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Sep 11, 2019
Minor but basically irrelevant spoiler warning...Except the character section which is paragraph not read that if you do not want to literally have it ruined for you. But if you cbf any of it it's 10/10 overall in my very unprofessional opinion.

Ok so to be honest, this is the second review I have written for this anime. However I deleted the old one because I realised how susceptible I am to viewing something I just finished enjoying through a filtered lens and did not give as honest a review as I would have liked to. From the start I will say that regardless of read more
Nov 15, 2018
*Some Spoilers...kinda?*

I think the Story started really good and could have been great. But it seemed like at a certain point it became simply training arcs and a bad story. I really think it was great at the start, and the time travel thing was actually really cool the way they did it (despite the fact that the explanation was kinda dog shit and annoyed me). It had great things to work with a so much potential but they stuffed it towards the end with such desperation in hyping stuff up and then no being able to deliver. Story 6/10

The art isn't amazingly clean but read more
Nov 15, 2018
Really wish I could find more wrong with it just coz I hate giving perfect or near perfect reviews. Granted that doesn't work much since I only write them on ones I have a strong opinion on or more often than not just really love. But honestly, I adored the story and I think it was perfect, and couldn't find a flaw. The art was flawless to me and I was trying really hard to have there be something that disappointed me but it is one of those anime that looks really clean and looks really good. Sound effects blended great with the show as read more
Oct 14, 2018
Very minor spoilers if you call them that.

Story: 10
It followed great from the first season. It was minor but I think it is worth mentioning there was something I liked a bit less but couldn't put my finger it on. I knew it was either with the story or characters. It was not with the story. It was actually very well thought out and they did not force anything to make more money. They set out what they intended to do and did exactly that. It concluded in a way that was pretty satisfying in all honesty and I left content with the story altogether.

Art: read more
Oct 14, 2018
Story: 9
I was going to score it a little lower on account of the immense desire to wage war displaced by the orbital knights. However I changed my opinion on that because I can see where they come from and find that interesting to why they wish to battle. I don't think it was right of course but I like how corruption in the ranks of an already corrupt society blew up a massive war as they did. I love the contradiction in fighting ones own race as if they were separate when they are only a few centuries off separation less different than Earth's read more
Oct 14, 2018
I enjoyed it to a degree but it had too many flaws. The story was pretty predictable and the villains were not interesting in the slightest. I preferred the one off villains more than the final one and even they weren't great. The show somehow thought that character development is get us to know them for 1 episode and then it's good to kill them off right away. This could have been done a lot better and in a way I like the whole thing where they all die and there are only a couple left with their scars. But that's not what this story read more
Oct 13, 2018
I can't begin to explain the amazement that comes from the layout and pure perfection that is this movie. I was hesitant for so long worried it would leave me unsatisfied with the continuation of a seemingly concluded story. And yet somehow it did not just give itself relevance in the movie but made it so that things in the original story could not fully make sense without it's existence. Just like at the end in his actions with Kurisu, laying out the timeline to playout as it would normally with or without the change in time that existed with and not within itself (I read more