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Durarara!!x2 Ten
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CodeBlazeFate 5 hours ago
yup yup, and I got a bunch more planned, including one for Code Geass I - Koudou, which I'm gonna watch today
zawa113 Mar 16, 2:14 PM
Danganronpa is great fun! I haven't seen the anime, but I don't really have much of a desire to. Although I will probably see the "Danganronpa 3" anime at some point. It's a rather confusing setup, there's Danganronpa 1, Danganronpa 2, then two anime series make up "Danganronpa 3", which concludes that story arc. Then there's another game, Danganronpa V3, which is different from Danganronpa 3 (make no mistake though, you should still play games 1 and 2 before playing V3). So, 3 and V3 are different. I don't know why they made it so damn confusing.

I would also suggest the Zero Escape series for VNs, there's three in that series, 999, Virtue's Last Reward, and Zero Time Dilemma. They re-released the first two games in a PS4 collection (with 999 having a dub for the first time and a lot of the improvements that came about in VLR) and the third for PS4 as well.

If you do have a Vita, you can probably download Persona 3 Portable, which is easily the best version of that game (although it got rid of the glorious anime cutscenes for a more visual novel style ones), but gameplay wise, it's the best version. And unlike a lot of RPGs, the girl and boy leads do have some different confidants on them. The Portable P3 doesn't have The Answer chapter, but that chapter honestly wasn't super fun to play anyway (probably better to just watch it on youtube).
CodeBlazeFate Mar 16, 1:53 PM
lol yea; I am not entirely sure what to think
CodeBlazeFate Mar 14, 5:53 PM

I'm glad too.
CodeBlazeFate Mar 14, 5:09 PM
And I loved it too!!
zawa113 Mar 12, 11:30 AM
Ah, then you're not very far in yet at all!

The best confidant link (who isn't a party member) has got to be Kawakami (her completion bonus is amazing), even if it is a bit of an expensive confidant. And no one cares about Ohya. Some other useful confidants include Hifumi, Shinya, Toranosuke, and Tae.

I forget, have you played any other Persona game before? Specifically 3 or 4. The game doesn't tell you that the best way to level up confidants (other than automatic ones) is to have a persona of said arcana in your party, but it is. I also really like the persona recruitment system in 5, 3 and 4 didn't have that (although 1 and 2, oddly enough, did).
moondragon84 Mar 12, 11:30 AM
Indeed my friend it is, how are you holding up?
zawa113 Mar 9, 2:55 PM
Hmm, on Persona 5...

Least fav is probably a bit easier, it's probably Haru (though I didn't like Ann too much for combat, since she's too fragile), I just found her a bit more boring compared to the other Phantom Thieves. And I think we all hate Akechi, that's the norm. And we're all annoyed at Morgana for making us go to sleep so often.

Favorite is probably Yusuke, he's quite odd and random and the scene with him getting those random lobsters is amazing. I also like Ryuji a lot too though (whereas I didn't find Yusuke too useful for combat a lot of the time, far too average without excelling in any one area, I used Ryuji a TON). And I did get one PS4 theme+avatar combo, and I got Ryuji's. They both really make me wish you could've also dated some of the male confidant links (at least the high school aged ones)
I pretty much always wanted to have Makoto on my team for combat though, she was my fav in terms of party members, I think.

I got past a few hours in Zestiria, but it never really got any more interesting or fun for me. I just don't understand what Japan sees in that series, to immediately shower it with anime and manga, while letter much better Tales series languish. Something about it seems to appeal to Japan though, they definitely received the game better than the West did.
RebelPanda Mar 9, 8:44 AM
I'm enjoying AICO, the writing is better than I expected. The story is simpler than it first lets on, but it works well to gradually flesh out its characters and world. Exciting action, good drama.

Definitely sub. Unlike with B, Netflix chose to do a 1:1 English voice actors reading the exact script of the sub. So it sounds horribly awkward and undirected. I only got through half of the first episode dubbed so I'm not sure if it improves, but the sub is good enough.
-Lofn- Mar 8, 10:41 AM
Best girl ­čĹî
moondragon84 Mar 6, 7:55 AM
Sorry i have not, have to try out some of them, heared good things about them.

Also, i wanted to comment on your Black Clover review but got some technical issues during last weekend so i could not. Well written review and you bring up good points especially when you compared the main character to Naruto but more annoying and also your Sasouke comparison with Yuno and there it is. pretty good summary. Now all you have to do is to see the rest and see how much you can take.
kokuborou Mar 4, 2:34 AM
How was Hana Yori dango? Did you liked Tsukasa's and Rui's development?
zawa113 Mar 1, 5:07 PM
I could just do a brief rundown of the Tales games I've played:

Symphonia-first one I played, like a lot of people in the US. I played it on Gamecube. It's fun, but flawed, I wasn't too big on the cast on this one either
Phantasia (GBA)-I could not finish this one. Maybe the original PS1 game was ok, but this port was just horrendous in every aspect.
Abyss-I liked it gameplay wise (although PS2 loads were a bit long and the field elemental thing was well explained, I discovered like 2 that worked and could use them ok though), but I also didn't really dig the characters much. Especially Luke, who was just way too whiny.
Legendia-while I think the combat is generally just "ok", I actually really liked the story and characters and the character dynamic a lot so I have a real soft spot for this one. Also, Go Shiina does the music and it's way better (even people who don't like the game still have to admit the music is great). I believe that this game introduced voiced skits (at least for US releases), though they did this thing where they misunderstood that the "character quests" were actually the second half the whole damn game, not just side missions, so only half the game is voiced.
Vesperia-I don't have a 360 anymore, but this is also a game I didn't get near beating. I didn't like the cast, and I wasn't a fan of how the enemy AI seemed to work together much better than my party AI or how it'd waste my MP before even executing the move. Had some good ideas that made it into further games though!
Graces f-I didn't play much of this one because I just could not get behind the combat at all. I'm far more used to the "regular" vs "special" attacks that you assign to a slot, I didn't like the "cycle through specials only" thing, I feel like it turns it into a button masher for me. People do swear by the combat though (even then, I kept dying/nearly dying on regular encounters, something I didn't do in the last games). It seemed promising, but that combat, I couldn't do it. Maybe I'll watch a walkthrough on youtube or something.
Xillia-Now we're talking, I really like the combat on this one a lot. I enjoyed the cast and story well enough (though having no one notice Alvin's chronic backstabbing disorder was strange, and Rowan just annoyed me at all times). I feel like this is the height of that style of Tales combat system, I'd definitely recommend it. Also, I could put cat ears on everyone, even during serious scenes, HA!
Xillia 2-I also enjoyed this one (though having a mute protagonist seemed pointless). It changed the battle system a bit from the first game, but I was ok with the weapon switching, once I got used to it. But I also feel like they made all the original characters a lot less good in combat, kind of forcing you to play as Ludger. Also, they copy/pasted 80-90% of environments from the first game and damn were they not going to let that go to waste. Having a cat collecting quest though? I'm game.
Zestiria-Why did they make this? And why did this one get the full anime? I didn't like the combat (I had a similar problem to Graces, except Zestiria went one step further by basically only letting you choose two party members and forcing the other two in at all times) and, except for Edna (who was basically Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender), the characters just sucked so much (especially the lead). I'm not alone, a lot of people dislike this game a lot and wish it never happened.
Hearts r-Figured I should get some use out of my PSTV, no? Also, after playing Persona 5, I needed something more comfort-food. And I actually really enjoyed Hearts r a lot more than I thought I would! Not all the characters were stellar, Beryl was ungodly annoying, and the lead himself was so bland that once I unlocked Kohaku for combat, I basically forgot he was even there until he spoke in a cutscene, but the two *actual* leads (siblings Kohaku and Hisui) were very enjoyable. And I quite liked the combat, which seemed to rely a lot of keeping the enemy airborne (which is one reason I played as Kohaku, she was epic at that and could heal her own damn self), but also had this counter system, which took a bit of getting used to, but would also refill your attack counter to let you keep combo-ing, so I found it quite satisfying. If you have a PSTV or Vita, it's worth tracking down, imo. Just wish they had redone the DS anime cutscenes to not look like crap (they redid the entire rest of the game, why not?)
Berseria-not sure yet, just got a used copy for cheap and will try it out soon enough. From what I've heard from streamers though, even ones who disliked Zestiria and its combat system, it sounds like this one really nails it and they enjoyed this one a lot more. I was honestly about ready to give up on Tales series after Zestiria completely though. Also, it seems people like this lead a lot.

So I guess short answer is Legendia and Xillia, followed by Hearts r and Xillia 2 for favs.
Aya_Rin Mar 1, 12:45 PM
I will read your review.
So far black clover is bad huh? Do you think it will get better?
Aya_Rin Mar 1, 12:42 PM
Great ^^
What other games are you planning to play on your ps4?