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tl_dr Nov 26, 9:16 AM
Ah damn it, I had wanted to reply sometime earlier this week but somehow I just didn't get around to it... Anyway....
When I woke up today I was surprised to see that we've had our first snowfall of the year, and although it was nothing much it did put me more into the Christmas/December mood which is now just around the corner! We've also got some guests coming this weekend (my uncles), which will probably be quite lively. Black Friday (week) was something that happened too this week, which always confuses me, seeing as (I think) it originated from America around the time of Thanksgiving, where - as a token of appreciation - people celebrate by buying stuff? I guess it is more of an ad campaign nowadays, so whatever - does Brazil also do that kinda stuff?

Moving on to the more important other stuff...

tl_dr Oct 31, 10:13 AM

tl_dr Oct 9, 9:17 AM

tl_dr Sep 13, 7:09 AM
Hehe that reply came really fast indeed, so fast that I didn't really think I'd have anything worthwhile to talk back about!

tl_dr Aug 28, 10:08 AM
Alrighty, I'd actually wanted to reply back to you like right away after your last message but somehow I got held off. Anyway, better sooner than later since it's actually nearly been a month since the last time I wrote to you!

Now, next onto Umineko! I've sadly only come to starting Part 3 up to now, but it's been really interesting so far. I intend to catch up with the remaining parts sooner as well, but I've also been busy with other things (more later, hehe), so it's not really been going along all that fast. From where I am now, the first part was pretty amazing, in a way, that made part 2 almost feel a bit lacking in comparison, not saying that it was bad though. Part 1 made it seem really ambiguous as to whether magic is actually real or just elaborate sophism on the side of Beatrice, but Part 2 actually shows much more of those supernatural events. The way Beatrice and Battler converse using "red text" now as well was also an interesting aspect. Oh yeah, since Battler's kind of "watching along" the events on the island with Beatrice, how am I really supposed to interpret that? Is he actually there in a place with Beatrice, is it supposed to be some kind of mind-game-visualisation of their battle? Well anyway, I think the story's good with how the characters' actions stay believable (unlike in many horror stories where characters just proceed to just make one stupid action after another - though in a certain sense panicking in those scenarios is believable as well...?), mainly how it'd be understandable for people to suspect each other, being uncertain of what's really going on, etc...
I think I'd seen something about a collaboration between Higurashi and Clannad as well somewhere online, but wasn't really sure what to make of it. I've been hearing good things about Sotsu as well (and whenever I see thumbnails they just look good, I think the character designs in the new "remakes" are really good).

Well, yeah hearing you say that you'd recommend Jojo's does sound reassuring. It's not really like I've been avoiding it / that I had a bad preconception of it, I just never really cared too much for it (which I guess is understandable, considering how some parts of the fanbase just spam their memes everywhere to the point that it just gets a bit annoying, you know?). 150~ish episodes is quite a bit, but well it's managable after all, on top of that it's not one entire series like most of those long-running shounens and so on, which makes it a lot more approachable. (In a same way that Index/Railgun, Bakuman, Monogatari are good in parts, even if it's not that big of a difference). On top of all that I guess it's definetly one of the "classics", seeing the massive amounts of references some manga/anime, etc. still make towards it.

Ahhh the more you talk about the Zaregoto Series, the more I'd actually wanna know what it's really about myself (as in the experience, not just the story/setting). I think you said you've actually been reading the physical copies, right?
That kind of makes a nice transition to what I'd wanted to mention earlier above when I said I'd been busy with other thigns (apart from RL stuff).

Ahhh and there's seasonals too 😳

And yeah, I just put some video up there on my profile from time to time, whenever I see something interesting or worth sharing here (I thought that might be interesting for whoever looks by).
So, speaking of: GOD DAMNIT, it really is a 10-year anniversary version of Highschool of the Dead! It's a fantastic song in my opinion! I'm not sure if this is the correct way to describe my impressions, but I feel like it's a lot more lively, there's more drums and the tune sounds better. I tried making a side-by-side comarison video (with 2011's left stereo channel on the left and 2021's right stereo channel on the right), here's a link. It would be a bit more work to align it completely side by side, since the vocals are paced a bit differently in both, but I think I got it close enough.

Now, as for Railgun.

Now I'll use Jin Aketagawa as a cheap way to transition to another semi-unrelated note myself to leave some more about what I've been watching recently (since the rest of this message was somehow just me replying to your last stuff :I):

Well anyway, hope you're doing fine, sorry that this got rather long again, just take your time / skip some stuff here, whatever. Feel free to hit me up on Index or other things though if it's just a short message / don't feel pressured to adress every single part here! :)
Have a nice weekend, buddy! (●'◡'●)
phillipmacupp Aug 22, 1:10 PM
Yeah I enjoyed it! I think Link Click is a little overhyped on mal but it was still rlly good. the story was super interesting and there’s gonna be a s2! the ost was also amazing one of my favs in recent memory.

im on my phone so i can’t see your list layout haha
phillipmacupp Aug 22, 11:43 AM
oh nice I don’t think i’ve seen any clamp anime but there’s a few on my ptw

Im watching a few seasonals and Gintama. I also recently watched Link Click and Happy Sugar Life.

I also like your pfp :D
phillipmacupp Aug 22, 10:31 AM
Yo thanks for accepting, nice to meet you! How's it going?
inim Aug 8, 11:23 PM
If Texhnolyze is not your thing I can understand the drop. This are my tag notes, ...
S1: Texhnolyze's little sister. Psychological study of assassin pairs of brainwashed young girls and their handlers doing government hit jobs. Requires suspension of disbelief, but then it's a slow burning, existentialist, cruel masterpiece.
S2: Seaons 2 of Gunslinger Girl. Spends much time fleshing out the antagonists, and gives backstories for more girls - Triela prominently. I don't agree this is inferior to S1, despite lower production values. The story and chars are any bit as strong.
The show remains psychological and political, and slow. No shame not to like that. S2 changed studio and had a smaller budget, but as this is based on a very good manga with very well written characters, that doesn't hurt much. I was never in for the action scenes anyway.
inim Aug 8, 12:43 PM
Haha, too late. Dropped. Sigh.
inim Aug 8, 12:42 PM
For Gunslinger Girl, please ignore the reviews and include season 2. In contrast to what they write it's as good, main focus is on Triela (the best), and it gives some characterization for the terrorists. The whole thing is just a fraction of a very long and complex politics manga (which I haven't read) and so even S1+S2 are just the exposition in many ways.
tl_dr Jul 30, 7:55 AM
Woah, I kinda wanted to reply earlier but never really got around to it, sorry haha.

First of all though, thanks for all that "lore" on Bishounen Tanteidan & also linking some of the screencaps from that final epsiode (those were really awesome). You're right about the sort of "hypocrisy" in that one review I'd mentioned though - I didn't really take the effort to "fact-check" the reviewer himself, but whatever, it's just another person's opinion in the end. And you were in fact right that I kinda missed that potential sequel announcement. I think I'd be down for it, I liked the character cast enough!
As for the edits: yep Bungou Stray Dogs does refer to many (deceased) Japanese auothrs/poets - btw Ranpo was actually the one voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, a rather goofy detective (kinda delusional at that) - I might recommend watching the series sometime, I think it was a worthwhile watch.

Thanks for the Strike Witches recommendation as well, "Action, Ecchi, Magic, Military, Sci-Fi" sounds almost as good as Kill la Kill's genre combination, and I'm all up for some ridiculous (sounding) stuff from time to time.
I recently actually became aware of "Medaka"'s meaning myself from a rather new manga "My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka", which is pretty much about a girl who sees herself as the best thing ever being dumbfounded as to why one of her classmates (a guy from a temple who "has to remain pure") never reacts to her "beauty & cuteness", so she tries various (arguably stupid) techniques to get him to fall for her. There's not many chapters out by now but I thought it was pretty funny. Well anyway, my point was just that the manga mentioned the meaning of that guy's name early on, so it was kinda funny to read your explanation here as well - talk about coincidence or rather "frequency illusion" again haha.

Oh yeah and speaking of manga (damn, it's nice to have MangaDex back) & transitioning to the next part from your last message: I've sadly only completed Umineko's first part by now - but it was pretty cool. I can't really imagine how the whole mystery is gonna unfold at this point, but I'm definetly looking forward to reading the rest of the series soon enough (not sure if I'll manage by the time Sotsu finishes though). Maria's "Uuuu's" really remind me of Hanyuu's "Hauuu's" but I'm not so sure if they go in the same direction haha. Well I also liked how the character's behaviors felt relatively reasonable, something that often disturbs me in these kinds of "horror" scenarios (I watched way too many bad horror movies whenever my dad had something running on TV...).

Up next - I recently binged through Magia Records first season - and it was honestly pretty good! I wasn't really sure what you'd said at some point about the ending being really open, but well now I get it. That surely was one drastic way to lead into a second season! As for the show itself, I think way too many people just held it up against Madoka Magica, and they do share many parallels (ofc in the setting as well in character-types and story direction - sort of), but comparing both just doesn't really amount to much, they're both their individual stories. I particularly enjoyed the visuals in the early episodes, some of those background cityscapes were just fantastic to look at, though they didn't appear in that way later on much more. The voice acting was good too, just having a Sakura Ayane character was already great haha! Well, as far as I know the second season starts tomorrow, huh? I'm gonna be looking forward to the relation it has to the original series' main cast - though maybe I should also catch up on the third Madoka Magica movie, which I kinda forget to watch by now hehe.
On that note, I just saw that MAL already had another "final season", listed to air this December for Magia Record: Link. So I guess the one that's just around the corner isn't gonna be the end straight away, huh? I guess that also connects to what you said about Shaft liking to make sequels (Madhouse lol), when you were talking about Bishounen Tanteidan.

Haha, what you said about taking ages to watch Bebop and "never getting around to watching every good anime", just reminds me of that previous paragraph and how I've yet to get around to Cardcaptor Sakura - I *will* watch it one day!™ :D On that note, I haven't watched anything Jojo-related yet, I'm guesing it's okay to just watch from Part 1 to Part [whatever it's on now, 5 or something] whenever I get around to it? (By the way, "Have you watched Jojo? You should watch Jojo." sounds like the most Jojo-fan-type-of-thing out there haha).

About your Monogatari rewatch - I'd only rewatched Bakemonogatari myself some months ago and kinda stopped after it, but I guess I'll revisit it sometime in the future for sure. You mentioned how the Monster Season novels should end about now (if my sense of timing's right) - so I'm also rather looking forward to a potential announcement of another season of something Monogatari-related soon!
It's cool that you're steadily progressing on the Zaregoto series - that's another anime (and maybe novel sereis) I've had on my "Soon™" list for ages (just like the ones mentioned a bit earlier now). As for Monster, that's another one where I've steadily been hearing that it's supposed to be really good, it's funny seeing all those German names from the characters hehe. Which reminds me that Heidi of the Alps is probably the first anime I've ever watched (when I was a kid at like >7 years old, ahhh those were times...) - you might've heard of it at some point as well. As a kid I never really thought that it'd be something animated by some guys from Japan around 30 years ago then, adapting a novel from a Swiss author from back in 1881! I'm pretty sure even my mom knows most of the lyrics of the German version of the intro song that was used for the show back then "German Opening", which is a song from 1977 (3 years after Heidi started airing in Japan I guess) - here's the Japanese Version by the way! Well, I thought that might make for an interesting tangent... :D

Now for some seasonal talk back from me!

Well, I think it's best I leave it at that for now. It's once again been nice reading your last reply! On another note, I got my second Corona vaccine earlier today, and my left arm's starting to throb a bit again, so I guess it's better to stop hammering into my keyboard for now ;) Hope you're doing fine, and I'm looking forward to your next message once again! :P
tl_dr Jul 4, 6:47 AM
Hey there, look who's back finally taking the time to write a reply 😎 Well, actually I just wanted to wait out for some more seasonals to finish/some new ones to start airing, so that I'd have some more things to possibly talk about.

Like for example first of all: Bishounen Tanteidan.

Speaking of Shaft, I wasn't really aware of those two titles you'd mentioned (Assault Lily & the next Strike Witches) - would you recommend watching Assault Lily some time just to witness some more of "Shaft's 'normal' side"? As for their Fireworks movie, I've been on the verge of watching it for ages now, I'm really not sure why I haven't yet - as you mentioned later on it features (one of) the most popular J-Pop song(s) (understandably, since it's just a really good song imo too), and from the AMV of that song the movie's visual style does look pretty neat (ecxept for the bicycles I guess haha). It might've been the rather low-looking score...?
I wasn't really aware of Medaka Box that much (might've stumbled upon it once or twice before), but now thinking about it, the premise does sound familiar, which may be due to there being a few anime which have a similar theme of "help requests" (like this other JC Staff adaptation that I'd recently watched, which was pretty okay actually), so I should watch it some time I guess!

Haha I agree with you on Katte ni Kaizou / Kumeta Kouji. There definetly were some funny moments, and I like dirty jokes (Seitokai Yakuindomo manga has somehow been going on for over 600 chapters), but KnK's were just a bit "too weird", even for my taste lol. But the comparison with Balls of Fury is pretty good, I guess I would read that if it actually were a thing.

But now though: Shadows House has ended too, so I'll try my best to give you my thoughts on that as well.

Now, having talked about recent mystery shows like Bishounen Tanteidan & Shadows House - I don't think I've come around to tell you my thoughts on Higurashi yet!

Speaking of Umineko, I have yet to begin the manga, and just to be sure, you were referring to this one, Parts 1 to 8, earlier right? I'm also guessing that you'd recommend reading the manga since the anime's apparently just pretty disliked (I *think* you'd mentioned that some time waaay earlier as well). By the way, are parts 5-8 some sort of sequel - The anime adapts the first 4, and the latter 4 have "Chiru" appended in the title...? Well anyway, Higurashi Sotsu seems to have started successfully with a double episode last week, currently starting off at an 8.10 rating here on MAL, so I sure hope it does good. Until it finishes airing I still have a lot to catch up on, huh? I am also still planning on watching the specials/extras as well as the other parts of the series.

Thanks for those infos on Magia Record! I'd actually taken the time to take a look at the Japanese version on my phone (ofc with a guide open next to it, explaining what the heck's actually going on), to get a bit of an idea what it's actually about. So just like with the game, I'll put those links you've added into the notes of MAL's entry here for me to get back to when I watch the actual show. Getting back to what you wrote, I would sure hope that it's aesthetically stronger than the original Madoka, it aired about 8 years later, right? :D With all that, I think I'm actually decently hyped to really watch the series (and announced sequels) myself - that way we'll also have more to watch together once those start airing too! :)
Ahhh I totally get you though man, I would also really hope for another Shaft Monogatari adaptation in the future - though I wasn't aware that the Monster Season was ending soon as well! I'm hoping for an announcement alongside you as well! On that note, I'd actually talked about it here with another MAL friend recently, about how we're keeping our hopes up for an announcement of another season of 3-gatsu no Lion, with the manga now being at approximately double the chapter count up to which season 2 had adapted (183, compared to the ~90-ish back then).

As for the Spanish stuff regarding Umineko and torrenting the manga: I don't know if I'd mentioned it, but I really like using the Tachiyomi app for reading manga, which is an open-source (there's also a few fork versions, like mainly the J2K version, which has a slightly fresher design) manga reader that uses extensions to fetch manga from different sources - MangaDex having been the one I primarily had used. Speaking of MangaDex, their new site design is looking pretty good, but it's kinda regrettable how they're still in early access (after initially having predicted to only take up to a month to get their new site back online, but whatever, as long as they take their time and the final outcome is stable I'm happy). Well, they've got their backend running again, so you can already read stuff from MangaDex over Tachiyomi again (though it's kinda annoying for me since I have to migrate around 300 manga that I'd saved in my library to the new source - from "MangaDex to MangaDex", for which they sadly don't have a one-click solution yet...). Well, you might be aware of the app anyway, but I thought I'd just mention it again since I personally prefer reading Manga on my phone rather than on my PC.

Ahh this is getting kinda long again, but anyway:

For the last few parts you'd mentioned: Cowboy Bebop's been on my PTW for sooo long, and I can't tell how often a close friend of mine's already recommended it to me. I heard the dub was supposed to be really good - some people actually seem to prefer it over the sub version, what's your take on that?
The more you write about Tsubasa/Holic, the more confusing it gets for me to keep up :D I'm just still really amazed that you got yourself (somewhat of?) an overview of the series. So do feel free to let me know if / what you'd recommend of the series once you finish more of the ainme/manga parts! :)
Nice to know that you started your Monogatari rewatch! I'd only rewatched Bakemonogatari myself about a few months ago (actually forgot when exactly), for a comparison between the novels and the anime. I'm probably with you on liking the later parts of the series more, "visually", but that might also just be a thing of techniques getting more refined with age - 2009 - 2017 is a couple of years apart after all.

Lastly, I think the way you use your lists to sort your stuff is pretty cool, I also don't think I've seen anyone do it like that here before. And I'm also glad you seem to appreciate the MAL buttons script thingy I'd sent you. I think it's surprisingly old (from 2017 or something), so I'm pretty amazed it still works so well, which might be due to the fact that MAL's general design just hasn't changed in all those years, and the way JavaScript just stays consistent.

Anyway, I hope you're doing fine, sorry for the delay for this reply, but on the other hand I'll also apologise for this message having dragged on so long - which is why I'll just keep current seasonal talks for next time - feel free to tell me your initial impressions of the current shows by next time if you feel like it! :) See ya till then!
aquatar Jun 26, 4:20 PM
tbh i feel like shinobu is stronger than senjougahara, she's just lazy and doesn't care.

why do u think senjougahara is stronger if i may ask?
inim Jun 20, 1:05 PM
You are a true research monster, go and copy-pasta it into Wikipedia, the world deserves to know :)

Regarding the 2nd half of Akagi, yea it was long. But I think not too long, unlike that Kaiji 2nd season Pachinko arc. It was a pleasure to see the old greedy mafia boss slowly descend into madness. I'm undecided whom I like better, Akagi is a bit of a cold fish by definition and Kaiji is warmer due to the sympathy he earns for constant bad fortune and misery. Akagi always wins, so he hasn't that bonus. It's really a tough call, but when forced at gun point I think I'm an Akagi man.

My next gambler anime will be One Outs, but like you I haven't scheduled it yet. Real life and work is very demanding currently, for the better. But my time to watch anime is shrinking by the month atm. We'll see. mal badges wise I "need" a dozen 25-99 episode shows, the tag "space", and anime between 2000-2005 inclusive. The 2nd red star is in reach, and the way to the 3rd is long and hard, but this is still feasible. Probably never will become 3star, it's only feasible with years of grinding.