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smartass44 Dec 15, 2020 7:08 AM
Thanks for accepting my fr :) I see that you're fan of 3-gatsu no lion as well. Have you tried the manga?
DeadlyRaven Feb 17, 2019 10:28 PM
Welcome to my lovely harem! Sorry, I'm a bit late....okay, a lot late. Thanks a lot, it was made by another amazing user! :D

No problem, it was a ton of fun to make the event too.
Happy belated MALentine's Day! <3
LiedElfen Feb 1, 2019 7:30 PM
Yes, i know that work is needed in order to create it and it is a good final product.
LiedElfen Feb 1, 2019 6:56 PM
Hi, that gif is awesome!
winddevil1 Nov 6, 2018 2:42 AM
easily the best forum signature/picture on this site =D
KannoSugako Sep 5, 2018 5:24 AM

Hell yeah they are back!!! Missed the GIFsssss!!!!! <3

Hello there! Yet again it’s been quite some time but welp, can’t help it with work haha * tries to sound busy and responsible*

Well about my work it’s been a bit more than a month and so far everything has been great, like, colleagues are nice, boss is chill, the place is nice, the job itself it’s pretty easy and it’s nothing stressful or anything. I’m working as a receptionist in a hotel at Rome, I live 40km away from there so I pretty much have to commute for like one hour and half or smth. So I think it is fair to say it’s cool. Besides, I can earn me some money and that’s always GREAT-O! I mean, it is as you say, job is job, but I can read manga or like right now reply some messages.

My dear lord! You should watch Banana Fish!!! It’s pretty cool, love the action and the whole story it’s really intriguing…I love mafia stories and badass MCs so hahaha. But so far it has been great, seriously. Also, I recently started this seasonal show called Revue Starlight and oh lord, If you have seen series like Utena or Mawaru Penguidrum and enjoy them this is for you. Even if you haven’t, show is really interesting (theater, singing and dancing) super moe (but not cringe moe) and has an interesting subtext. Musically speaking is really good too.

Oh that’s great! I mean if you enjoy writing, more so if it is about anime then why not!? I’ll be to lazy to try something like that to be honest hahaha, so, so far have you written anything? Is it in English or Portuguese?

LOL, i’ve been waiting too for MAL to be 100% operational so yeah, we understands haha. I see you have to wait for exams, well I guess its not bad either I mean, you have lots of free time and that can never hurt :D

Seriously? Is your mom that good? Wow, that’s cool! And so cute she’s a teacher n.n

WAIT A SECOND, YOU HAVE 5 CATS AND A DOG!?!?!?!? WHO ARE YOU!?!? WHY ARE YOU SO LUCKY?!?!!??! AND YOU HAVE NEWBORN CATS!?!!?!? Oh my god, I’m so jealous. I wish I had even one cat, but I can’t for the moment :(
I love cats, but I like dogs too, still cats are my all time favorites.

“The internship of hell”, lol. That’s a good one actually hahahaha, man, I feel sorry for you really, I hate summer, so I can’t imagine living in summer hell all year long. Luckily for me, fall is coming so it isn’t as hot now as it was before. THANK DIO (Jojo hahah)

JEEZ. Looks like it’s really bad politically speaking in Brazil, man, I think I rather having the corrupt guy over the racist and homophobic one, ike, eyes closed my man. When is the election happening? I hope the last one doesn’t win for real. I actually saw some videos a few days ago about how at the border they are deporting Venezuelans out of there and people (Brazilian folk) were like super happy singing the hymn and stuff, really an ugly sight.

Hahah avoiding JOJO spoilers will need for you to shut everything hahah like any social media you follow XD but I understand that it’s something you have to be in the mood for. Still, hope you really love it and enjoy it when you decide to watch it! I’ll be more than happy to read your thoughts on it.

I too hope you’re doing great and I too enjoy talking to you! Have a great week!!

Take care!
KannoSugako Aug 1, 2018 1:01 AM
Hiiii!!!! It’s been a while…AGAIN, but this time I’m pretty much justified cause well, the guru right here after exams began working!!! So there’s that. I’ve been pretty busy recently and I actually have forgotten a bit about MAL and all, also cause besides some few seasonals I haven’t been watching anything that exciting, I’m like in some sort of anime slump, don’t know what to watch or what do I even wanna watch!

Yes, MAL actually never fully stated what is going on (is - cause I’m seeing some functions, in fact many, are still not available) so who knows what actually went down uh? I know many friends who even began using Anilist, lol.

So I’m guessing you already went through all the health checks and stuff and you’re actually waiting? Or did u finally started?

Wow wow wow wow, developing some dance moves!? Waaaaaattt!? Hahaha do we got ourselves a Michael Jackson in the house?! lol. Yeah exercising it’s really invigorating, like, yes, I’m lazy and all but I actually enjoy going to the gym ( I mean I still do it now that I’m working, even if because of that I get home super late!) but it makes me happy. Ohh so you have a dog? Is it a big one? A small one? :3 I like dogs, a lot, but I love cats the most.

Ok so it’s hot on June, July, August, the closer to august the hotter it gets, so right now it’s hell, like I wake up sweating like a chicken in the oven. Plus, it’s super humid. But then in September temperatures start to go down, and then we get winter <3

Ugh, so yeah it makes sense that where you are is super hot man, no helping that! I was in the Amazon forest once (Venezuelan part of it) and I went in the rainy season, and it was not only hot but humid and the rain just made it worst. So I kinda understand hahaha.

Oh so they say it like that? If they say Brazil Is the next Venezuela that’s not really good news. And I too wanted to avoid my reality while being there but a moment arrived when I had to make a decision and leave, cause it was too much, and too bad. Governments and corruption go hand in hand imo, some are better than others, even here in Italy corruption is incredible and crisis always hits the poorest the most. A never-ending circle.

I super agree with your thoughts on Megalo Box, I too was expecting a very tragic ending, like super sad one, like dying people one, cause it all pointed to that, so yeah, to me the ending felt too rushed, too sudden, and like the fight didn’t feel at all meaningful, which was super sad cause the whole point of the show was to get Joe to fight Yuri, so it was absolutely lacking, we agree so much on this one my friend. Still, I really enjoyed it and I liked the art, animation, OST, voicing, and the entire experience was fun and super exciting, too bad for that plain ending.

Well Shokugeki as I already said was boring, like, I don’t even feel like watching the next season, I probably will thou cause u know how it is, I actually wanna know what’s going to happen and I have invested lots of time watching it so there’s that. But this season was definitively painful to watch for me, not even the latter episodes, that were better, saved it.

Yeeeeeeei, we’re both In the BNHA hype-train. Agree, first half was AWESOME, like, MAN!!! So know it’s only logical that with things a bit more settled and plot about school and stuff it’s not gonna be the same, but still is good and entertaining. I too haven’t read the manga so I don’t know what’s going to happen so that’s great! haha.

Well you’re not that wrong, Jojo is…it’s hard to explain. It becomes an addiction, part of you, like, it never leaves, everything becomes a freaking Jojo reference, you sing Jojo songs, you start talking like some characters hadskjhdjkd, I too when I first heard of it thought it was going to be a simple and very manly anime with lots of fights and stuff, but it’s so much more than that haha. First season is yes the memes, but also Dio, then we get Joseph and Pillar men, then Stardust S1 which is my least fav part but you gotta hang in there, Stardust S2 was way better, then DIU which was awesome and it just gets better and better, believe me. This becomes like some sort of religion I swear, I think and talk about Jojo daily hahahahaha

Anyways, hope you too are doing great and always nice “talking” to you, a big hug my man!
KannoSugako Jun 30, 2018 4:49 AM
Man, so sorry for the late response but as you are well aware MAL was down for like the longest time ever and this past week has been hell for me but here I am trying to catch up with all conversations.

Oh yes, i too could use a little less of laziness, that’s for sure. So you choose the practical path, like, the one that was best for you according to your abilities, well of course it makes sense, and I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it. I think that’s what most of us do, few exceptions of course.

Wow so you did made it and landed that job! Well I am super glad for you, being that that’s what you wanted and all, cheers man! How’s it going? Did you get to start already or still doing paperwork and stuff?

Well I know it doesn’t really make much sense but yeah, i’m kinda like a gym freak, thou it still doesn’t mean that I am not lazy, i’m just a very particular kind of lazy. I’ll try to explain. I like sports, I like moving, I like feeling strong and breaking my own plateaus and stuff. Each time I get to the gym and i’m able to lift more I feel so happy and accomplished. So how can I be like this but also be lazy? Easy, i’m lazy with everything else in life, whether it is cooking, or cleaning, or moving, or going out, or doing things with people, you name it. I specially hate going out at night, actually never do. it’s like i’m always looking forward to being comfy at home in my bed hahaha. And it also varies, right now I was supposed to be in the gym but it’s so freaking hot outside that I couldn’t bring myself to go out. So sometimes my laziness even keeps me away from the things I like.

Yes, situation in Venezuela is pretty shitty indeed. And you are absolutely right about it not getting better anytime soon, if you saw the news then you already know that Maduro was reelected so things are really not gonna change anytime soon. And I wish it was just a political disaster but it’s also the economy and social disaster. Caracas is the most dangerous city in the world so you can kinda guess how bad is it.

18 shows?! Wow, that’s A lot. How did you like Megalo Box’s ending? I was also following Wotaku, average show for me but totally relatable, it actually ended I didn’t even realize, yesterday I was looking for episode 12 hahahhah. Oh I just finished Food Wars and man, what a boring season, it was so hard for me to follow it, so episodes kept pilling up but I managed to finished it somehow. I just can’t believe central drama isn’t over yet SO BORING. Are you not watching BNHA!??

oh thank you for complimenting my profile. A shame no one can see it now, specially since VENTO AUREO ANIME WAS ANNOUNCED FOR OCTOBER AND MAN I’M SO HYPED ABOUT IT. LIKE MY PROFILE IS THEMED VENTO AUREO AND THEN ANIME IS CONFIRMED!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?!?! lol. Just so you know but i’m a hardcore Jojo fan hasdj

Hope you’re doing great!
DYED May 6, 2018 11:28 AM
I liked both Toradora and Watamote, I'll give it a watch.
Thank you! ~
DYED May 6, 2018 11:11 AM
And I guess you would recommend it, right?
DYED May 6, 2018 10:40 AM
Sorry to intrude your profile, but what's the anime from your forum avatar?
I've seen it somewhere, and now I can't it get out of my head.
KannoSugako May 3, 2018 3:57 AM

Hello again!

Well i used to decorate my walls with drawings and stuff not anymore, like I said I didn’t pursue that. I am like that, really good at lots of things but never get any type of expertise cause I quit or get bored before. It’s a bummer hahaha. Wow, that sure must look nice, a Mario themed bedroom, mines were kinda out of nowhere stuff.

Hahaha laziness is such a crucial element in one’s life, I can totally relate. I am always planing things but I never do cause I rather stay home and sleep and be comfy listening to music or watching anime or reading manga. It’s almost as if I spend all my energy in the gym and daily life activities. What do you like doing or what do you plan to do but never do cause of laziness?

Oh so Yuru Camp has colored pages? that’s cute. It is as you say, it looks cool indeed. And about manga overall I understand, I used to be more of an anime fan, in fact If you look at my completed manga list it’s not like it is long or anything, but lately i’ve been wanting to read more and more. And before it’s not that I did not like it, it’s just that I didn’t know what to read or anything, but i’ve been getting lots of recommendations and i’m sure pleased. Things that I wouldn’t have found on my own. But yeah I started Sangatsu from scratch and oh lord, can’t wait for S3!!!

You got the job!?!!?!?!? wooow man that is so cool, congratulations!!! Did you already start or still waiting for procedures and paperwork!?!? Seriously, i’m glad and I feel happy for you. And I guess it has been so long that you already took the other exam, how did it go?

I’ve been doing fine, besides laziness i’ve been or busy or demotivated to do stuff even university stuff. Thing is I need to study and I lack the motivation to do so, so apparently i’m starting for real next week. It’s a promise with myself. let’s see if I keep it. Also, i’ve been working on a translation for a book a friend of mine wants to publish (he’s in Venezuela) so that has also kept me a bit occupied. Besides that, reading lots of manga and always going to the gym.

You’re watching 17 shows!?!?!?!? WHAT?????? wooow, how do you manage? Hahhaha.

I have Hinamatsuri on my ptw, is it good then? I don’t know if i’ll start it or remove it. I haven’t heard anything. Hisone to Maso-tan, I recently started it (was already on episode 3) and I LOVED it, loved it loved it. So cute and so fun. Animation is great and the story is quite interesting as well. I remember adding it to my ptw before the beginning of the season just because I thought the art was super cute and there was a dragon and I love cute dragons (i’m a huge fan of How to Train your Dragon movies). About Saiki Kusou I remember watching some episodes loooong time ago; I had finished Mob Psycho and was looking for something similar and that was one of mal’s recs, I hated it it, didn’t make me laugh at all and thought it was stupid. So of course I don’t plan on watching S2 hahaha. I’m watching Wotaku too, I read the manga so I was interested, as with the manga I didn’t like it as much at the beginning (it has a slow start imo) but by episode 3 I loved it, made me laugh so much and it’s cute. Same as with the manga ahah. I recently added Tada-kun wa koi wo Shinai because I read somewhere that it was similar to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, one of my fav romcoms.

AND FUCK YEAH MEGALO BOX IT’S AOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, what a throwback. So many classics being called, Bebop, Champloo, Afro Samurai, and classic boxing anime <3. I am loving it toooooo, I wasn’t expecting something like this being made so when a friend of mine recommended it to me I was like WHAAATTTZZZZ!!!. So much hype, so much hype.

I’m also watching sequels, Food wars, BNHA, Hoozuki and i’m watching the shitty adaptation of LOGH, I mean it’s not baaad, but it’s bad when compared to the previous version. Like, if it was a random anime it will be average, but when I think about the original logh I cringe so bad. So i’m torturing myself in order to be able to criticize it with a solid base, lol. No, honestly I thought I could like it a bit at least, but no way. So disappointed.

Ps:Oh your massive Hisone GIF, that ED song it's so lovely. I dig it so much.

Byeee byeeee, have fun and good luck with everything <3
KannoSugako Apr 18, 2018 5:04 AM
Well, I don’t know much about it either, everything I do in order to customize my profile it’s work on an image on GIMP ( I don’t have photoshop and GIMP it’s like the free alternative) but even so it’s not like I know how to play with that program, everything I learned instinctively and I haven’t really tried to get better at it or anything. In fact, before MAL it’s not like I ever attempted to customize anything, the only ‘artistic’ or creative like thing i’ve ever did was that I used to draw on my walls and paint them and it was super pretty but I never pursued drawing, as with almost everything that I do hahah.

To be honest I don’t accept them, I just don’t, unless i’m interested in their profile or anything and so I send them a comment and start a conversation, but there are some that even doing that don’t even bother replying so it’s a mystery to me honestly, to me the whole purpose of adding others is to talk to them, about whatever, just anime, but talk.

That part there with Rei’s mom was so incredible...i was left speechless, so intense, so sad and yet so calm and moving. I picked up the manga again (I had previously started it from scratch) and today I finally caught on to chapter 139. Now I have to wait a few months for the next volume to come out (comes out once a year T_T) and oh man, I can tell you, what’s coming it’s, incredible, moving, everything. I loved it. I’m so hyped for a new season, I hope it comes out soon!!!! thou I don’t think it’s gonna be this should read it hahahaha, it pays off that I can assure you. Btw I ended up giving Yuru Camp 6/10! So it went up 1 hahaha, I liked it too, just wished I liked it more. Are you reading the manga???

I mean I don’t wanna be invasive but you should read Sangatsu’s manga, i’m like insisting all my friends that loved S2 that they should read it...IT GETS SO HOT.

Don’t mind about being late, i’ve been busy myself and replies started to pile up and now i’m way behind ‘schedule’ . How have u been doing, how’s the hunting (job hunting xD) coming up?

Btw are you watching some of the seasonals? Anything caught your eye? I’m mostly following sequels so I don’t know much about the rest!

Hope you are having a good time!
KannoSugako Mar 27, 2018 12:59 AM

I have the slight impression you’re mocking my compliments but it doesn’t matter, I meant them *cries in the corner*

You mean you get to play with it and format them using the different alignments available? Still, never ever thought about that. I’m super basic when it comes to its use, hahaags. Oh yeah, my friend did a great job on that one, I picked every image and whatnot but he gave me the code all fixed up and best thing it was him that offered me to do it, I was super happy of course. Hahaha why would you say that? Really? So you’re not the creative type? Or you’re just lazy?

Well, weird on a good sense I don’t mind, in fact in some cases it’s better that way. More interesting I guess. And I haven’t met that many too, I try to keep my friends minimum but get to talk a lot, specially cause I always get these random FR of ppl that won’t even talk to you, always wandered what was the point of that thou. And the memes are epic, don’t complain haha.

Oh you’re sheeting me!? Lol, I hate that playing the devil’s advocate thing. Not that I think it’s wrong or anything, it’s just that recently i’ve gotten into really stupid discussions with this really good friend (who happens to be my anime senpai) and I always take him for real but he was just doing that. Specially cause was being the devil’s advocate with stuff I really can’t stand (that I already mentioned). I guess I have this sort of ‘trauma’ cause i’ve met people i’ve being friends with and then I find they’re fascist and I just feel so heartbroken and stuff and end up not talking ever again. Like I said, that’s the only exception basically to my being open minded.

Lol, you silly. You were supposed to say “oh no you’re wrong, your point of views are pretty ordinary” (kidding, kidding). I see, I too find the Shaft style to be quite unique and beautiful. I guess it’s just a matter of preference.

I know right? But honestly I don’t miss them. In fact I think the series it’s better off without them. I don’t really know what has been happening to them but whatever it is I hope they leave my dear Rei alone. Thou I know it’s not gonna happen :(. Still, I think it’s more of a thing that since this season was mainly focused on Hina’s bullying issue the author didn’t want to overcharge the drama department? Also, wanting to show Rei growing and being more happy wouldn’t exactly match with his sister being there.

As for this past week episode what I can say? I loved it (no surprise in there that’s for sure). We got to have a really fun and lighthearted time at Rei’s school, the girls enjoying summer, getting to know some of Rei’s friends, laughing, but most importantly, seeing Rei so cheerful and smiling and laughing like that was surely a precious moment, for the girls and for us. Hayashida was particularly brilliant on this one; first fangirling and cheering over the Rei x Hina ship, he was basically representing all of us fanzz out there, and second blushing and being shy around Akari was the cutest thing ever. Then we got to see more bonding time between Rei and Hina, she decided to get into his school and her family is supporting her all the way. Really soothing and happy episode, wonderful as usual.

About Yuru Camp. Surely Yuru Camp was in the group of really promising series of the season, being that it was a slice of life and about camping, thing that I personally enjoy and i’m interested in. Now as for the actual execution I think it was lacking a bit. First of all, I found the constant use of messaging to convey ideas or entire scenes to be kinda tiresome and cheap, second I really disliked the scenes in the club room, or anywhere when they were at school, they were so boring and the entire time I wanted them to go camping asap. And overall I don’t know, I have this feeling it could’ve been better but I just felt that overall it was too lazy and repetitive. Now, as for the stuff I liked, of course the scenes when they were actually camping, I think those are the best moments, specially once they started camping all together. I also enjoyed (contrary to some believes) the narrator and how he explained stuff, I found that super fun, character wise the girls were lovely and them bonding was the best. Adored the entire calm and soothing vibe the series gave you and also the OST was really good and fitted perfectly with the general atmosphere. But I don’t know, guess to me it lacked that ‘something’ that made it succeed. At the end I gave it a 5/10. What about you? Loved it or hated it?

Lylaaz Mar 25, 2018 4:06 PM
Hi, sending friend request out of the blue. :D Saw some of your posts and thought you might be an interesting person. Also in your list you have some interesting anime / manga that i haven't watched or seen. So i guess it's alright to send a request (hehe)