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Jul 12, 2018
As a fan of both Kiki Delivery Service and Little Witch Academia OVA + TV, I was really forward for watching Mary and the Witch Flower because I thought it was going to be another magical experience based on the trailers that I saw as well constant advertisements on many Local Underground stations across London.  When the movie came out in cinemas in the UK I immediately went to my local cinema and decided to watch it with a big smile on my face. However, as soon as I left the cinema I was not smiling at all. I was pretty sad and disappointed about read more
Jul 12, 2018
Kino’s Journey is one of those anime that I wanted to watch for a long while and it was recommended to me by my friends over the course of 2017. It was also around the time where the Studio Lerche was making the new Kino Journey anime which made me more curious about the series as a whole. After watching the first 4 episodes of Lerche Kino I decided to borrow my friends Out Of Print complete boxset from ADV Films and I watched the first 12 episodes of 2003 Kino and I absolutely adore it but at the same time I started to really read more
Jul 12, 2018
At one point Mobile Suit Victory Gundam was my most hated Gundam Show of all time. I hated the narrative and plot of Victory Gundam. I hated the characters, aboustly despite the pacing, hated the lack of actual substance of the show where characters would die randomly for no reason in the show and I hated the visuals for Victory Gundam as it’s very poorly animated and lack any detail. Even if Victory Gundam had a great soundtrack I still despise it for being a poorly animated and written shit show where I thought Gundam Seed Destiny, ZZ Gundam, and Gundam Build Fighters Try were read more
Jul 12, 2018
Neon Genesis Evangelion for me is a throwback series for me. It may not be for some others but for me it was different. I wasn’t around on Evangelion’s heyday because to be honest I wasn’t born in the 1980s or anything like that I didn’t go watch the End Of Evangelion in the cinemas 1997 and got nightmare fuel thanks to its grotesque imagery but my first encounter of Neon Genesis Evangelion was in 2011 when my old friend came to my house and brought his now extremely expensive Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum collection that comes in a tin that contains all 26 episodes read more
Jul 7, 2018
“What kind of fuckery is this?” Amy Winehouse.

Well, folks, it’s finally time to time to talk about the most notorious anime of 2018. Darling in the Franxx. After the success of Little Witch Academia and Kill la Kill, as well as the unfortunate failure of Kiznaver Studio Trigger,  decided to make Darling In The Franxx but with the help of A1 Pictures/Cloverworks. Like many others on the internet, I was really excited for Darling in the Franxx. Maybe that was my biggest mistake and like with Beatless, Black Clover and Re:Zero I was expecting too much. However, even if the anime had failed to live read more
Jun 30, 2018
Sword Art Online or SAO for short is the most polarising anime series of all time. It is the definition a series that you will either love or hate. Like with many people on net I have a very low option of Sword Art Online because it was a terrible series. While I don’t completely despise the series anymore mainly because I have seen anime that are in my opinion worse than Sword Art Online it is still a series that I really dislike with a passion

When I first heard about this series being announced a couple moths back after I watched the painfully subpar Sword read more
Jun 29, 2018
If there was one anime that consider to be a sleep hit of year it would Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan. Despite being done by Studio Bones who are well known for My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist and Eureka Seven this beautifully crafted series unfortunately fell below under people radars as they all interested of watching My Hero Academia Season 3 as well some other hits like Megalo Box, Steins Gate 0 etc. Also this was the anime I was looking forward the most from the Spring 18 season because this show in my eyes had the potential to be truly great. Thankfully this series read more
Jun 29, 2018
What is a recap episode?

Recap episodes are the stuff that the creators put in because they either don’t have enough material to adapt further arcs of set anime or they want to have newcomers who are interested of watching set series to catch up. Unless you are a long running anime that has 50+ episodes I find the recap episodes to be pointless and lazy because honestly why would you watch 20 minute clip show that summaries a couple of story arcs that very often leaves out important stuff when you can easily go watch actual episodes themselves.

What does this have to do with read more
Jun 29, 2018
What makes a good romcom anime?







Theses are the things that usually make a romcom anime better not always good though. In the Spring 18 anime season there were two romcom that were strangely competing with each other. 3D Kanojo Real Girl and WotaKoi Love is Hard for Otaku. Both of these show uses all of these elements that I just listed to make theses respective shows better but yet only one of them was good though.

3D Kanojo Real Girl is a badly written romcom where only it had characters would talk over with each other without letting the other person finish but at various times the show hardly feels like a read more
Jun 28, 2018
If there was one anime that I would love to get a remake it would be Ashita no Joe. I really series especially the manga for its great boxing matches, amazing rivalry, and wonderful and realistic character development. The series also had great darker portrayal of boxing as sport where not all matches will not end pretty as boxers can potentially get injured to a point where they get they lives destroyed. Thanks to these elements that the show offers as well being a great realistic coming of age + underdog story Ashita no Joe is currently my favourite sports anime/manga series period even read more