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Nov 29, 2019
The power of abs is strong here πŸ˜‚ its a really funny and cute read. Basically its about a weak (yet OP once he taps in his true power) mage that confesses his love to a powerful knight. Obviously she tells him to beat it, he decides to stay by her, she slowly warms up to him, and yeah that's about it.
Development is a bit slow but as the story goes on she developes feelings, and becomes a tsundere. There is harem but isn't too bad, lots of funny moments, support characters are funny, some do go a bit far but its good. Also read more
Nov 29, 2019
Really adorable manga, if you have kids then u can strongly relate to this. Basically a high school boy helps rescue 2 eggs from a thief, they hatch, boom he's the father 🀣 yes wut?? They do explain this though pretty well so hold them thoughts.
There's good comedy, classic love triangle but what makes this different is that both female leads actually make it clear unlike the normal stupid trends of clueless choices and decisions from charactersthat drag on for almostthe entire series, huge plus there. Really hoping this gets an anime, just too cute.
The characters here are also good, no major harem, read more
Nov 25, 2019
Huge note here, this manga has ZERO harem,ecchi, multiple big breated fems, etc...good clean read.
Ok now the story is pretty straightforward, promising and very strong female that loves a weak yet very determined classmate. Some good funny moments, good fight chapters, supporting characters each were unique and likeable. The art was different from what I've read so far but was nice, very short read not too long but character development was good so it touched up well. That ending though 😐 but the extra chapter made up for it so overall a good read for the romance readers. Hopefully they make an anime for this, read more
Nov 16, 2019
Oh boy, off the bat the animation here went full change and the back stories into last season style...completely boggled but it was rather unique.. Sadly due to this many hated this direction and its completely understandable, but it made the show better at least for me.
The first episode you will get ALOT thrown at you so heads up, but what made this season better than the first is how you get not one, or two, but multiple stories of the other bands, music, not to mention really good comedy. By far the better of the 2, and its ideal to watch the first read more
Sep 1, 2019
Oh man where to begin...
First off the art was really unique, really enjoyed how it looked. Characters here each had their own personality, and a strong character development was made that really had an impact. This shw basically is about risk, forgiveness, finding the meaning of friendship, and most importantly moving on, and i will admit there was an episode here that will REALLY get you right in the feels, i cried.
It felt as though it started off rather quick but after that it had a good pace, really hoped it had one more episode to smooth out the kinks, but either way was read more
Jul 23, 2019
This anime was so adorable and funny!! The dad was dramatic yet funny, a lot of interesting and unique supports, funny in their own right. I really enjoyed this show, if you love rom com shows highly recommend this.
Its a bummer the episodes are short, REALLY want to see more, see how their relationship develop further in the school year. The main girl is just too precious and the main guy clueless at first but starts to pick up quick though still in denial. If the show gets another season with a bit longer episodes i can see this develop into an instant hit, read more
Jul 10, 2019
If i have to summarize the whole film into a single word it would be 'acceptance' This film hit mighty close to me due to personal reasons but here's my take on it.
Without being a spoiler this whole film basically revolves around karma, denial, shame, sadness, and above all else...acceptance. Each characters personality will have you feelin all kinds of emotion, development isn't too slow but it does jump around quick. Also it left me questions that were answered, again either quick or down the line so pay close attention.
Wish the ending was a bit more worked on, maybe have a little more read more
Jul 8, 2019
Maybe it's just me, but i was really hyped for this show, thought it be a very hilarious and comical i was extremely annoyed of the main. I get it, she's extremely shy, clueless and an air head, but like most other anime characters that have this, passes. Not for her, no the way she expresses herself and tries so damn hard, just no.
I get it, it's the theme of the show, overcome ones shyness and open up, but it did more harm to the viewer then good. Again probably just me, i do hate these types, which is why its on hold for read more
Jun 30, 2019
I should literally be giving this show a 9 or 10 rating but I'll explain why not in a bit.
This show at first didn't look very exciting, typical hyped new show...damn was i wrong. Off the bat the shows hits you with deep feels, some great combat and a good sense of what you can expect. The story literally puts you in an emotional ride, seeing both the struggle of the main and those before him.
Combat is great, alot of neat and omg moments, and we get one of animes cutest character. Now THE MAIN REASON WHY I GAVE IT A LOW SCORE...
We read more
Jun 28, 2019
So MUCH FLUFF!!!! I wasn't expecting this show to be so damn adorable!!! But very few hiccups that wished it weren't here but you'll forget about it quick with the fluff 😊
Story is cute, definitely a strange way of showing demonic figures in a more kawaii fashion but it works, you do get some fan service but by how its done i really didn't mind it. Not a fan of over hyped shy characters or tsundere types but it actually works out here, graphics are cute and colorful, comedy is great.
Overall highly recommend this, it'll cleanse the soul with all the fluff.