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Oct 29, 2015
"Just which memories do people need in order to continue to live on?

Throughout the thousands of days we've lived through--and the tens of thousands more we have a head of us,

--we feel.

And we forget."
- An excerpt from the movie

This movie has finally concluded the series, and it did it in a breathtaking way. Similar to other masterpieces out there, it was so beautiful that it actually left me unsatisfied, wanting more from the awe-inspiring experience that I felt from watching the movie.

The plot of the story was meant to be a continuation from the previous series, and it did not fall short of my expectations--it read more
Nov 24, 2014
This review will be based on the current 26 chapters, and things might change (maybe if it takes a nosedive at some point).

Story: 10/10
Biggest point: The best thing about this manga is how the author delivers the story. The story is so well-written that the emotion and the feeling it gives makes so much impact to the reader. The flashbacks are timed beautifully within the middle of every scene, which gives more emotion to the readers. There's a ton of symbolism in the story, which goes well with the essence of the characters. You'll be put at the edge of your seat.

Art: 7/10
I'm not really read more