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Dec 26, 2010
At first I thought this is an anime gore, because it tells the story of mutilation case in the box. But I was wrong, gore in the anime is not horrible as it sounds.
An anime that is quite complicated. It can't be enjoyed if to pass through dialogue in it. Anime is filled with chatter like this should be followed in patience.
And really, I heaved a deep breath (feeling satisfied) after successfully passing this anime until finished.
An anime that has a great story..
Dec 26, 2010
I know this anime is not better than original story "The Count of Monte Cristo". I adore the novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" like I adore the novel "The Godfather" (Mario Puzo). I will not doubt the story plot, because Gankutsuou already have the basic plot is very interesting. I also understand why story in anime starts from mid-story in the novel. Although I had read the novel and know the outline of the story, but this anime does not give the impression of boredom, I really enjoyed this anime, because the story changed from the point of view Albert, not Edmond. Although read more
Dec 25, 2010
Atama Yama (2003) is a short anime with a duration of about 10 minutes by Koji Yamamura. Having a simple story that cool to live as full of meaning. Unlike Inaka Isha (2007) who may be visually confusing, it looks more simple and will make us realize how important it is to appreciate the environment. Is this a form of call/invitation or criticism, which obviously this anime has the unique delivery and good intentions.. Altough it only has a simple meaning but this anime will make you nods..