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Jan 8, 2011
Setting & Plot

Higurashi No Naku Koroni mainly takes place in the (seemingly) peaceful and idyllic town (or rather, village) of Hinamizawa.
Important to note is that the series does not have a single, clear storyline - instead, the series is divided into different "chapters" that each share the same setting and characters, yet all have a different storyline, with the exception of two; The Meakashi chapter has the same storyline as the Watanagashi chapter, but tells the events from a different person's point of view, answering many questions that remained after the Watanagashi chapter.
Similarities between all of the storylines include the Shrine God's Curse, the mysterious read more
Jan 8, 2011
Blood+ (Anime) add (All reviews)
Let's start with a summary of what happens in the first 1 1/2 episodes:

The story begins with a scene of a massacre: A girl with red eyes and a sword slices and dices through dozens of humans and werewolf-looking monsters. Even though she is repeatedly shot by a bunch of soldiers, she just keeps murdering innocent people. The scene ends with the girl standing in front of an almost army-looking mass of those werewolf things. After the scene ends and the (very badass) opening finishes playing (you should skip it though, if you really don't want ANY spoilers), the story continues in an apparently normal read more
Jan 8, 2011
First, general information about this review:
1. This is going to include spoilers. I'll try to keep the number down, but reviewing a series (or a movie or book or whatever) without spoiling anything is close to impossible.
2. Everything in this review is my own opinion. You are free to state your own, but please don't try to force it onto me or someone else. Thanks.

First, general information about the plot:
The series mainly revolves around life at Cross Academy, a private school with a Day Class and a Night Class; the Day Class consist of normal students that sleep at night and study during the day; read more