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Lupin III: Cagliostro no Shiro
Lupin III: Cagliostro no Shiro
Jul 18, 10:15 PM
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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion
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One Piece
One Piece
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Pandora Hearts
Pandora Hearts
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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Jul 15, 1:12 PM
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Murau Jul 18, 7:21 PM
Hello new fren ^_^
Diana_Sofia Jul 4, 7:49 AM
I totally agree with you. Most people prefer the newer Ghibli movies, but to me Castle in the Sky is probably the best.
Diana_Sofia Jul 3, 12:34 PM
Thank you for the friend request:)
mymarie Jul 2, 12:03 PM
SkyDrop Jun 13, 1:27 PM
Yeah I had the exact same thought as yours regarding CH after reaching half-way of the show. Quite disappointed at the end. There's lot of fillers get in the way after 2nd cour and doesn't take risk to use new ideas and starts to get really old once you get used to the humors. Haven't started CH2 yet but I heard it improves in every way. Given that there was recent CH movie came out and perhaps, like Code Geass got sequel, that way have a feeling Sunrise might revive CH new season given that the movie was success. If it really gets one then I will likely to start CH2, maybe.
Also if you even slightly liked the show, then I really cant recommend you enough watching "GTO" show. Very similar main lead but he goes to teach school instead XD

Seikai no Monshou is very average show so far. The artstyle is very bland and the pacing is slow. It feels like adapting the novel very 1:1 like narrating every single line without much creative direction. Perhaps I heard there is tonal change after the first season and then maybe it might worth the watch otherwise its very far from recommendable as of now and there's ton of similar shows done more interesting way.

Gakuen Senki Muryou has been very pleasant surprise for me so far and one of very ambiguous original I've seen that feels like mixup from lot of recent original show's element I've seen (like Planet With, Kado, Dennou Coil etc) but huge drawback is its terribly slow paced.
Wormy01 May 20, 6:59 AM
Hey sorry I never replied D:

Starting with Princess Tutu! I definitely agree that mahou shoujo anime tends to use the "vilain-of-the-week" formula, but sometimes I just can't help being bored of it after a while. Especially when each conclusion ends in a very similar manner :( And yeah definitely! They did stay faithful to the plot of Drosselmeyer's book, making sure that Princess Tutu and the Prince don't end up with each other. I also liked the strange mechanic world it was cool :D

And now for Hotarubi no Mori e. Yep, that's right! We can both agree on the film not using any complicated concept to understand. Imo almost anyone could watch it and get some kind of enjoyment out of it :) But it's fine that you see it that way! (From what I remember) the characters felt a bit lifeless and of course couldn't interact physically with each other lol, but their connection is what made me like the film very much! Honestly Natsume Yuujinchou is better uwuw
Ashur May 14, 1:28 PM
Yes, it looks stunning and i usually give higher priority to looks or what's pleasing to my eyes anyways so it was pretty good for me too. Glad to know i could help somehow i guess... lol and i'm glad you liked it =)
Seiya May 2, 7:50 AM
I'm really enjoying Sasurai no Taiyou. It was the first Anime to depict the then contemporary music industry.

Oldcastle fansubs puts out one new episode every week.
Ashur Mar 8, 7:32 PM
That came out of nowhere lol, gotta wonder why me tho but it doesn't really matter =p

Opinion on it, hmmm i think its decent but not particularly good, i'm the kind of person that likes to cry so in that aspect i liked it, visually its gorgeous but the story itself is not that good or special although i still liked it because i like slice of life, i like the character designs, the visual style, the animation and all that, i mean its kyoani....

Basically if you like good looking anime watch it and if you can empathize with the characters its pretty good too but it has some flaws like everything in this case they didn't really bother me and i'm biased towards things that make me cry and look nice lol, the fact that Violet is top waifu and her seiyuu is Ishikawa Yui which also voiced 2B in Nier Automata gave it some extra points for me too lol.

Hope that helps =)
Ryuseishun Mar 3, 8:04 PM
I saw your comment on the forum of VRains, and I can agree for the most part. While my thoughts are different from yours regarding Arc V, because I put more value in the journey and the characters over the world-building and other complications in the story, I won’t deny that it had quite a handful of issues, especially down the stretch (slight spoilers, maybe).

I can’t say the same for VRains, because like you said, the majority of the cast is just flat out boring. The duels don’t really feel as hype compared to the duels in the previous five predecessors, either.
Kaiser-kun Feb 19, 3:20 PM
Then you should watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventures because it's a quote straight from the series

Wormy01 Feb 9, 6:51 AM
Heey in the end I watched Princess Tutu last week because I was curious about it! And yes, I can definitely understand the "story within the story" thing now haha. I was confused about the 38 episodes as well, but I figured after the first cour the eps were 10 minutes each. I enjoyed Princess Tutu very much! Ahiru, Fakir and Rue were lovely characters, but I didn't like the prince very much. Not because he was an emotionless doll but because of how he developed, and as much as I like how the ending turned out, his attitude towards Ahiru didn't make any sense to me. Knowing she was Princess Tutu and how much he loved her, he still went for Rue like if nothing happened between Princess Tutu and him. I'm very glad Ahiru and Fakir stayed together at the end though!! One thing I didn't particularly like as well was how repetitive some concepts got. I liked the thing about finding the prince's emotions in other people's problems, but the thing about saving random girl's hearts from the troubled prince got very annoying to me. Overall I can definitely say I liked the jounrey Princess Tutu gave!
Tell me when you watch Hotarubi no Mori e!!
SkyDrop Feb 7, 11:25 PM
Oh I am liking the show so far now. It took me quite time to get used to the show's appeal since it gave me similar vibes of "Lupin III" series except the entire main appeal of CH comes from Ryou's badassery. Very episodic show and thankfully great animation and memorable soundtracks and mainly Ryou's va have been really makes it very comfy show for me. Best to watch these one episode at a time while watching something else.
Wormy01 Feb 1, 6:40 AM
Yep it has 6 seasons, a few OVAs and a movie that came out last year (that I have yet to watch). Furthermore, there's a very popular short movie that came out 8 years ago called Hotarubi no Mori e and it's very similar to Natsume Yuujinchou, except this one has romance in it (Natsume Yuujinchou doesn't). It's also by the same mangaka and as you can see from the score, it has been well received by the community. If you want to get a good feeling of what the 6 seasons of Natsume are going to be like, I'd suggest to watch Hotarubi no Mori e first. Very cozy atmosphere and bittersweet at the same time! And yes, shoujos are much more comfy lol.

Aah I need to watch Princess Tutu! I heard a lot of good stuff about it and it intrigues me. I heard it was deeper than the edgiest magical girl show ever (Madoka Magica), is that true? Amd if it has beautiful classic music in it, I'm all in ;)
Wormy01 Jan 23, 6:32 PM
That's fine, no worries! The anime industry is really weird sometimes lol. They tend to pick the trends rather than the good stuff... or sometimes it's just the original author who doesn't want the adapation and that's understandable I guess lol.

Thanks! I do agree that Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the most wholesome shoujos ever, but my favorite shoujo of all time remains Natsume Yuujinchou. If you haven't watched it and enjoyed stuff like Mushishi or Aria, this is a shoujo you should look out for imo. Give it a try if you're interested! :D