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Days: 106.2
Mean Score: 4.66
  • Total Entries1,110
  • Rewatched84
  • Episodes5,741
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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen
Jul 29, 8:39 PM
On-Hold 5/12 · Scored -
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Jul 19, 8:51 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 2
Black Bullet
Black Bullet
Jun 26, 8:30 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 1
Manga Stats
Days: 19.0
Mean Score: 5.36
  • Total Entries157
  • Reread0
  • Chapters3,203
  • Volumes379
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Shishunki Bitter Change
Shishunki Bitter Change
Jul 19, 8:22 PM
Reading 65/? · Scored -
Jan 30, 7:53 PM
Reading 45/? · Scored -
Boku Girl
Boku Girl
Dec 28, 2018 10:15 PM
Reading 25/107 · Scored -


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ThatRazorGuy Jul 31, 10:03 AM
Oh shiiiit that sounds rough! Hope you manage to get the car situation sorted out soon and in glad you got out of there in one piece.

I'm not especially well versed in firearms but I do find quite a few of them aesthetically pleasing on some level, mostly due to the intricate craftsmanship. And, seeing as you're from Texas, I imagine it's pretty easy to get them right? I hear you can get rifles at Walmart lol.

School's been kinda hectic lately. I managed to make a solid short film last semester after months of hard work and have started working on another one, though getting a crew together is proving to be a bit of a hassle since I have no idea what the hell's going on with my school's cinematography department lol. That said, I'm quite confident in this upcoming short since I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from my writing lecturer about the script.

As for the gang situation, it's most definitely been getting worse so yeah the military's been sent into the Cape Flats. My family and I live really far from that area (the suburbs) so thankfully we're as safe as can be. That said, I feel awful for the communities in those areas since I have visited a few and heard stories about how badly gang warfare has fucked them over and can imagine military intervention will likewise make their daily lives more difficult.
ThatRazorGuy Jul 21, 12:46 PM
Watched it with my younger brother on Netflix and we had an absolute blast. Seeing him react to the ending for the first time was absolutely wonderful.

How've you been?
ThatRazorGuy Mar 22, 12:29 AM
Thanks man!
BlaizeV Feb 23, 3:13 AM

Thanks for the kind words about my vids. I got into collecting Region 1 for a combination of reasons really. Over here in the UK we have a rating system which by law has to be on the boxart and it's pretty ugly, I've always hated how it looks and the US doesn't have this problem so aesthetically US sets look nice on a shelf. Also when I first started collecting Anime and primarily used eBay UK to do it I found alot of the really nice Region 1 Artbox releases pretty cheap and they popped up consistently back then. If you've ever seen my first Collection video from 2012 I had an absolute ton of Artbox releases, most I've since sold on unfortunately. Of course there is also the fact that the US gets 80% more releases than we do here in the UK as well. So all in all I just prefer collecting US titles, it can be alittle more expensive but I much prefer the look of the US releases on the shelf which to me is important as that is in reality where any release will be for the lifetime of my collection. Just sat on a shelf so it's preferable if it looks good while doing it lol.

I've barely traveled anywhere honestly, in fact since becoming an adult I think London is the furthest I've ventured. I spent a few years in Germany in my early childhood I don't really remember it though. Other than that I haven't been anywhere though I would like to go to the US and Canada at some point. Though i'd like to go to alot of places but I never prioritize travel so it never happens.
JackRippon Feb 7, 12:51 AM
Nope never heard of it, can't find any info on it being dubbed in Oz, where did you read that? If it's true that would peak my curiosity greatly to find out more. I love any ozzy anime involvement as you probably know haha

Also as you say seems like the vhs is quite rare, i can't find any covers on it, but thats not uncommon for Aussie releases
JackRippon Feb 6, 9:07 PM
Well that was news to me, but yeah your right! Apparently Sony is buying up everything through aniplex, Funimation and Hulu are also on their assets list. Pretty interesting i remembering hearing of Aniplex investing in a small stake in the company but now they've bought out the majority of its operations. I wonder what this bodes for the staff and current CEO and founder Tim Anderson, whether hes staying in the company or taking the money and going. That puts Hanabee as the last real independant Australia owned Anime Company. I don't know how i feel, im sure not much will change in the short term, but long term directions may alter. The future will be interesting
velvetPhos Feb 3, 3:12 PM
It's ok :)

Dub version was surprisingly decent. Aside from narrator and Marilla, I think voices matched characters pretty well.

Well, I watched first 10 episode of UY TV because my friend told me it's a good idea to watch first 10 ep to see the character introductions before watching Beautiful Dreamer.
I'm going to watch Beautiful Dreamer tonight.

Ah, thank you. Duke Eliington is goat.
velvetPhos Jan 31, 4:12 PM
Thank you :)

Romeo is not bad. It has stunning visuals and good music. But story is not that interesting imo. I'll probably give 6~7 to it.
I want to give you recommendations, but I'm pretty new to WMT. I only finished Anne and Tico (which is super obscure one with no translation available).

I watched Anne in Japanese (since I'm Japanese lol). There's no reason for me to watch dubbed version.

I tried to check out the dub you talked about, but I couldn't find it on youtube.
velvetPhos Jan 30, 9:09 PM
Lovely favorites, I must say.
ThatRazorGuy Jan 29, 1:41 PM
Daschunds are adorable. Regardless, Zevon most certainly sounds like someone I'd enjoy then since 20th century civil wars in Central African countries aren't something typically covered by Western media.

As for film projects, I'm gonna have to direct two ten minute shorts this year and already have a concept ready for one of them. It's gonna be called "Heel" and it's about a good-natured professional wrestler who has to put on a sadistic, villainous demeanour during his matches and about how this triggers an indentity crisis. Think Perfect Blue with wrestlers instead of idols.

I personally own a couple of DVDs, yeah. In fact, I've recently discovered a small second hand gaming store which stocks anime films and series at damn good prices so I've ended up buying quite a number of them in the past few months. Mostly Region 2 since we mostly get British imports though I have a Region 1 box set of Ergo Proxy as well as a few Region 4 volumes of Evangelion I bought at a now defunct music store a couple of years ago.
ThatRazorGuy Jan 27, 6:56 AM
Awww I love dogs! Just out of curiosity, what breed is the puppy?

Riders of the Storm is an absolute classic, yeah, though The End would definitely have to be my favourite Doors track. And I must admit that I've never heard of Warren Zevon. What kind of stuff does he do?
ThatRazorGuy Jan 26, 11:49 AM
Thanks, and I've been alright. Just been enjoying the long weekend until classes start again in Feb. And how've you been?

Outlaw Star was dope. The dynamic between the core cast was a long of fun and its lore was surprisingly well realized. Plus that OP was one of the absolute best.
Rei_III Jan 19, 1:23 PM

Since you asked me about interesting war movies back then, I thought about you while I was checking Costa-Gavras filmography and discovered a movie I had never heard about before: "1 homme de trop". I will certainly watch one of the screenings during the Premiers Plans festival but I wanted to give it you early.
(also, in general, if you ever want to tackle non-US "political" movies, you should check his 60s-70s movies especially "Z" and "L'aveu" starring Montand, his US "Missing" was a bit soapier but interesting too).

My excuses in case I had already pointed the guy to you before.

PS: I'm pretty happy about the program overall. Aside from C-G, we will get some Lucian Pintilie, Bergman's Strawberries, Kubrick's The Killing, Wenders Flügeln, and Has' Clepsydre (*_*) etc. Too bad the three theaters are distant enough to not be able to jump from one to the other ^^" (plus some unique screenings take place in the middle of a schoolday).
Botan-Chan45 Jan 13, 9:10 PM
how did you know im a girl
Botan-Chan45 Jan 13, 1:05 PM
ur gay