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Mar 1, 2016
Garakowa is a very interesting movie, to say the least. It’s not really about anything; just a collection of the most precious moments of life, and the three girls most connected to them. In this blogger’s opinion, this is truly a story worth taking a glance at.

The film takes place primarily within an advanced OS capable of actually recording data of all periods of time and space, including the people who lived there. Two anti-virus programs, Dual and Dorothy are entrusted with destroying the corrupted data. Known as viruses, they infect the artificial worlds as well as the data of the people who once lived read more
Oct 16, 2014
I never thought my first review on this site would be for something that isn't technically manga. It's not Japanese, so the translations may not be up to par like other works. That being said, "The Story of Someone We Know", as I read the title to be on Line Webtoons (check out the App, it's amazing) is one of the sweetest slice of life stories I've read in a while.

Story: 10

For those that are not fans of several romance stories centered around different characters all woven together into one, this manga might not be for you. Because that's exactly what this one is all read more