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Oshiego ni Kyouhaku Sareru no wa Hanzai Desu ka?
Oshiego ni Kyouhaku Sareru no wa Hanzai Desu ka?
Dec 6, 3:20 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Dec 6, 3:15 PM
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Assassins Pride
Assassins Pride
Dec 5, 3:32 PM
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Date A Live Fragments: Date A Bullet
Date A Live Fragments: Date A Bullet
Oct 4, 11:36 AM
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Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
Sep 22, 2:08 PM
Reading 10/82 · Scored -
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Sep 8, 11:43 AM
Reading 121/? · Scored 9


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Marsigne Yesterday, 1:09 PM
Treuherzig Dec 6, 3:44 PM
Yo yo, did chu forget me xD?

jk jk, I hope u gud and get time to reply soon lololol (sorry if I'm pushy)
Gui8830 Dec 2, 12:35 PM
I'm fine too, better now that my vacation has finally arrived lol

Btw, sorry for taking so long to answer :s I was busy with school tests and things like that
heavy_burden Nov 24, 5:05 AM
Hey, sup :3

Yup, Because of colonialism, Arabic doesn't have words about these things since they haven't existed since ancient times if you know what I mean. for some examples, police station is comisaria, closet is placard, screen is ecran, bathroom is toilette or cabina and lot of other things. C’est pourquoi les autres pays Arabes n comprennent pas notre dialecte :P

Yep, that was it :3 You should watch it, especially dubbed, it's very good and so romantic. Your friend Knows what to recommend lol
That's such a coincidence :3 Don't you have any feelings for him? I mean not at all? What tha fuck?!!! Did she love him too? :O

I promise once I get a good phone I'll start playing all the games you play, okay? :D Yep, I sing too but my voice is meh lmao. Lmao Ima wa shinjitsudesu ka, soretomo usodesu ka? Cm'on real piano, I bet you know this one? can play with Keybeaord) And this is a real mother fucking piano there is like every song in it
Rsurect Nov 21, 1:51 AM
hi hi thanks for the add how are you
Treuherzig Nov 20, 11:03 AM
I'd only be traveling for a bunch of hours via plane etc. and from then I'd be with my family, deppending where I went to it can be my aunts or some other relatives, so they don't worry much haha

I remember last year I got a bunch of different things, one volume each of TG:Re, Fairy Tail, InuxBoku SS and all volumes of Uzumaki.I plan to get more exclusives next year like the Sailor Moon box they sell haha

I asked my friend that sits next to me and she thinks we aren't a fit, but that he is cute but probably thinks of me as a friend...Yet I can't stop remembering that one time when we have been alone in the classroom and when we went to leave, he let me go first and pushed me by my lower back and I just SCREAMED inside...Why doesn't he just come at me, I'd be ready to do anything he wants TwT I'm very submissive when it comes to relationships, and more than that hehe

Waah rly??So u have been born in february 2003? oh lord, onee-san <3 x3

I would say Vienna is my most fav one ever.I know the whole city so well, it has so many pretty locations, its just classy and reminds me a lot of Europe in the victorian era!Its just my aesthetic and has a lot, looot of places to go to.I also found my fav anime shop there, I plan to buy more things there tho hehe

But I really want to go to Sweden one day.I recently found this girl on youtube that lives next to an icy lake under the northern lights in Sweden, she is such aesthetic! : I especially love the video about ice singing, and I loved winter all my life so I really wanna see more of this beautiful life!She is like a fairy tbh xD

KLab should make a card gifting feature tbh.Like you can send your cards to others as gifts and earn gold or lovegems for that, or stickers.It would definitely be really popular and esp useful in these cases!!
Well, rules are made to be broken lolol so keep her until you get her on your main account and then delete her!

Exactly!!My two fav boys evah, I just have a thing for those kinds of guys, to be honest I will binge enstars tonight after i finnish this one magical girl anime (didnt memorize the name but its SOOOO good)
Yuh I understand some words but I need to learn more.Kanji is a nightmare and they use it a lot in enstars xD

Woa rly??I'm glad I helped someone discover the art that is menhera hehe

Oh lawd, congrats!!I hope u get to idolize her, I love her idolized 100x more tbh xD

I saw it on my cousins tablet,I think its more modern now and reminds me a lot of enstars for some reason, and I luv it lol

Btw I think I'll be switching to android, so I need to know how do I download japanese store only apps?
heavy_burden Nov 19, 6:16 AM
I use cheat codes all the time, it's kinda boring without'em. Yeah kind of, in our accent only since we have mixed words of French and Spanish, but instead of the "B" it's a "P", like Le PC. Good :3

Not at all I won't, I'm watching an incest anime atm and there is no nudity but I'm really enjoying it. Incest is the best xD Yeah, we had it since we were younger, It's was suppose to happen sooner or later. She's 20 with a nice style. Lol, sounds sexy :3 It's because our religion says not to, it's taboo. And I haven't seen any one falls for his sister or the opposite till now. It's in us by nature I guess.

Nope, I played it for one day and removed it. I was just curious and I liked it, but I don't play games now a day like I used to anymore. I love the classic one, It has a lot of old songs like canon and I love this song since I play it on guitar a lot. I love many classic songs. There is like a million of online levels, The offline ones are nothing comparing to them except Fingerdash. You can also look for levels with anime songs, like No Game No Life, Tokyo Gaul and many others.

I hate Father and Daughter too. Alright then, tell me once you see them.
Treuherzig Nov 18, 1:21 PM
Yuh we will be 18 then so we can travel out of the country!Actually I could travel by myself since I was 14...
What book fair do u guys go to?We go to Belgrade and I only get manga there etc. (Ive told u before remember?u sure do hehe)

Last tuesday I was sooooo happy I got to study psychology with him, we have laughed half of the time and dozzed off but it was so great, I wanna hug him ;w;

Oof I dont remember when I watched it but it was very good!
Yup, like sisters :3!

Lmao thats so relatable xD Why I hope we don't get called grandmas at age 20 hahahaha

Serbia is much better than Bosna, but Croatia is maybe even better, especially the area around the sea!!I went to most Balkan countries, didn't go to Greece and Albania yet.I went to Germany too, the Swiss and I go to Austria yearly.Rly wanna go to Sweden,England and France tbh!ALso Italy!!
Whuahhh???I would die if I got her on my oshimen...So I don't have an oshimen thank god. XD
U should probs leave in the waiting room, its not cheatin rite?? XD
Oof I have lots of faves...My faves are Sora, Makoto, Mao, Mika, Leo and Nazuna xD But my most fav bois are Makoto and Leo, I just can't even with Makoto when he takes off his glasses *w* And Leao because he is cuddle material!!!!!!!!
There is an anime btw, I'm stuck at ep 9 but I wanna continue soon xD
Oh ikr?They look so girly yet so edgy and rebelious xD
Ooh I plan to get them as soon as I get an android tbh, didn't find her on ios xD
Kymikx Nov 16, 9:56 AM

TNC Halloween Edition!

Treuherzig Nov 16, 8:59 AM
We had 5 trips in elementary, in 5th grade we went to the mountains for a week but I didn't because of the massive flood that was that year.I went in 6th,7th grade on one day trips and in 8th we went to the sea, it was bad tho because our Hotel Rooms have been dirty as shit and we had only one electricity plug for the fridge, TV, 3 phones and I had a massive fight with some girls.They slept with some boys and accused me ,the shy girl of telling them to the teacher, so yeah.In 9th we went to 2 trips and I loved it.In Highschool we will be going to the Book Fair for all 4 years plus Spain or Italy in our final year.We actually have a lot of trips!

I wonder...But I am just too shy to approach him first!So I'll maybe try being friends once I build confidence,I think x3

Hahaha probably xD Ooh I had an obsession with Karma when I first watched AnKyo! xD I think we have soooo simmilar taste, waah ! :3 <3

Lol actually same!I remember on my kid cousins birthday when I helped out the kids called me miss because they thought I was an adult, ksksks xD
I wish I could go travel with him tbh, it'd be so cool seeing more of Europe! TwT
I have no device I could transfer to, and my family members wouldn't let me borrow theirs rip
I def will transfer, thank god I saved all of my accounts to my ID!
I didn't ever try the oshimen challenge, it would hurt too much xD

Lolol I hope u enjoy it! And tell me ur fav boy ;3 There are a lot nd be careful what group to choose as ur starter, because you can get your fav boys 4* initial easier if you pick his group! :3

Lol I browse a few blogs themed on menhera, but the most helpful yet was this one: and I found some qt stickers for whatsapp with Menhera-chan, if you use whatsapp I think you'd like em!

Anytime!I'm always tryna dress menhera but it doesn't work well.There is NOT EVEN A SINGLE medical print item to get here, and its hard to even find oversized pastel clothes ;w;
heavy_burden Nov 15, 1:24 AM
Lol were you using cheat codes? nvm t's just a typo, I was trying to say my pc lol Wonderful, the more forbidden it is the more fun it was xD. Be careful he find out x3
Haha looks like an interesting anime, I think I'll check it out for the perverted stuff :3
Yeah we did several times, we used to stare at each other since we were young and when we grew we couldn't hold it anymore :3 never got caught but her brother thought there was something, he's still young but he's been always jealous when it comes to his sister. I believe so too xD What a naughty girl lol how was the last time you saw him? :3 Yeah it's legal in the law and religion, I had no idea it's illegal in France, sounds bad :/

It's a good game I like the songs <3 it reminds me of piano tiles, I was addicted to this one too, I collected like 600 crown I guess. Wow, I thought it's only me, rhythm games are addictable I think lol, I've playing geometry dash and piano tiles since 2017 too. Geometry dash needs a lot of practice, once you know how to control the ship, wave, box etc you become to love it, there are online levels too did you know that?
Indeed, but when he fall a sleep, it becomes difficult to compare them

I'l like mom and son stuff, but I liked brother and sister thing too X3 Oh, god I don't know why I'm saying this lmao
serve yourself XD
Carnage555 Nov 13, 6:51 PM
We're the same then! UwU That's awesome haha, tho I do wonder how they'll fix S3's ending then considering it skipped a lot of stuff that the original LN had. Yeah when I only saw season 1 I didn't like her at all, but season 2 and onwards when she became less of a villain and more of an anti-hero I started to fall for her and then checking out the wiki and reading everything I instantly fell in love with her <3

She's sooo cute!! That's pretty cool you started the game before the anime :o and aww yaaass Umi is just amazing hehe x3 All the LL's girls cards look gorgeous >< same with Bandori's! Idol games always have some of the best art :p I had a look at Yoshiko and she does look pretty cute too :o I have no idea who my best girl would be from Love Live Sunshine since I haven't even seen the anime for it haha, I'd just be going by looks >< I accepted your request already btw! ^w^ Omgg you won't believe this but I married my best girl just a while back and it's...

That's such a crazy coincidence since there are sooo many other botes you could have as your best girl, your taste is great once again hehe! :'3 I love a lot of the other shipgirls in Azur Lane though but Belfast just hits all the right notes for me with her teasing and everything, once I saw her in the anime I knew I just had to get her and eventually marry her no matter what it took!! >w<
I can't imagine how German dubs would even sound oof xDD at least there are plenty German subbed shows then!

I have, pretty extensively actually :p I have a bit of a long history with the franchise haha, I used to make fangames for it and met one of my close friends from the community as I was heavily involved with it. Yeah the jumpscares are awful, I've beaten 2, 3 and the spinoff FNaF World but I've yet to beat 1, it's the scariest for me and I used to not even dare to boot the game up haha. I'm slowly inching towards beating it though, I got up till night 4 so far :3 I'm sure if you play the games enough or watch them enough you'll get desensitized to it eventually like me ^^ Haha I know I already love Monica, I've seen people play through it and read about it a fair bit so I know most of what goes down but I really need to try it myself >< I heard there's only like two right?? xD I knoww, I had it DL'd a while back including a mod manager for it hehe
Treuherzig Nov 13, 12:02 PM
I only went out of the country with my school for now.I didn't go anywhere with my friends yet, but I did go by plane to Vienna on my own a bunch of times.

Aww I feel like a special friend now lol :3 Same is with my crush, he acts all nice and never said anything bad ever!!He also knew it was my birthday and noone but him knew until then, and then everyone else congratulated me but tbh just him knowing it made me sooo happy!And I never even told him or anything, I never told anyone tbh, he prob saw on FB or smth, but still!! TwT
Yeh, I watched BSD S1 and am middle thru S2 and I can't even with his beautiful ass! *Q* I would die for him <3
Who is chur husbando?? :3

LOL honestly if ur parents are there noone will care if u have alcohol, if u r on ur own u just have to say u r older than u actually are or smth and they'd know u lyin but they wouldn't give a shit xdd

My dad is still on his worktrip (he travels to France too btw hahaha) and he will prob come for the weekend, well until I get my phone I'll miss a heck of login bonuses ;w;
Same for me, SIF and Insta eat my batt most lol

Its like 600MB for me lol, very small!I thought it was rythm but its mostly just story and side-stories based, the typing is easy and u can find translations on the wiki page for missions etc. to earn all diamonds!
I acc always have support cards and if there isnt any good i go to home and back to the live and it usually pops up after 2 or more tries lol

Hehe, thank chu >w< Woa, did u try yami kawaii?Its one of my fav styles!!And it ltrly means dark cute.Or menhera fashion?There is a video explaining both and I really enjoyed it, its what made me a menhera and yami kawaii fan:
heavy_burden Nov 13, 3:32 AM
Lol, I used to do the same thing, I often blew the heads of passersby. I still play it on Albisi. The hero is crazy and always makes me laugh with deeds and the way he speaks. The story is also wonderful you may like to play it again.
That's funny to be honest. What is the name of this anime?
Oh really!!!? This sounds strange because I don't imagine myself and I end up with one of my relatives. Except my aunt's daughters. I did it with one of them but we haven't met in a year.

It sounds like a good game. Now I need to delete some things from my phone to download it. The worst thing about this game is that if you lose at the end of the stage you will repeat from the beginning, I broke my mouse once when I died at 99% >< Lol yes it doesn't fit the face but much fits with the mask. His first appearance was the best thing. haha, The same thing for me, especially those eyes, he's better than Zenitsu imo,

is it the same anime I ask about above? Do you like incest anime that much? I have seen one that isn't hentai, a brother loves his twin since they were kids, and when they grew and were about to finish highs cool, he confessed to her and they did some really bad thing with each other lmao
Carnage555 Nov 12, 7:05 AM
Right?? I used to enjoy them a lot when I was younger but now they're like ehhhh xD Lmao hehe >w< Wait really? That's news to me, I never heard of a S4 anywhere >< Same here!! There's a reason I have so many figs of her :3 reading the wiki and seeing her backstory and what happens really made me fall in love with her even more

It's pretty fast for a gacha game, most of them don't even get a WW release announced this early ;w; Haha I DL them from the JP App Store since I'm on an iPhone but it's always a pain to swap store accounts and navigating through the menus and figuring out how to play for the first time :p Umi's one of my favorites out of the few episodes I saw from the anime so I knew I just had to pick her! You have good taste for having her as your best girl btw :'3 It's the only account I have hehe, and thanks, I'll accept it rn!! ^w^

Aw that sucks, and thank youuu!! I honestly don't recall how or why I have so many stars saved up ahaha but if I ever get back into Bandori (probably during that upcoming event) I hope I get a good card too ^^ Ahh yeah it only got a WW release fairly recently like a year ago-ish, and the anime adaptation is pretty good! I haven't heard too many positive things from people for some reason but I really like it, it's not a masterpiece but it's certainly fun to watch x3 The game doesn't really have much story itself tho xDD
Are there a lot of shows with german subs? I've not seen many foreign subs for anime so I'm pretty surprised

Hehe good to know I'm not alone with my jumpscare weakness UwU I'm fine with gore most of the time but scary stuff affects me for multiple reasons, jumpscares, sometimes tension as well (though I can tolerate it most of the time) etc. Omg I had to spend a really long time watching others and playing FNAF myself throughout its releases to get me desensitized to it but I haven't touched it in ages and I'm back to being too scared to play much of it again cx I've yet to try DDLC tho! Oof well I'm glad to see you're still alive and kicking hahaha xDD