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Mar 10, 2009
This short has a very good story concept, albeit a sad one. However it is not very thought out or explained. I watched this with a feeling that I was missing something through the entire thing. Perhaps there is some sort of prequel that I haven't heard of? Anyhow, onto the review.

The last safe island on earth. A government which subliminally trains the children of the island to know about the war going on outside, and how to pilot the Fafner mecha which are used in the war. Silicone monsters that attack, and can mostly only be beaten using a Fafner. Fafners can only be read more
Dec 22, 2008
Shion no Ou is the story of a young girl with a past full of tragedy and a present full of love.
This anime made me redesign my entire scoring process...

Story: Unique, genius, suspenseful, and even funny at times. I barely knew what Shougi was before I watched this, and while I was watching it, but I still enjoyed it. There are several twists and turns, but they all follow the main story line, and are extremely well thought out. It is easy to keep up with this show, but at the same time you have to think a lot.

Art: Near the end it got read more
Sep 16, 2008
I enjoyed this show immensely, and with my attention span that's saying something. Though this was over fifty episodes, they managed to make each one interesting, and they kept my attention. There is a twist in the story, which keeps it going but at the same time is kind of just... what the fuck? But it ended well, so I was alright with it.
The art is simple, decent, but not the best I've seen.
Sound is also alright, but I positively despised one [Sharla] of the characters voices, I think they could have cast her better.
The character development was well done, considering the circumstances and read more
Aug 28, 2008

I am personally amazed that I managed to actually finish this show, but I some how kept hoping it would get better... and it didn't.

The first few episodes were like "okay, this is okay, generic, perverted, but okay"
then it turned into "okay, now just perverted and depressing, fanatical and insane"
only to transform into "what the bleeding hell were the writers thinking?!"
and by the end "..."

All I can say is that this anime was relatively well done, for the type of show it is. So if you like your characters/plot sadistic, perverted, masochistic, insane, psycho and overly dramatic, you should watch this show.

However, if you read more
Jun 18, 2008
Before I say anything, let me just make it clear that the summary above is incorrect. The show is about Sunao, and her desire to have a Drama club in her new school. She has to make her way through the student counsel, and their leader Eri, or Hime. Hime is a total ass, and makes Sunao do all these round about things. It just goes through Sunao's fight for her stage, for her want to act, for her love of Leo and for her friendship with the various members of the student counsel.

The music in this show was such that you hardly notice it, read more