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Jul 31, 2020
I don't know about this recap everyone is talking about. The "movie" I watched was just an hour long episode of the show filled with original content.

On with the actual review, if you like Goblin Slayer, like me, you will like this movie/OVA. It is an enjoyable little story that is an amalgamation of all the best parts of the main series, and all the characters from the main series return in some form and are as enjoyable to be around as ever.

But, if you're going in expecting a big budget version of the TV anime, you will be sorely disappointed. Like I said, ...
Jul 3, 2020
Bleach (Manga) add
This won't exactly be a review, more like a pure stream of unfiltered consciousness on the Bleach manga. Of course, this will contain spoilers for all of Bleach, and I will talk about many topics relating to Kubo, but not so much the heavy symbolism and sheer amount of motifs present throughout the manga. I suggest anyone reading do look into those though, as they are an interesting topic when thinking on Bleach.

Bleach is a manga I had low expectations for. I started reading it two months ago, and the deepest I ever got was midway through Substitute Shinigami beforehand. Thanks to the Nen Show ...
Apr 23, 2019
Rengoku no Karma is not a manga for everybody. It deals with the heavy topic of suicide and depression, and acts as a warning against committing suicide.

It's a very sad story, and given the premise of infinitely looping to save people, you'll see quite a few people end up in bad ends, all thanks to the main character committing suicide.
This story is great. The High Schooler arc is almost perfect, aside from one small detail I'll save for later.

Now, you may have just noticed I called it an arc. Well, that is because there is a followup to it, covering what I presume to ...
Dec 11, 2018
Preliminary (23/24 eps)
So, a lot of people here seem to dislike Middle Manager Tonegawa.

I didn't like it either, based on the first episode of course. I did enjoy the 3 chapters of the manga that got scanlated, but half an episode of summaries about Kaiji isn't a good way to start your anime, in fact, they should've used the 20 second summary from the second episode, rather than going over the plot.

The actual meat and potatoes of the first episode, wasn't too good. It was the name bit from the first chapter, just extended a bit. Fun, but rather dull.

But then, that second episode dropped. Then the ...
Aug 29, 2018
Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji is the Stardust Crusaders of FKMT. Since it was the first of his works to get animated, it's more often than not the one everybody has seen first or the only one they've seen. It's also the only one to get a video game adaptation (to my knowledge, ignoring pahcinko), however that's Japan exclusive.

Now, that's not to say it's bad or boring (like Stardust Crusdaers), in fact, it has very good reason to be someone's favourite FKMT work or Kaiji Part. It has arguably one of the best gambles in the series, Limited Janken, with one of the most memorable endings in ...
Aug 11, 2018
Preliminary (59/67 chp)
Shishunki Bitter Change is a weird manga.

It takes a concept usually reserved for comedies, the idea of two adolescents swapping bodies, which is usually a lead in for a poorly done romance story. A popular example of this type of story, although I have yet to see it, is Kimi no Wa (Your Name), which from what I've read is a fairly usual affair of a boy and girl switching bodies.

So, if this concept is usually poorly done, why would I give Shishunki a 9/10? Well, that is because Shishunki focuses on the bad part of what could happen while in someone else's body. Whereas ...
Jul 30, 2018
Resident Evil Vendetta. What to say about this movie?

This is one of the worst Resident Evil/BIOHAZARD related media I've ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

Just so you know before going into this movie (if you want to), it's suggested you play the mainline Resident Evil series (that being 1-6, the Revelations side games, 0 and CODE:Veronica).

Now, onto the review.

The story is hot garbage. Honestly the worst story in the series, not including the Anderson films.

So, you got 3 main characters. Chris 'Boulder' Redfield, Rebecca 'OH NO' Chambers and Leon 'NWF' Kennedy. Chris is a member of the BSAA, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, and ...
Jul 30, 2018
I thoroughly enjoy the Resident Evil Universe, so me liking this would probably be no surprise.

This 20 minute short was made for Japanese arcades or something for kids to watch for a few yen. It made its way to Youtube and got subbed, and as such, everyone with an interest in RE has seen it.

The story is decent. It's short, simple and to the point, and adds more lore on top of the Raccoon City storyline, fitting in nicely with 2, 3, the Outbreak series, the added Chronicles scenarios and the Drama album. Nothing much to say other than, it's fun, harms little lorewise and ...