 100% operational so yeah, we understands haha. I see you have to wait for exams, well I guess its not bad either I mean, you have lots of free time and that can never hurt :D

Seriously? Is your mom that good? Wow, that’s cool! And so cute she’s a teacher n.n

WAIT A SECOND, YOU HAVE 5 CATS AND A DOG!?!?!?!? WHO ARE YOU!?!? WHY ARE YOU SO LUCKY?!?!!??! AND YOU HAVE NEWBORN CATS!?!!?!? Oh my god, I’m so jealous. I wish I had even one cat, but I can’t for the moment :(
I love cats, but I like dogs too, still cats are my all time favorites.

“The internship of hell”, lol. That’s a good one actually hahahaha, man, I feel sorry for you really, I hate summer, so I can’t imagine living in summer hell all year long. Luckily for me, fall is coming so it isn’t as hot now as it was before. THANK DIO (Jojo hahah)

JEEZ. Looks like it’s really bad politically speaking in Brazil, man, I think I rather having the corrupt guy over the racist and homophobic one, ike, eyes closed my man. When is the election happening? I hope the last one doesn’t win for real. I actually saw some videos a few days ago about how at the border they are deporting Venezuelans out of there and people (Brazilian folk) were like super happy singing the hymn and stuff, really an ugly sight.

Hahah avoiding JOJO spoilers will need for you to shut everything hahah like any social media you follow XD but I understand that it’s something you have to be in the mood for. Still, hope you really love it and enjoy it when you decide to watch it! I’ll be more than happy to read your thoughts on it.

I too hope you’re doing great and I too enjoy talking to you! Have a great week!!

Take care!
Marmi Aug 14, 9:17 PM
That's probably going to happen.
Are you going to play the Revue Starlight game when it comes out?

Yeah, they were wild! I had a mohawk and everything xD
It's understandable though to have difficulty watching those types of shows, endurance must be used at max...

My favorite would be One Piece. That show just made me amazed how creative everything is, including the settings, characters and the storyline. It's scary when you rewatch a series and you spot a couple of characters that only gets an introduction 200-300 episode/chapters later...
Naruto and Bleach aren't (in my opinion) bad either. Even though they both suffered by creating a chapter weekly, they had great introductions and arcs that were incredible to watch. They weren't a waste of time at all.

Haha, good luck with those "arguments"!

I'm leaning towards anything in french literature, for example The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. (It's long, yet it was fun to read)
I'm also trying to find a copy of the English version of The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky (Russian Literature if you didn't notice by the name haha) it looks like something that I'd enjoy...
However, I'm currently reading the first "long story" of Sherlock Holmes called The Study of Scarlet. (If that counts. It's pretty recent, like 90 years haha)
Ooh same here! Those anime gave me interest into Japanese literature too! I didn't really get the chance of reading one properly, yet I've been exploring to see something that I would like. I'll keep in mind for Rashoumon!

Ah, good luck reading Tokyo Ghoul, then, as the weirdness continues!
Anyway, what would be the subject of this writing which involves Tokyo Ghoul? I'm quite curious... :P

Honestly, for me, I mostly go into used book stores and stuff related to that to find my manga. When I think about it, manga for me is just a gamble haha. It's also cheaper, and I get lucky sometimes. It's usually where you'd find manga that's older too, so that's a bonus.
And I still haven't read most of them.
Marmi Aug 14, 11:05 AM
That's true.
Let's hope for a better spin off with the next generation, I guess...

Haha, I understand completely. Around the same time, I became one by binge watching the Big 3 (One Piece, Naruto and Bleach), the Dragon Ball franchise and Fairy Tail in a span of a year and a half, including some rewatches... (Let's just say I didn't sleep a lot during that time.. I feel so old by saying that goodness)

These days I too like absorbing what I just watch. For some reason it makes me feel more attached to the series and characters if I do.

When you think about watching an 24 episode series in a month is actually quite decent. It's almost 1 episode per day, which doesn't crowd too much of your day and you can have time for other stuff. T's also good pacing :P

Yup, it's definitely the purpose for One Piece, and I hate it...

Yeah, I do read them often! It's nice break from watching anime and classic literature (Yes, I like that boring stuff haha) and makes me not think of much, which I like sometimes.
Honestly, Tokyo Ghoul for me is a weird series. It's not bad, but I can't stand it.
So, it's completely understandable if you don't want to come back, cause I wouldn't either in your position haha
I also have some physical copies that it's been a while that I own, and didn't touch it yet. Like some one-shot named Kitaro and the series Nana... Now it feels like a waste of money... I'll probably have to start them soon...

Marmi Aug 14, 9:25 AM
Yeah, honestly the aspect of not being shorts in the second season actually ruined it a bit since they don't need to rush it anymore, which surprisingly made it worse for me haha
Anyways, I'll go for it. Soon.

Honestly, I agree. However, I don't think they could've made the script better as the original, since if they tried to redo the same script as the original, it would've felt even more forced as the current spin-off.

That's cool! Looks like there's a bunch of stuff already haha

Oh, you've been watching seasonal a lot longer than me! I've started in 2016...
When it comes to binge watch anime I'm really slow too, so longer series does puts me off too, like I managed to watch (and finish) Hunter X Hunter (2011 version only, I have yet to watch the original) and it was the first series in a couple of years that I managed to finish that was over 2 cours.. It took me around a month to watch it completely, and I thought it was fast for me. (But then some dude at my school binge watched the series in 5 days. That really hurts oh my)

Oh, One Piece...
I can't believe that series is only 80% done... It's a really good series, but it is sure long.
Also, out of experience, if you ever want to watch it, don't. Read the manga instead, it is much more faster to read and the pacing isn't messed up. Sometimes it took a character a couple of minutes to "run" a couple of meters (Pretty much the whole episode), while the manga took one page. (Mainly happens in the newer arcs though)

Anyway, do you read any books these days?
Marmi Aug 13, 9:41 PM
That's very true. Comedy anime are all over the place these days haha.
Your mention of Saiki Kusuo no psi nan 2 makes me think that I need to catch up soon...

Same here! However, I managed to find the English version of the game on the play store and decided to download it since I watched the anime, and the Underworld came to get me. Honestly the Sunshine spin-off didn't really mind me, since I did find their songs better than the first generation.
I didn't know the Bandori girls did IRL stuff, better check that out soon. Do you?
I followed the Love Live ones until recently though.

I too played video games as a child, mainly grew up with Super Mario 64 and Sonic Heroes. I've never been a hardcore gamer either. I've had some moments where I would play for hours, but not enough to finish games twice haha. But if the interest is still there, I guess that's the only thing that counts!

Ooh, that's a good approach.
So that means we are either stubborn or has attachment problems.
And here we have found another flaw in this cursed community haha

True, true. We need someone to make a petition to add more favorite slots! (Cause I sure ain't making one)

Honestly this year it's been more of a seasonal break to concentrate on watching older series, and I'll probably start watching seasonal when the fall season starts. I have a few series I want to watch next season haha. But honestly I don't care about the age of the series, as long as it interests me. I'm trying to watch something from the 80s, but it's not working haha.
Anyway, do you prefer watching older or newer series when mentioning finished series?
Marmi Aug 13, 8:18 PM
Yeah, it's understandable.There was a few series in the past that I was so hyped for, but managed to subconsciously drop it after the first few episodes without a solid reason why.

Grand Blue is hilarious! It's pretty much the most weirdest yet funniest stuff crammed into one show. It does its purpose as a comedy anime.

Ouch! Poor phone! I also used to play LLSIF until the hackers showed up a few months ago, it made me finally decide to end this idol hell and switch completely to Bandori haha. (Even though I don't play as much with Bandori as I did with LLSIF. Like you just said, it's fun to play them casually!)

Ooh, that's cool and interesting! I've been meaning to play any Final Fantasy game for some time now. They seem to be fun to play! Also, I believe I managed to play Sonic Manic at a random Video Game club at my school years back for a couple of minutes. It was really fun!
Also, I can see that you're pretty full with video games haha! It's a good hobby to have though.

Honestly, at first I was leaning on "no", but I when I think about it, I do haha. When I watch a certain series that I like for the first time, I always feel that I like that series more than the ones on my favorites list haha. I always feel like I get detached over a certain series way too fast...
I also agree on the showcase part too. When I have certain series that should be on my favorites, but I don't have the space to put them, I sometimes switch them with another series to say like "Hey, I like this series too!".
Goodness, if there wasn't a limit I would've put a large amount too, oh my.
Marmi Aug 13, 7:03 PM
Same here! It's interesting, yet this season pretty much sucks. Apart from Grand blue and Banana Fish I can't find something that's worth my time.

Yes I do! Personally, I prefer rhythm games, like DDR (Yes, I still play that haha) and Bandori.
Yet I still love playing some good RPGs once in a while.
Which RPGs and platformer games do you like at the moment?

Well well, thank you! I have to say that you also have a nice selection of favorite anime! I've watched around half of them, and I have to say they're great series! (I've been also intrigued by the others for quite some time too haha)
Marmi Aug 13, 6:18 PM
Sorry to not have replied earlier!
Anyway, it's honestly understandable. Since the summer has started, there's been a lot of days that I didn't want to watch any anime or read any manga.

I'm doing great! Oh yes, Jupiter's rings. They are always beautiful, it's always a pleasure to stare at them. Yup.

It's also nice to meet you haha
MrNegr0 Aug 12, 4:27 PM
Yeah I’m on ep 2, but imma finish HxH 2011 first
MrNegr0 Aug 12, 6:22 AM
TBH I have only watched the first season so far, so I don’t know about the other girls
Marmi Aug 11, 8:20 AM
Thank you for accepting my friend request!!
So how are you?
MrNegr0 Aug 10, 2:54 AM
Yeah, the romance isn’t really much more than a recurring joke, but it’s still the best romance in the anime. The other girls just seem like friends lol

Nice to meet you too.
MrNegr0 Aug 9, 11:22 AM
It isn’t just the way he looks at Totsuka, he full-on loves Totsuka. I normally despise Yaoi ships, but HachimanxTotsuka isn’t even gay anymore. Plus, Totsuka is 100% wife material

He had BETTER make it canon