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Violet Evergarden Movie
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CordobezEverdeen Apr 17, 9:04 AM
The first OVA was (thankfully) a carbon copy of the 1º VN. But a VITAL point of the VN's is that you can pet the catgirls.
If its a 12 or a 10 episode series i think they might adapt the 3 VN's (3 or 4 episodes to each VN), add some extra content and probably end teasing the 4º non released VN.
Im checking the second and it think its a omnibus setting with the first VN centering around Kashou (the dude), Vanilla and Chocola and the second is Coconut and Azuki mostly. And checking at screenshots of the 3º it might be centered around Cinnamon (best girl) and Mapple.
CordobezEverdeen Apr 16, 6:31 PM
Hey bro. You gonna watch Nekopara (TV) when it airs?
CordobezEverdeen Mar 26, 3:44 PM
CordobezEverdeen Mar 23, 3:05 PM
There are like a billion chapters written (800 i think?) and 100 were translated. So no.
swirlydragon Mar 23, 6:36 AM
Yeah, true lol
swirlydragon Mar 23, 3:55 AM
Our wish has been granted!
Season 2 is fuckin' announced and the PV of Frozen Bond and season 2 is released.
Omfg! I am literally in tears right now! After 3 fuckin' years! Finally!

^Frozen Bond OVA

^Season 2 PV

EMT! <3
Can't wait to see my favorite character of all time (and my waifu), Emilia again!
CordobezEverdeen Mar 10, 5:42 PM
Yo. There will soon be an anime for Honzuki no Gekokujou (my favourite novel).
I anticipate that it will be a a massive train wreck (not as bad as TG:re) so you could probably give a try to the novel and see how they destroy it on the anime adaptation.
swirlydragon Feb 26, 6:50 AM
Thanks. And yeah, same here.
Btw Memory Snow DVD is gonna release on 7th of June ^^
swirlydragon Feb 25, 8:04 AM
Sorry for such a late reply. I was busy with an exam. As for the LN, I am glad that the anime removed those Rem scenes.
Emilia in a promotional poster? I see ^^
Thanks for the info. Can't wait for Animejapan now :)
And yeah, I read some parts of the LN and season 2, if released, will be quite exciting.
Watching only completed series? Well, I prefer to watch series that are not completed yet 'cause I feel empty when a series completes.
swirlydragon Feb 15, 7:58 AM
I couldn't care less about that tbh. The web novel might have those wholesome Rem scenes, but the anime and the LN are almost same. Therefore, I believe the LN doesn't contain those moments. As I watched Re:Zero, all I cared about was Subaru 'cause I really liked him as a character. I loved his determination for Emilia, even after he had to go through so many tragedies. Then my love for Emilia skyrocketed when I witnessed the lap pillow scene. After that, all I cared about was Emilia. Episode 25 at least supported Emilia fans. I am content with that. Now I just hope for a season 2 soon
swirlydragon Feb 15, 7:16 AM
I don't understand. I didn't actually watch each and every episode of the English version (just some wholesome scenes). What about Rem? What skipped content? Please explain!
swirlydragon Feb 15, 6:35 AM
Yeah, just noticed that now :)
Well, the Japanese version was obviously better. In the English version, Emilia and Subaru's VA didn't really put much emotion in their voice during that emotional ending scene imo. It wasn't perfect, but it didn't ruin the scene for me. Still prefer the Japanese version though; it captured their emotions with perfection.
But overall, the English version was alright ;)
SparkingVolt Jan 30, 11:34 AM
swirlydragon Jan 2, 10:14 AM
I see :p
Rainy most of the time? Must be hard living there.
And well, I wish I was from Avalon xD
Saber is waifu after all ;)
I live in New Delhi, India. It's quite populated and the pollution level is high, but I like living here 'cause it's one of the most developed cities in India (big buildings, great malls, etc).
swirlydragon Jan 2, 8:05 AM
Btw if you don't mind me asking, how old are you? Never visited Denmark, but heard it's a great place.
Edit:- EMT! ^^