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Mar 13, 2018
And here we go again. Another Fate adaptation. Was I hyped? Of course, it’s Fate. If not for the story, Fate is at the very least worth watching for its amazing fight scenes. That’s what I thought till now. And then Shaft’s adaptation of Last Encore came out…

Story: 5/10

This is not your regular Fate story. In this world magic is more of a technological/scientific - phenomenon. Usually not really my cup of tea, but it has a potential to be an amazing and enjoyable story if done right.

The 1st episode was confusing to say the least, but I was willing to give it the read more
Aug 24, 2017
So, here we are, talking about 'HunterxHunter the Last Mission'!

I was pleasantly surprised by the series HunterxHunter (2011); it has an interesting and a not-childish story, great characters, nice soundtracks and great animation. And I wish I could say the same about 'the Last Mission', but it's quite the opposite; I am unpleasantly 'surprised' with this movie

Well, let's start with what's good about 'the Last Mission':
- we get more HunterxHunter
- the soundtrack is nice (though not really outstanding)
- we get to know the concept of 'On' (something like a dark Nen)
- we get to see some 'long-forgotten' (supporting) characters again, like Zushi, Wing-san, read more
Oct 28, 2016
Orange (Anime) add (All reviews)
Apparently, writing a shoujo story is difficult. Why? Because 90% of them is basically the same story. Sure, there are some shows out there, like 'Nana' or 'Ouran High School Host Club', that are one of a kind. But for some reason, there aren't many of them and unfortunately, 'Orange' does not belong to this category of original stories.

'Orange' attempts to be original by adding a 'time travel element'. Our main character, Naho gets a letter from her future self. The letter instructs Naho to keep an eye on a new transfer student in order to 'save him and erase her regrets'.
This could've read more
Oct 4, 2016
See, I have a problem with this show. This 'problem' didn't stop me from enjoying this show. Oh no, no, you can even say I loved it. However, as much as I like to, I cannot ignore this 'problem'. Let me explain what I mean

The story of "Boku dake ga Inai Machi" aka "the Town where only I am missing" aka "Erased" follows a 29 – year old man who is struggling to be a manga artist named Satoru. But because no one wants to serialise him, he has to work as a pizza delivery guy.
The interesting thing about this man is that he read more
Sep 22, 2016
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
Each one of us makes mistakes. Some mistakes have greater consequences than others. There are little, nonessential mistakes that are forgotten right away, but there are also fatal mistakes that will hunt you down for years.
While believing what he is doing is right, Dr. Tenma makes mistake. The one whose live he saves, who he believes to be an innocent child, turns into one of the most evil men you’ll have the displeasure to meet. Being hunted down by his ‘mistake’, Dr. Tenma decides to ‘right his wrong’. This is the story of Monster in a nutshell. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

While watching this read more
Jun 22, 2015
What do we have? Vampires, an army and a stubborn boy out for revenge. Nothing too special - you have a lot of those anime which are focused on revenge or have an idiot as their protagonist
However, it is hard to combine these elements and make something enjoyable out of it since they're so common. If you're not careful, it becomes boring and you'll give the watcher the feeling of deja vu

This anime does a pretty good job at combining the aforementioned elements and making it enjoyable to watch (even with the idiotic protagonist)

Please note, however, this season was more of a prologue - we read more
Jun 8, 2012
We all know the original story: Alice falls into a bunny hole and finds herself in Wonderland...
There are hundreds of stories based on 'Alice in Wonderland', but from what I've seen, Heart no Kuni no Alice (together with Pandora Hearts) is one of the better ones. That was what I thought while reading the manga. I was pretty exited when I found out that they're making an movie. But perhaps my enthusiasm caused my disappointment.

Let me say this: if you didn't read the manga or didn't play the game you're not going to understand the movie. There's almost no story at all in it. read more