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Oct 15, 2014
(this review will be for the English version, Transformers Armada. There are some dialogue differences between the English version and the Japanese version, Micron Legend).

Transformers Armada is the first of the Unicron Trilogy, a series plagued by animation errors and dubbing errors, among other things. Although not as badly hit as Energon, Armada still suffers a lot of these and it prevents fans from watching or enjoying the show.

But is this show any good? Let's find out.

Story: At first the story starts slow, I'll admit that. A small team of Autobots and Decepticons land on Earth, in a race to capture Minicons, small transformers that read more
Sep 16, 2014
Welcome to Myojou Academy, where chosen assassins get to participate in Class Black-by killing the target, they can get any reward they want.

Akuma no Riddle is about Haru Ichinose, the target of Class Black, and Tokaku, one of the assassins who turned into her protector. Their personalities compliment each other-Haru is naive, cheerful, and bubbly, while Tokaku is often serious and all business. It's fun to see how they interact.

Now on to the other characters-the assassins who will be making attempts at Haru's life. Because of the show's set up, the anime is episodic, with an episode focusing on one assassin at the time. This read more
Jun 12, 2014
Mecha shows with female leads aren't really that common (the other one I've watched is Rinne no Lagrange. Not sure if Kannazuki no Miko counts considering the one who piloted most of the time was the guy character) so I decided to give Jinik: Extend a shot. That and it's OP is a reference to the OP of Mobile Suit Gundam. Really. View Jinki Extend's OP, then MSG's. You'll see.

Jinki Extend would have worked better as a longer anime, or one with two seasons. there are two storylines- one starring Aoba, and the other one starring Akao. Chronologically, Aoba's arc occurs before Akao's, but the read more
May 23, 2014
Angelic Layer was one of the anime I watched growing up.
I was recently reminded of it by the anime Gundam Build Fighters which also has a similar premise, so I thought, "What the hell, let's rewatch Angelic Layer. I've forgotten much of the details anyway."

I enjoyed the series. The battles were fun to watch and definitely enjoyable. The rivals all have some kind of special ability which makes every fight unique. However the damage is not consistent, sometimes a punch or kick takes out half the life bar, and other times it does barely a scratch (sometimes I think they should have gotten rid read more
Apr 26, 2012
Transformers the Movie is set after the first two seasons of Transformers G1.
It is the year 2005, and the decepticons have taken over cybertron. As the autobots prepare to strike back, the Decepticons enter the Autobot's earth base and launch an assault. As if that were not enough, the giant Planet-eater Unicron is slowly approaching Cybertron. Can the autobots defends against these two new threats?

The movie introduces many characters that would star in the new season 3 of the cartoon: Ultra Magnus, Arcee, Springer, Blurr, Kup, Hot Rod, Wheelie and Wreck Gar. There's also new bad guys Galvatron, Cyclonus an Scourge.

The only problem is read more
Apr 25, 2012
Turn A Gundam (along with Mobile Fighter G Gundam) may stand out as the oddballs of the Gundam universe.
Set in a time period resembling the industrial revolution, Turn A pits mobile suits VS fighter planes. Weird, huh?
Another oddity is the lead suit, Turn A or "White Doll" as it is often called. Instead of having a V-fin, it has a mustache. It may turn you down at first, but soon you'll grow to love it. The Turn X, the enemy counterpart of Turn A, is pretty nice as well.
The characters are memorable too. There's Loran Cehack, the pilot of the White Doll; Lieutenant Harry, this read more
Apr 25, 2012
Set the same time as Gundam Seed destiny, Stargazer tells the story of Selen Mcgriff, a scientist and Sven Ca Bayan, a member of Earth Alliance's Phantom Pain. Of course, you don't need to watch Destiny to understand ths story.
I loved the story. I liked the characters especially Selene, Sven, and that guy who died fighting the Jinn (forgot his name...)
The mobile suit designs are good too. Stargazer looks great, plus there's Blu Duel and Verde Buster, throwbacks to Duel and Buster from the earlier Gundam SEED.
The battles were of course good, but since each ep is limited to 15 minutes, it feels like you read more