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Sep 24, 2015
Mixed Feelings
In all honesty this series is about as basic as it gets. Its an episodic comedy anime. And just from that you pretty much know exactly what to expect.

As far as story, the series is....pretty mediocre. As I've already said, the series is very episodic. This can be fine in shows like Mushishi or Death Parade where you have an overarching character story that shows the progression of each character throughout the series. However, no such story is present in Rin-Ne. Or at least its not all that prominent. Sure there is sort of a romance plot, but by the end of the first season ...
Sep 22, 2015
Karneval (TV) (Anime) add
Ok, so this is my first review so chances are that this will be less than perfect.

Here we go....

Karneval is a nice (although short) series brought to use by Manglobe, who we can also thank for other very well known works such as Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy.

The story starts as such:

A boy, later learned to be named Nai, is being held for some unknown reason by a woman. Within the first few minutes our other main character, Gareki, crashes through by seemingly complete coincidence to steal any valuables in the house. Gareki agrees to help Nai escape and find a man named Karoku, in ...

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