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Hammerbreaker 2 hours ago
I've been recently working on a english dubbed Gintama fan-cast (which again, features New Generations Pictures as it's dubbing studio liscener as you know.) just to see how you would feel toward it. it features LA, (both union and not) NY, Texas and Houston/Austin individual talents altogether combined to make the dub as engagingly unique as it importantly needs to be. now I'm uncertain if you're familiar with any of these guys I'll name you in it, but even if you're I'll send you some samples to give a testament of their work as you please. maybe I'll change some of them myself once I'll think about it later on, but alas that's just my current dreamcast of this franchise for now on. Oh and just to make sure, some of the ones I named are not ones I'm familiar with and I have to here more of their work to see how they faired with their roles. so anyway *highly deep exhale incoming*


Gintoki Sakata - Paul Mercier
Shinpachi Shimura - Joshua Seth
Kagura - Kimberly Yates
Toshiro Hijikata - George Newbern
Shinsuke Takasugi - Neal McDonough
Kotaro "Zura" Katsura - Rick Gomez
Ayame Sarutobi - Danielle Judovits
Isao Kondo - Andrew Chandler
Sogo Okita - Christopher Kromer
Taizo "MADAO" Hasegawa - Marc Thompson
Tae "Otae" Shimura - Mae Whitman
Kyubei/Jyubei Yagyu - Hynden Walch
Katakuriko Matsudaira - Simon Prescott
Catherine - Susan Ulu
Prince Hata and Bansai Kawakami - Keith Silverstein
Tatsuma Sakamoto - Justin Gross
Utsuro and Shoyo Yoshida - Gregory Snegoff
Matako Kijima - Stephanie Sheh
Zenzo Hattori and Sadaharu - Tom Kenny
Tsu Terakado - Michelle Ruff
Sagaru Yamazaki- Liam O'Brien
Kamui - Jack DeSena
Ayumu Tojo - David Hayter
Otose - Mona Marshall
Isaburo Sasaki - Tristan MacAvery
Tetsuko Murata - Bridget Hoffman
Abuto - JB Blanc
Tsukuyo - Jill Talley
Henpeita Takechi - Kevin Conroy
Nizo Okada - Dan Worren
Umibozu/Kankou - Daran Norris
Oboro - Dameon Clarke
Gengai Hiraga - William Frederick Knight
Tama - Rachael Lillis
Nobume Imai - Kate Higgins
Kintoki Sakata - Aaron Krohn
Shimaru Saito - Dave Wittenberg
Tetsuya Murata and Takaya Hachibei - Steve Blum
Nobunobu Hitotsubashi - Greg Abbey
Heiji Kozenigata - Jim Ward
Shigeshige Tokugawa - Yuri Lowenthal
Seita - Wendee Lee
Jirocho Doromizu - Dorian Harewood
Hosen - Michael Ironside

throw of your thoughts on how you feel towards this cast as you'd like, I'd be enthused to know how you'd be willing to say anything positive about any of the picks I've chosen. got it?
Hammerbreaker Dec 4, 4:33 AM
Eh, I actually think any of them could work phenomenally if they'll give their own spin. I'm curious to hear why you can't see the rest of them befitting him?

in all fairness to Dameon Clarke, I really wish he was still getting more roles in anime. Ergo Proxy was the last one he was given a new role in (and it's quiet possibly a top favorite of mine from his work) and it sucks we'll never get to hear him in anything japanese related media ever again, the man's easilly one of the finest talents to ever launch out from the Dallas talent pool. not to mention that he also does have some genuine voice range of his own. I also loved his work as Cell, Toguro and Scar to top it all of. I could also see him making up for a brilliant Hellsing's Alucard if Crispin Freeman didn't got the role. (that's not a knock on Crispin himself tho, I always liked his work as this character the most and I don't think there could be anyone who could have done an hell of a job in the role the same way he did barring the aformentioned Dameon.) his father-like voice was always music to my ears and his presence sure is one of a kind.
speaking of whom, it's saddening how lots of VA's who have done work in anime in the past and some who also had their careers debuted in Anime of all stuff as well (ala Daran Norris) are hard to get in it anymore. (well, unless it's union I guess?) wonder if it was less impossible to get them there during the non-mainstream era or is it because of something else?

Hammerbreaker Dec 4, 4:11 AM
he sadly wasn't! he instead played Keel Lorenz/SEELE's CEO, I was baffled to know he wasn't cast as Gendo instead. those roles are ones he's rarely a stranger for and it still doesn't make sense why Netflix itself didn't went with him in the end results. instead we had Ray Chase doing this not!Batman kinda voice that felt really strained to make me buy him in the role, yet instead feels like I'm hearing someone doing a lamely done Batman impression. the whole idea of redubbing this franchise was useless anyway and wasn't even necessary to begin with.

ignoring that for a momment, are all the people I've suggested you for Gendo would work in your view?
Hammerbreaker Dec 3, 12:52 AM
oh well, I agree the man's one hell of an actor with those marvelous capabilities and chops which makes him one of my top favorites. wish he was utilized better.

agreed on Dimaggio as a pick for him. I thought to myself I could come up with choices of my own for him too, some who'll arguably be just as good as sir Molina. I'd like to send you samples of their work to see how you'd speculate them to perform in the role, so here it is:

NOTE: before I'll name you them, I haven't got around to see some stuff they've worked on in full. but regardless I'll still go right ahead and do it myself.

Daran Norris (
Simon Templeman (
Dameon Clarke (
Doug Lawrence ( something akin to that voice with all the cartoony elements throwed off would definitely make me believe he'd make for a slasher work as him.
Lawrence Bayne (
Ward Perry (
Ross Douglas (,
Gerald Matthews (
Robert Kraft (
DC Douglas ( side note: Netflix sure had made a face-palming mistake by not casting him as this character instead of Keel in their own redubs of the the 90s adaptations (in all fairness tho? their idea of redubbing them was just utterly pointless and didn't end up being any better than the already more-bad-than-good ADV dub. funnily enough, NCZ (a member from BTVA) expected it to be done in the same style their dubs of Baki and Ultraman have been, and the end results were not good. even more funny that he made a fan-cast to predict the Redubs casting in the Evangelion dreamcast page in his own expactations to make for an high bar setting one, see for yourself:!) he'd be an overall better choice than Ray Chase would have ever been, I like Ray Chase's work and his versatility can't be denied but Gendo wasn't the right role for him to me. someone like Ryoji Kaji is more in his wheelhouse than Gendo ever was.
Jack Merluzzi (
Kevin Conroy (pretty much the only one I don't need to link you samples for, I already took a listen to them and no doubt he'd nuked it as well. bless this man heart and everything he did. you already seem experienced with his role as the character he's most known for in any case, wish the man has appeared in some japanese related stuff at least once.

so any thoughts on them? can you see all of them working well or not?
Hammerbreaker Dec 2, 11:55 PM
thanks! I'm glad you're back.

anything regarding Mercier's talents? do you feel that outside of Leon, the love for him is nowhere to be seen?

another question I had in mind for you: any actor (be it either Japanimation dubbing actors or western animation ones) you can picutre as Gendo Ikari?
Hammerbreaker Nov 25, 2:01 PM
Seeing as how you'd be exasperated about me sending you messages every day, I decided to cut it for a month and give you a rest from that momment on.

moving onto our discussion, how have you been doing as of late? you're free to express how you feel just so I can get some context to it. another thing is that I'd want you to do (well, at least as it won't bother you to do so yourself...) is reply to my previous replies just so we can move onto something else. can you?
Hammerbreaker Oct 25, 11:18 AM
I don't want you to get annoyed and such, but there has been news which has been announced yesterday that I want to share with you on about:

quiet sad knowing this man's existence is over, I loved his work in Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade. (but then again, I loved everything about this movie as a whole.) his work as Char Aznable (from the samples I've listned to) also seems to later leave a gigantic impact for me once I'll get to the Gundam franchise if I could. man oh man, how much I wish the talents from vancouver were still mostly present in the dubbing industry. it's for sure not the same without these guys. I don't know if it's only me basking my own nostalgia for them, but they really have some locked skills into them for future anime(s) to come near by. ain't it?
Hammerbreaker Oct 23, 10:07 PM
Well that sucks to know, thanks for informing on that because at least now I can relax for a momment. Hope yours will get fixed soon enough, I'm counting on you.
Hammerbreaker Oct 23, 1:33 PM
OK now I don't know how you will feel about what I'll say at this momment but I wonder to myself what you're doing already? You haven't left anything else to say to me and I'm still wanting you to give me answers if you want. Please, just please don't tell me the current situation with your health has gotten worse over the course of your life....
Hammerbreaker Oct 17, 12:07 PM
will you not send a comment to me anytime soon? not that I'm doing this to take you out of the momment, it's something I rather want to adress you on. so will you accept or....not at all?
Hammerbreaker Oct 15, 12:20 AM
Quick off-topic disscusion: There are news which have been announced yesterday, here it is for you:

Tetsuo Shima's former English speaking VA has died, that poor man really didn't deserve that. He sure was under-utilized to say the least, wasn't he?
Hammerbreaker Oct 3, 1:51 PM
so I'd forgive if you'd find this message rather on-the-nose due to my unsure curiosity, but lemme just question you this: do you have any knowledge on the Resident Evil franchise? I *guess* you do have but for whatever reason, I'm uncertain if you really do. leaving this one aside for a momment, I just want to acknowledge you that a remake for Resident Evil 4 has been announced months ago and to tell you what I think of it for now: I fear it will be panned for leaning on the GRIMDARKSERIOUSBRO routte really hard in the final results. Mercier himself will evidentally not manage to reprise voicing both Leon and the Merchant (yes man, you saw that one coming. haven't you?), so I feel rather confident in believing it'll suck if he won't make it. it won't feel right either if the rest of the old cast (e.g. Carolyne Lawrence as Ashley Graham, Jim Ward as Jack Krauser and Rino Romano as Luis Sera) would be left to the dust for no apperent reason. and on a final note: about Nick Apostolides returning to the role of Leon himself in obligation to keep consistency with the remake trilogy, I really don't think he's capable of playing the older, more experienced Rendition of him in any way convincingly (reminder that the character is in his late 20s according to the original, so I'd always picture him speaking in a baritone voice more often than not.)

so after you'll answer the former question I want you to and give me any regards to the interview about Paul Mercier himself, I want you to tell me if you feel the same way I do about the remake of RE 4. is that enough for me to acknowledge you on about?
Hammerbreaker Oct 1, 2:21 PM
so about the interview I've sent you, have you watched it in it's full entirety to get what I'm talking with you about?
4en Sep 28, 3:40 PM
6 episodes remaining for the 2nd season of Fate/Zero and if it can maintain its quality to the ending, I will give it 10/10.
Hammerbreaker Sep 28, 3:04 PM
I'm honored to share with you a video I'll immediately link you to:

Everything about the given information in it had me engaged as to what he's referring to in his history with Capcom. Not just that, the expressive enthusiasm his personality is brimming with warms me combined with his immense honesty. (No really, just take a look at minutes 3:31 - 3:38. ain't it glorious?) Knowing about all of this not only saddens me he'll never get the role of Leon ever again, him not being in more anime dubs also makes me feel sad that the small appreciation is not welcoming his skills well. (he's still primarily active in the acting department however.) Coming to think about it, I really wish some actors who have never been in a single anime dub (I.e. Carolyn Lawrence and Doug Lawrence) have made the opportunity to make it happen. There's just no going further beyond all of this stuff, he killed it as this character. the same way I think Akira Kamiya IS Kenshiro, Hynden Walch IS Nia, Joshua Seth IS Tetsuo Shima, Hideyuki Hori IS Momotaro Tsurugi, Skip Stellrecht IS Vicious, Justin Gross IS Ichise and Keith Silverstein IS Johan Liebert, Paul Mercier just IS the voice of Leon Scott Kennedy. No one could ever hope to knock him out as this character in forever and I'll stand by it for years to come, how much I wish he had better career in his hands and expressed his voice range to prove the audience how much he's capable of successfully utilizing it. Because if he did, then it would be a welcome change IMCHO. This George Newbern-like voice his voice carries from within (it kind of does share a resemblance to him honestly) is something I can listen to for the rest of my life, it's just that bone-chilling.

if you're experienced with this franchise, please feel gladly free to throw off your 2 cents once you'll see the full interview yourself. Aight?