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Jul 22, 2013
Movie or TV?

I can easily see this being one or the most frequent question regarding this Anime. The purpose that the creators decided for movie is very likely because they did not want to follow the regular TV episode release date system (one episode per week), and thought that if they split it in movies, they could perfectly split them in Arcs. Personally, I would prefer TV, though, because it would make it easier to review than reviewing an alonestanding movie where it is barely possible to consider certain aspects, such as the character development. On the other hand, it is a good possibility to read more
Jul 16, 2013
What would you do, when you, every morning when it rains, visit a normally lonely place and see a woman and spend all your time with her, but later recognize that she is a teacher of your school and will be ridiculed by many pupils? Would you revenge her and fight the pupils who ridiculed her? Would you be angry on her because she knew everything, but did not tell you anything? Or would you just act like nothing happened? Soon, you recognize that you probably fell for her - for a ridiculed and now jobless teacher who is ten years older than you. How read more
Jul 15, 2013
After marathoning the whole TV series I could not resist watching its sequel, this OVA, Oukoubakku no Poriomania (or in English, Egoistic Poriomania) right away - and I was not disappointed at all. It is just as beautiful as its prequel, and I am talking about the final scene. It was not serious, but it would be redundant anyway. Feiris has to go to America and invites her friends - the laboratory members. They visit Kurisu, but she lost her memories about the other world lines, but her life in the other world lines always appears in her dreams. The kiss scene in episode 22 read more
Jul 15, 2013
This is what should be considered as art, not what is considered as art nowadays. Sadly, nowadays among the majority of people, Anime is just considered as nonsensical and childish trash. It is drawn, so it is immature. This is what the majority thinks, and this is why it is normally difficult to find any Otaku living in near of you. It's a shame actually, that they will not experience this awesomeness, and obviously I am looking at Steins;Gate when I am saying that. Ironically, I've recently been pretty much the same, like, two or three months ago. But I tried Anime and was read more
Jul 12, 2013
This is actually my first Anime review, and since I am rather new to Anime, I may not look like the most experienced person ever, so be gentle with me. However, I've read some guidelines and know how a good review should actually look like. Let's hope I do well then.

If you have watched the original TV series, you will vaguely know what this is like, since this is just an alternative version with the same story, but it has parts that weren't appearing in the original TV series even once, such as the Nazi part, though personally, the whole concept about the Nazis is read more