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May 18, 2018
I just dont know what to say..
I expected another ending and of the overall but in the same time I cant give less score because I liked everything even if I hate the ending.

Just because I expected something else I hated the ending, in the start it all was so romantic and I really liked the idea but then in the middle of the series u understand that the romantic is just vanishes and now we see how the characters is growing up and like a flower everyone is opens up infront of us which is great and everyone just solve their problems like read more
Mar 3, 2018
I liked that this manga an one shot because its not need to be a long story.
Its just a simple plot but really u can't even understand how crazy this manga is!
I really didn't thought I would read yaoi with horror but god!!

I just want to raise a point of comparing someone to someone else and more that is ur own child - its so painful and I really understood the main character but he didn't knew what to do with this and just went mad and more this writer that pushed him to that and showed craziness and there was also yaoi and also read more
Mar 3, 2018
I didn't got anything from this manga and I would gave also the rate 1 but I did added 1 more for the art and for the raising a topic about the world war II because I think its important.

Overall this collection is absurd because I really didn't understood anything and I just waited for the end of the manga.
Too many perverted scenes, too many idiotic scenes that not related to anything.
I don't got what the author wanted to say and this is the problem of this manga..
Its seem like someone really ill drew it because too many fantasy horror with masturbating in the same read more
Mar 1, 2018
Because this manga is a collection of one shots its a bit difficult to normally rate this series so I will talk about what one shots I've liked the most and say a few words about the others one.

When I started to read the first 1-2 one shots I was a bit confused because I just didn't get what I've read because it was too short and unclear to understand but then came the series "Natural Born Scissors" and it started to be understandable.

So the series "what a wonderful world", "Chijou 10 Meter no Ori kara", a bit "Natural Born Scissors" and a bit "Heaven read more
Feb 27, 2018
I'm just broken...

I really liked the genres when I first saw the anime and wanted to watch it but I just dropped it (and I'm not a dropper one) because its not even interesting, I want to watch but I can't its not fun at all to force urself to watch something.

I liked the characters, its maybe the only 1 thing that saved this anime but not for long.

I like psychological things and I even understand that stuff and I want to know the final but the people who did the anime just "chewed" the case for too long that I lost any interest to read more
Feb 26, 2018
Battery (Anime) add (All reviews)
I want to tell that I was shocked when I came to see the page of the anime in MAL and saw the score 5.79 in the overall.

At first I wanted to give this anime the rate 9 but in the review when I started to link all the details in the anime I got the score 6 but after all I really didn't thought that the anime will be that bad for another users.

Also, for me its took a while to finish this anime and its just 11 episodes (shame on me), I started to watch and stopped at the 7th episode and then read more
Feb 21, 2018
Its the most horrible anime that I've ever seen in my life, if I could I would gave the rate 0 to this anime.
Everything there is horrible that this even funny.

The humor is so rubbish, I dont even understand for what they publish this anime, its not even a comedy - its a crap.
I dont understand the people who gave 10..
10, karl!
Maybe I dont understand something and my humor is too high and I taked this anime too seriously but god I saw all the episodes and I only thought on when the anime is going to end or maybe I just believed that there read more