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Jul 30, 2019
The 4th season of Beyblade Burst. So far it feels a lot like season 1, with a very character-driven story instead of focusing on an overarching plot like in season 3.

We have a new main character, Drum, who decides to leave BC Sol in Spain to go back to his roots in Japan, the home of beyblade. There he meets new rivals and of course trouble ensues, the plot is a pretty standard beyblade story. Now, here comes the most important part of any burst season, the characters.

Again, they did a fantastic job with them. Colourful cast with different personalities and goals, a very read more
Jul 29, 2019
I feel like I'm watching someone grind in an MMO.

This is garbage and I say this as a person that likes the isekai genre.
The thing is, they kinda forgot about the "isekai" part. There's no transportation to another world in this anime because for some reason they skipped it. The pacing is terrible, instead of things playing out as they should they put everything into flashbacks, confusing everyone. And honestly that might have been their goal considering that if you haven't read the source material, nothing in this adaptation is going to make sense. I'm 4 episodes in and if I hadn't read the read more
May 2, 2019
While the first episode could come off as generic, the latter ones were really great, which is why I think this might be the hidden gem of the season.

The side characters are the best thing about this.
Even though the main character is obviously op as hell, he doesn't overshadow the sthem. The grandpa and grandma are both very important to the story and often give Shin the guidance he needs. You can often see him coming to them for advice, which is quite rare in anime.

Let me tell you that this show IS NOT A HAREM. We're at episode 4 right now, and we read more
Jan 18, 2019
Art is perfect. But characters are where this manga shines. Some people aren't happy with the recent development but after almost 300 chapters of couse someone will drop it. Personally this manga is the absolute #1 one best thing I've ever read and invested myself into, so if you are wondering whether to watch this - of course you should it's a god damn masterpiece.

As I said you cannot find better and more interesting characters anywhere and this is what this manga is about. Even the villains are great, the forgetfull Tsukasa or thee charming Asahi? And the MC always finds an unexpected way to read more
Nov 30, 2018
Note: I watched all of the beyblade generations and this is by FAR the best one.

There are a LOT of shonen animes that try too hard to be unique, but most of them fail. Beyblade burst keeps things simple while really focusing on its characters and their interactions, unlike the previous generations who were just about battling and yada yada. In this season the beyblade battles are more of a plot device for the characters to fully interact with each other, and it works perfectly.

Animation and voice acting is good, it gets better in the next season (especially the CG) but it's a pretty popular read more