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psilocybe Oct 9, 2014 11:38 AM
Hai~~ I'm here to say that... Your profile picture is the cuttest thing ever ^^ I love Ushio, what can I do?

junerodas Aug 7, 2013 2:56 AM
Hello there, it's been quite a while since we last talk. I see that you already finished watched 'Mirai Nikki'. So how was it?

I just finished a movie titled 'The Girl Who Leapt Time'.The theme is obviously about time travel so I think you should give it a try since you like 'Steins;Gate'.
PunnyBunny Jul 28, 2013 12:36 PM
how did you format your anime list like that? o_o its beautiful
korison Jul 25, 2013 11:24 AM
I just finished writing my own Steins;Gate Review after reading yours! I have to say I really liked yours and totally agree to it. Have you seen Madoka Magica already? It's a pretty good show and I just thought I'd randomly leave a comment about that :P
161 Jul 24, 2013 5:01 PM
That sucks to sum it up pretty much. Well I don't know where you're coming from, but I haven't heard things like that here or I'm just in an other environment. I don't even know whether I'd ignore people like that or laugh about their simple mind, probably both. Though it doesn't sound nice and it's too bad you had to experience these things. Still it didn't affect you much and you turned out pretty well, can't deny that.
161 Jul 24, 2013 6:10 AM
Did you have negative experience with that ? Because that's the first time I ever heard about that. Whenever I was in another country people were never mentioning something about the reputation of germany, but even if they did, I wouldn't mind, because that's the past where I'm not living in and whoever's judgemental should not deserve your time. Stand up for yourself.

Yeah the youth in this country seems to be very bad, but on the contrary this has been a problem for a longer time, because when I was a kid other kids weren't too nice with their surroundings and nowadays the good kids just don't go out and everyone else goes outside pissing off the whole nation. I'm a big city kid from the west so I had different experiences with everything. But I also guess it depends on the personality of someone, because most of the time I just ignore those brats. ;)
161 Jul 24, 2013 5:29 AM
Is there a specific reason for that ?
161 Jul 24, 2013 4:32 AM
Too ? Yeah I've been living here for quite a time now. Hilarious, though you're still writing in english which means you don't like german a lot and I'm just playing along. Or like don't have any better language to talk in.
161 Jul 23, 2013 5:04 PM
Ma'am I had forum discussions on here with someone who didn't like Evangelion and wanted to know what's so likeable about it and I wasn't even flaming. But I guess that's not the point, I just disklike flaming other people just because their opinion might differ. You can't please anybody, so what.

Yeah those points might be the most difficult ones that a review consists of. To get someone in front of the screen and actually make that person watch it to get his own opinion. I just happen to be not motivated enough to write reviews for this site, though I wrote some other reviews just in german and can't be bothered to translate. The thing with the characters is really that. Even if something isn't there, you should mention it anyways, because that information gives off a lot. You can still edit your reviews in the menu, but still, you can improve in the future.

What you were missing might be the clear point, that everyone has different taste and something that might be bad or good for you is not the case for everybody else. Maybe, what was different in comparison other types of this genre ? Did it consist of any special atmosphere that gets you hooked ? Or something simple like why should I take my time and put it into that exact show ?

I can wait almost any amount of time, so it's no big deal. It actually motivates me to write some things myself. Well atleast a little bit.
161 Jul 23, 2013 5:23 AM
Your review of the Mirai Nikki Short was pretty decent, but there isn't much someone can say about those two minute shows, still you got it.
I haven't started the Kara no Kyoukai franchise yet and to be honest your review didn't give me more motivation to actually start it. Mostly because now it's more of a summary than something compelling and giving an overall good look at it.
I wanted to know something about the characters, but there isn't much to get from your review, but I don't know whether it would spoil too much from the story or not. Also, to bring in any ranking has no benefit for the review itself. I think it's unnecessary, on the other hand it may be just a matter of taste. Nontheless the review is still helpful, not much as it could be though.
Anyways keep it coming. I'm eager to see more.
korison Jul 23, 2013 4:54 AM
There cannot be any ranking list that is true to everybody!
And Fate/Zero really is an amazing Anime, even though it's sequel wasn't that good...And the author of Fate/Zero pretty much is my favorite Author or Scriptwriter ever! He has done amazing works such as Psycho Pass, Madoka Magika and Fate/Zero. I am writing myself and I could actually call him my idol or something. Yuki Kajiura who did the music for bot also is my favorite composer, next to Yoko Kanno who did amazing soundtracks as well. Another similarity I forgot last time is that the director of the first KnK movie and Fate/Zero are the same. The other KnK movies have different directors tho.
It's actually quite impressive to notice those similarities without knowing all the unnecessary stuff behind the scenes :D
korison Jul 23, 2013 3:59 AM
Just read your KnK Review and I really like it! The OST and Animation reminding you of Fate/Zero is only natural since with Yuki Kajiura we have a composer that worked for boh titles (which is amazing, considering both OSTs are fantastic!) And ufotable animating both (ufotable actually is an amazing company and my personal favorite. They will also do a remake for the Anime of Fate/Stay Night, and the Anime for that one was really bad (it might just be another Visual Novel route tho...would still be awesome :D
They also have the same character design as they were both published by Type-Moon!
The thing about Kara no Kyoukai being done in movies in my opinion is a lot better, for reasons that you might notice if you watch the 2nd movie.
Kara no Kyoukai stands as one of my favourite franchises and it's extraordinary storytelling is amazing. Glad to see that you liked the first .kvie and btw...ranking on MAL is not always true (in my opinion'^^)
TaciNox Jul 22, 2013 5:15 PM
I like your reveiw of kara no kyokai
If this your first time watching this series?
If it is your watching a pretty great series.
korison Jul 22, 2013 3:38 PM
haha it's not thaaaat many Reviews yet^^
Planning on doing more of them and I actually think it'd be better for others if you read them before clicking helpful, since if a review that isn't good is at top of a show, it won't help anyone! Still thank you :D
If it interests you, I am also Blogging on Wordpress about the seasonal shows (shows that are airing in Japan).
And it's really cool that you learn Japanese :D I know almost noone that knows any more japanese than the words used in Anime. Mine isn't that good either though...And please go on reviewing! I really like the reviews you've written so far and you seem to know pretty much about Anime too even though you are pretty new (actually...when did you like really watch your first Anime?)
Next question: Could you maybe PM me your skype name? Just for adding you to the group (if you still want to :D)
korison Jul 22, 2013 4:07 AM
I actually don't have anything against german or germany, it's just that I like english and japanese a lot more as languages (since I really like learning foreign languages)
And if you like gigguk you definitely should check out Podtaku! It's a podcast featuring 4 Anime reviewers (including gigguk) who for the most part reallt know a lot about the Otaku culture and it's really fun to listen to them just talking since what they are talking about is often not that...well sensefull xD
The Anime Reviewers I am following are gigguk, Arkada, Anima Appraisal (or xDisturbedJeans), HoldenReviews (which are the four from Podtaku) , HollowofDawn and DoctorDazza from FightingforNippon! They really are fun to watch^^