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Mar 5, 2014
The power of a kiss can do many wonders.

For Sleeping beauty, it can revive her from an enternal sleep.
For a child, it can heal wounds
For Yamada however, he can copy the power of the witches from his school.

It all started when Yamada, a bored delinquent, accidentally kiss the smartest girl in school and switched each other's bodies. As a guy, a "certain" reaction is to be expected. After some exploring in other's bodies and learning of different perspectives, they made a pact to explore more into it.

Join him as he discover about the witches, gathering allies and learning about the power's uses and side read more
Mar 5, 2014
For pet lovers and people who wants a change from the norm:

If you are looking for a manga about cute animal, Look no more. This is the manga for you.

Basically this manga is a Slice-of-life kind of manga in an alternate world where cats evolved into more human-like creatures. The concept of human-like cats will leave you wanting more or even wanting the actual thing.... like me.

When i talk about human-like, I dun mean human size kind but well.... read it, u wouldn't be disappointed at all

If you are ever frustrated, negative or emotional, read this manga. I can guarantee that it'll sooth your soul read more