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Jul 13, 2017
I recently watched Da Yu Hai Tang, without expecting too much from it.

It looked like an ordinary average anime, but it was surprisingly good.

At the beggining I thought it was good, I enjoyed, but then it began to be more and more interesting by the passing of the minutes.

The anime had a lot of suspense and a lot of emotional scenes.

Why I think the anime is really good?

1.Story - The story was very well made, not the usual boring story like in almost all anime, it's something different, and this is a good thing.

2.Art - The art wasn't quite a masterpiece, but it was good read more
Jun 18, 2017
Why did I liked this anime?

Those are the main reason:

1.Story-10.The story was incredible, the action was perfect, epic battels, sad scenes, but also friendship connection.

2.Art-9. Even tho I was not an absolute fan of the art, I have to admit this art was slightly different from others anime, in a good way maybe.

3.Sound-9. The sound effect was not perfect, but it was not bad either, it was kinda normal.

4.Characters-10. I have no objection here. The characters were flawless. Beutiful girls and boys, great personalities, acting like their age.

5.Enjoyment-10. I started this anime and finish it in just one day. Saw an episode after another. This read more