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AmericanPie Jun 8, 12:05 PM
This thread was hiliarious
"In addition to what everyone else said, I fail to see what's wrong with being perverted."
Korishi Mar 30, 1:34 PM
that's so true though. you can't claim to be or represent something if you can't walk the talk first.

I also decided on my own about religion. I was very opposed to it but I formed my own conclusions with experience and today I'm very confident in my belief.
I know you seem to have an aversion for denominations, but I've had pleasant experience with the Lutheran church. The info about it online isn't all accurate actually.
Oh but I've visited this one church that is mostly made up of younger people; it's the most free non-denominational space I've ever been in... radical acceptance and all but they do still have elders for guidance. really reminds me of the old hillsong united era when skateboarding was still cool lol. wish it wasn't so far from where I live.

I am still immature sometimes because I mostly react based off feelings, but ye introspection definitely helps with that.

I don't wanna say I know too much about love yet. I haven't experienced that feeling for a while now. Last relationship I was in was selfish and just an excuse for me to get over someone else, and actually just some stupid conquest that I quickly got bored of. still feel like a dick about it but at least I broke it off sooner than later. well kinda...memory isn't very reliable at times.

And damn, I acknowledge and resonate w everything else you've said but definitely want to express my agreement regarding responsibility and happiness. I currently take full care of my niece and if she wasn't born, I don't know if I'd have motivation for life. even when I'm at my lowest, there's still something to try again for.

So much for me to think about lol glad I came across your initial post earlier
Korishi Mar 30, 4:09 AM
No need to justify yourself to some random on the net, but anyway I believe in the Christian faith too. One can argue all they want, but if someone's beliefs are strong and they clearly display individualism, you have to acknowledge there must be a good reason for it.

"Who can fathom the depths of another man's heart?"

A lot of vocal users on this site and internet in general hate religious people and especially Christians. most likely due to negative experiences with fervorous doomers lol.

I also have a theory that people who boast their views online and argue others' are not secure in their own identity. Otherwise they wouldn't feel the need to do such when it's uncalled for. They obviously seek validation.
And often they can't even apply their views practically because, as you say, they are trying to understand the world but don't understand themselves.

people in this generation forget to keep it simple sometimes. I use my personal observations as reference; specifically the relationship my grandparents had. they actually met as pen pals back in the day and eventually got married. they were the epitome of a relationship for me and still are, in my mind. of course, I still take into consideration how different our world is now compared to back then, but there are still roots I find unchanging.

Well I think that when you're in love, even when it's painful, if love is there... Then it's always a good thing.

And I think when this emergency is over, people will realise the importance of many aspects of life and opportunities they have. This thing called "feeling responsible"... It's what makes people conscious of their own existence.
2shizukasensei88 Mar 30, 1:11 AM
She told the mc that she jack off to him
2shizukasensei88 Mar 29, 11:09 PM
Nice, you got Inaba in ur favs
2shizukasensei88 Mar 29, 8:07 PM
I wish I was there, and not watching hayate the combat butler lmao
Korishi Mar 29, 4:42 PM
LOL yes I can be simply typing out my thoughts which seem more condensed in my head and before you know it, there's a wall of text in reply to a 2-line remark ʕಠ_ಠʔ

oof yeah social psychologists have it easier (in terms of time constraint) when studying to become certified practitioners.
Psychiatrists on the other hand have to spend 4 years to complete a Medical Doctor’s degree and work for at least 2 years in a hospital or clinic and even do stuff like deliver babies and perform low-complexity surgeries.
Then another 4 years to complete your Master in Medicine (Psychiatry) as well as do necessary training (at least another 2 years). Then obviously register with a professional board before you can practice.
so that's 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 4 years of residency. it's probably slightly different for certain states and countries but that's still at least 12 years before you can practice.
They also have to continue being involved in education programs throughout their career to remain certified which makes sense too.

Lol the above is more of a fun fact I suppose but just to reiterate how much school sucks.

It's funny, just a year ago I was way ignorant about many things; but I've learned a lot about myself and others in a short time of being active on the forums.

That's interesting (understanding yourself in contrast to understanding the world around you). I don't think I even like politics, yet I attempt to engage in various discussions in effort to understand others based on their viewpoints and thought process; and I know they go hand in hand but what's the point then if most don't even understand themselves. I actually think I need to self reflect and remember what I truly enjoy.

You quote the Bible I see, so are you also Christian?
It stands the test of time because there's so many teachings that are relevant in today's times and more practical than proposed social justice rhetoric.

Hm that whole similar interests thing and attraction brings me back to the theory of seeing yourself in others, so love can be contrasted with hate. don't know where I'm going with this but I was reminded of the phrase "the killer in me is the killer in you".

Yeah and the anti male/female stereotype war seems to once again separate people more than bringing them together.

lol I often use an analogy something like: if someone who is visibly handicapped and needs crutches to walk, would you leave him at the bottom of a staircase and tell him to just pull himself up along the handrails or would you help him up until he can manage again on the next floor? because thats basically what it's like telling a eg. depressed person to pull themselves together / get over it / everyone gets sad and you need to simply be positive.
that's just the most basic example even.

haha anywaay, so are you crushing on anyone right now? ಠ◡ಠ
Korishi Mar 28, 4:23 PM
I also try to appreciate the small things in life. Being realistic can be helpful but like I said in the beginning, it's hard to be truly realistic.
Better than being a robot all the time though lol with correctness and stuff.

I honestly haven't heard that phrase but it makes sense.

Maybe psychology takes into consideration what is acceptable in current society in contrast to the generations before. If it interferes with everyday life such as social and occupational areas, then a problem needs to be interpreted and addressed by psychology. it's pretty reliable; not perfect but the results show for its effectiveness.

It's very mature of you to think that way regarding where you are in life. It can be pointless arguing things that are beyond our control such as capitalism. Make the most of what's available, I'd say.

Lol yep regarding bias, we're human and not sentient beings but I agree it's your responsibility to be self aware.

Groupthink and mob mentality is so dangerous yikes.

I've also been reminded of things such as accepting things I can't change. it actually made me recall the 'serenity prayer' which can be thought of as a philosophy too. You've also enabled some motivation in me I think to escape 'self-fulfilling prophesy'.
but yes I think identity politicians cause more chaos and segregation than anything else.

I feel the same way concerning love haha because the first girl irl that I met who liked anime, I fell for without considering other things first.

I also don't mind stereotypes that I'm secure about. But it's usually when family members state what guys or girls should and shouldn't do or be that I get annoyed. Also other stigmatized things like mental illness that people form preconceptions about without educating themselves first.
Korishi Mar 28, 3:00 PM
lol right? power to the weebs I guess haha.

Mutualism I also like the sound of. In psychology those darker traits are just used to explain the process of developing disorders, but to do that they have to find roots of the cause, which they say are part of the ego/Id/whateverthefuck. But yeah, not helpful when talking about normal behaviour. sorry about that.

thing is, it can be argued that there's no in-between with capitalism and socialism because of human nature. it is quite a heavy subject matter which isn't really worth going into because it's still just a theory and ideal. modern capitalism could be better if people with surplus wealth would help charitable causes and welfare out of their own instead of legislation having to be rewritten to force the richest to be taxed higher. I don't think any of the richest 1% have never made an immoral business decision to get where they are. They usually justify their conscious by displaying philanthropy.

Well damn I have a lot of struggles too so my opinions could be biased. Bias is probably characteristic of individualism though, so ≠ bad. I think what you mention about rejection and embarrassment is part of why we tend to identify with groups, because if someone in that group is liked, then we have higher chance of also being liked.

I don't actually disagree with anything you've said, so this has been pleasing to discuss thus far.

Well, I guess I'm about 2 years too early to make any conclusions about becoming a true individual lol. Although I do feel like I'm mostly there. I just fall back on group identity at times as a protective factor.

I still get mad when compared to stereotypes and such. All you can do is oppose it, but you can't force people to wake up from the past.
But I still can't be friends with people who have complete opposite ideals and tastes to me. like, there have to be a few common things to bond over.
Korishi Mar 28, 1:36 PM
Yeah I agree there's nothing wrong with it, it just sounds very crude on paper. (coexistence/mutual benefit)
Understanding of language also changes with advances in civilization. "All history will be viewed as a crime".

But yeah I don't make this stuff up, it's just how psychology has explained behaviour over the years.

Just to clarify again, things like selfishness and narcissism isn't necessarily wrong, and is just part of the ego. Traits can be expressed negatively though depending on what's acceptable or not.
if you take the dark factor test or simply read the study, you'll see we all naturally have "darker" traits. it's what makes us human.

well the original theorist of socialism wasn't at the bottom of the ladder, but noticed the inequalities of capitalism and class struggle.
It's just the next stage of civilization, just as feudalism came before capitalism. you can't rush these things.

I agree with your notion, but I'm wondering how else we become individuals without groups? We grow up and form personalities by taking on characteristics from those around us. Maybe you refer to removing stereotypes then(?) Like not being compared to other anime fans just because I'm a fan of anime.
Korishi Mar 28, 2:48 AM
i can see the danger in that. we do feel safer in numbers, and we crave validation, but it limits our potential unless you're one of the "fittest"

I believe it has roots in the ego. People are also nice to others for personal gain; they're nice expecting to be treated nice in return, and feel hurt or disappointed if not. For the exception that someone truly is selfless, it just means they see themselves as higher than the person they gave selflessly to.
whether you deny it or not, that's just what the theory states.

You'll be shamed because we live in a society. But just as we went from feudalism to mercantilism(capitalism), we'll eventually move to socialism.

It is quite a toss up because we look for others with similar interests and values to ourselves. When we choose friends, we actually see ourselves in them so it's inherently a narcissistic thing (not judged as bad but simply the human condition).

there's no way humanity can survive without groups, but I agree all we need is a common goal to survive, and the rest should be personal identity as far as is possible.
Korishi Mar 27, 2:24 PM
most of what you said in your second post is related to defence mechanisms of the mind. there's plenty of info online about them and very interesting to read about.

I used to consider myself an optimistic realist,
but in reality your 'realist' views are affected by your levels of optimism and pessimism.
Also, pessimism can be a protective factor at times and optimism can lead to impulsivity and disappointment. I think it deserves a good balance suited to one's personality.

do you believe people should be more divided?
Korishi Mar 27, 3:14 AM
I like how you phrased this
it's simple, really, but people forget what humans have built through history and how resilient we really are together.
Seiya Aug 29, 2019 2:59 PM
Oh, I see.

I used to always get you and MAL user "Moog" mixed up for some reason, lol. I think Moog is the one who was bi.
Seiya Aug 29, 2019 2:52 PM
Yeah, but I can't get a hard on for manly looking guys. I hate body hair so much, that I shave my body with an electric body razor. I still have all my hair on my head, but if I ever went bald, I would either wear a wig, or sell my video game collection to get a fleming-mayer scalp flap.

Ear piercings at the earlobes are fine.