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okwhynot Oct 9, 2019 7:36 AM
riaz!!!! now it's my turn to apologize for responding late. just haven't found the vibe to really sit down properly and respond but i got my spirit back :-) so here we go

i finished code geass (✿◡‿◡) i'm planning to watch the second season some time soon, the chronology of the titles kinda confuses me since i don't know if it's better to watch the second season or a movie etc. first :D i must say i was kind of confused by season 1's ending since it wasn't really an ending at all it felt like i could basically continue watching another episode after it hahaha. i'm mostly intrigued to find out more about c.c. in the next season!👌🏼

i also finished kimetsu no yaiba yesterday and reeeeeally loved that show. loved the aesthetics, the plot and the characters so much, gave it a 9!! i dont really know why i didnt give it a 10.. i think for me it lacked a certain spice that would have made it legendary. but maybe that will change with the next season or the movie haha. one thing that i have wished for for the whole series but didnt come true is zenitsu realizing that he can actually fight extremely well. i just wanted to see his reaction so bad!! he would be so proud and baffled to find out that he is not as weak as he imagined himself to be this whole time. and i would have loved to see him working on his lightning sword style or whatever that was bc with that style he probably would be able to impress even the hashira.

now that i'm finished with those two i'm going to continue watching dr. stone :D mostly i like to finish one thing before i continue with another so that's why i put it on hold.

i put kanata no astra on my plan to watch back then when i read your reply :) you know when choosing what to watch next i either go for anime that is currently airing and hyped or picking random numbers from my plan to watch list :D

what i also discovered in the last months are the kara no kyoukai movies. currently at movie nr. 3👏 the movies have a flair about them thats really hard to describe, the genre is mostly horror but also mixed with some drama and detective-like stories. idk even though i didnt rate them super high i kinda dig the movies and i'm going to watch all of them hahah. you might want to check them out maybe :)

btw that paper was some kind of take-home exam. in uni we have 3 types of exams: writing a test, having a presentation (those 2 during the semester) or writing a paper in the semester break which will have like 15-20 pages. i already finished that paper long time ago tho and i'm still on semester break haha. but it's my last week now and next week uni is starting. but i really made the most of my holidays that's for sure :) was on vacay twice, met a lot of cool new people and also going to a concert of my fav hip hop group this saturday. i even got a tonsil inflammation a couple of days ago which now begins to heal so i can really say i went through all there is hahahaha

how are you doing? :) tell me everything
okwhynot Jul 27, 2019 4:00 PM
code geass ep 23 💪🏼 i swear episodes 22 & 23 were intense af. when lelouch accidentally ordered euphemia to kill all the japanese people i was so shocked. especially because she was such a hope for the unification of the two forces. i felt so sorry for her because she really had her best interests in mind but in the end was used as a culprit and only because of a mistake. i really hope that somehow the truth will come out and her reputation will get better (at least post mortem).

what is your go-to place when it comes to choosing take out food?

i could never imagine taking courses online :D in our uni it's even almost impossible to get good grades if you're not physically present. but i guess that really depends on the subject/(you call it major right?) because for me i have to always be uptodate what kind of plants grow around my uni lol bc they are always important for the botany exams. dnd is dungeons and dragons right?
reminds me of this video :D i don't know if it's your humour but i saw it recently and find it hilarious. the two dudes in general make awesome sketches

i see you're watching dr stone. how do you like it so far? i'm still unsure how i feel towards it because there are some things in this anime that don't make any sense. in the forum there are some guys who are defending the non-sense aspect of this anime bc it's "anime after all". the huge science theme and how they're always showing random explanations of plants, minerals, phenomena etc and then you have humans who get a kinda thin but kinda super thick, skin-cracking stone layer, stay conscious and sane for 3700 years without nutrients, sunlight and social interactions and then you still wanna talk about science?? haha idk. i'm still gonna keep watching though but i really hope for more adjustment

today i wrote my biology exam which i studied an eternity for and i'm so glad i can finally say i'm on summer break now! i'll still have to write a paper but that's not a big deal. i'm going to barcelona in a couple of days 🦋 btw i was thinking of the same languages you mentioned. spanish is great for tourism and japanese is just generally a cool language to know and watching anime raw would be awesome ofc
okwhynot Jun 29, 2019 3:34 PM
just watched ep 13. man i'm so mad tbh that shirley was there during the fight, if it wasn't for her zero could have simply attacked.😫😫 i'm actually shipping lelouch and kallen more lol

how is your summer doing so far? tell me something that you recently did or what you're up to atm. it's pretty hot in my hometown, up to 40°C which is extremely hot for germany. makes you so tired as well.

which language would you like to speak and why?
okwhynot Jun 15, 2019 2:05 PM
soo i'm at ep 12 now and about to watch ep 13 :D i can't really explain it but i kinda like it. what i don't really like is the drawing style idk it's just not my type of "face" you know? but it's still really well done and what i liked most about it so far is this orange mind game :D it was really funny to see how the story adapted this prank and everyone talked about it as if it was a real thing and mocked jeremiah haha. i'm glad that there are still so many episodes to watch because i don't feel a strong bond to the characters yet. this is my most hated character so far

she just annoys me idk lol
i like him

i like his voice and he's kinda interesting in general. and also i like lelouch of course 😁 i like his motives and he always comes up with cool plans and twists that aren't predictable!

do you know the show love death robots? :D
okwhynot Jun 3, 2019 4:20 AM
if you could go anywhere you want and the trip would be paid for where would you go? :D well you mentioned that you don't know where you would go but maybe there is some place you would want to go but it seems unrealistic because of money, time etc. if these things would not matter, where would you go?
i must say i respect it a lot that you put so much effort into your studies and even take summer courses but i guess it stems from the fact that you're paying for your college and don't want to stay there longer than needed right?

and yeah if i would go travelling i'd also go with friends. there is some kind of romantization of single travelling since the beginning of the 2010's, people are going backpacking to thailand or australia and they find themselves and wear tribal pants all summer while realizing that beauty is a construct ahhahah
i'm planning to go to barcelona with my friend in august, we've already been there for 4 days last summer and we loved it to death, everything about the city. it's a perfect mix of urbanity and beach that's why we want to go for 7 days this time to really enjoy both sides to the fullest. also i'm planning to go on vacation with my family but both trips aren't really booked yet so for now it's just a plan that will hopefully come true

btw i started watching code geass💪🏼 i went to my plan to watch-list and let a random number generator decide what anime i'm going to watch next. the number was 25 and 25 was code geass :D
i must say i'm a little bit confused with the whole political setting and the protagonists name is a little bit cringy haha but the power he received is really promising and leaves room for a lot of drama to happen haha. oh man what would i give for this power, to make anyone do as i please 🙄 well i'm at episode 2 so far and i'm excited to see what's coming.
ProxyLain May 30, 2019 7:19 PM
ProxyLain May 30, 2019 4:58 PM
Non Non Biyori is perfect
ProxyLain May 30, 2019 4:54 PM
I saw the news here on MAL

okwhynot May 26, 2019 10:05 AM
you know what, my friend is currently rewatching avatar and we've watched like 6 or 7 episodes yesterday :D i'm kinda considering watching legend of korra but i'm so unsurrree.. it would be 4 seasons if i remember correctly and i could invest that time into an anime. i'm afraid that korra won't be as good as avatar and that it will just disappoint me :( did you watch it?

nah i didn't do anything super special but i still had some great meet ups with friends and got some nice presents :)

i'm watching paranoia agent atm and it's really really good, i can totally recommend and i will probably give a 9/10 when i'm done watching it. for a long time i haven't realised that the anime was made by satoshi kon but knowing that everything makes so much sense haha. idk if u watched anything by satoshi kon before (perfect blue, paprika etc.) but it's definitely worth watching! art is great, characters with depth and visuals are often trippy and focused on illusions.

have you already thought about going on vacation in summer?
okwhynot May 15, 2019 12:54 PM
i loved the nickelodeon shows! last airbender, zoey101, drake & josh, ned's declassified, spongebob etcccc. it's so sad that they don't show these anymore :( instead there are shows like henry danger or other irrelevant things. the protagonists are getting younger as well.

that sounds to me like you are a security-oriented person. i mean for me it's the same, i also believe that i'm pretty much the same person since i was a kid. but i guess the same goes for almost every person because some core personality aspects are fixed in people, there's no doubt in that. i think it's like this: your core personality aspects are the soil and the soil always stays the same, has the same minerals and nutrients. and the kind of plant that grows out of it is mutable, sometimes it's a large tree, sometimes a flower but in the end it comes from the same origin, just takes on different forms. and some things never change in plants for example that the color green is always present somewhere and also that it has leaves. so some people tend to focus on the form of plant they are and some concentrate on the soil that it grows from. i guess for me it's like i'm looking at my plant and i think "hmm..same plant as before" but i don't notice that the leaves got 1cm bigger or that other small changes took place. idk :D what's life anyway lol

i like the description of the woman drinking a glass of water and you can see the water level decreasing. i can imagine why you like that kind of detail.

i finished boogiepop and wrote a little review. :D i must say it does get better after the 10th episode. normally i don't care at all if people say "believe me, watch the anime xy till the end it's really slow at first but it does get better!" with texhnolyze it was the same, i dropped it after the 5th episode and i didn't care if it gets better or not because it was unbearable. but boogiepop wasn't unbearable, it was ok and starting from 10th/11th episode it gets increasingly better. but i also got confused with the different characters, there were just too many characters that were introduced and you couldn't even really distinguish between main and side characters because the characters that were important in the previous episodes didn't even show up in the next. i got some extra info through boogiepop wiki and tried to memorize the names (normally i'm really bad with the japanese names lol) and also read some spoilers and info from the following boogiepop novels and it really helped me understand and value everything a little bit more. when i was at episode 15 or so i was even sitting in uni thinking about the anime and looking forward to continuing it at home and that hasn't happened with boogiepop before haha
well it's not that i'm recommending you to continue watching it, it's just i didn't think that i end up understanding and liking it and wanted to let you know :D

btw it was my birthday on the 9th may :D 23 years old but i still look like 16.
okwhynot Apr 30, 2019 2:15 PM
yes i also enjoy our conversations very much :) it makes me happy that you call me a friend, little things like that really matter.

love those time capsule things! i've first seen one in a zoey 101 episode (know that nickelodeon show? i was obsessed with it as a teenager) and thought that it's a great idea. i've done "dear-me"-letters in the past and was very moved when i read them 1 year later or whatever. especially because i wrote about things that were either totally irrelevant or much deeper and intense one year later. and it gives me kind of a disassociating feeling when i think about the momentariness of experiences. you are never staying at the exact same place mentally and everyday you have a different mental set-up. a part of me wants to be in control and everlasting but at the same time i am more and more able to welcome changes.

damn sounds like a cringe ride right there. well your summary sounds like i won't watch it in the future :D i think i can trust you with taste and i'll probably won't like it either.

so you watch seasonal anime as challenge entries? didn't know that was allowed. when i participated last year you could only watch completed ones. what was your favorite entry so far? :)

btw what are your aesthetics? like, what do you find aesthetically pleasing in regards to pictures, movies, clothing, colors, deco stuff etccc

also i saw that you're also at 8th episode of boogiepop, what do you think so far? to me it's all a little bit abstract idk but i'm not planning to drop bc it's also intriguing
okwhynot Apr 29, 2019 12:12 PM
noo i wasn't upset, i knew that you'll write back sooner or later :) but it makes me happy that you considered my feelings even thought it's just some irrelevant stuff like writing back on an anime website haha

no you understood the quesion correctly :D i would answer it the same way. the funny thing is, it's a question from my question diary app, an app where you answer a question per day and in one year you answer the same question and read how or if your answer changed in a year. and one year prior i wrote that i'd rather know how i died than when because then i could prevent my death by knowing how i will die. but this year i was 100% sure that i would rather know when i'll die because i would also go crazy knowing the cause of my death because i wouldn't be able to relax ever again. for example if the cause of my death would be falling down the stairs i would never be able to leave the house and that would be shittyy. but if i would know the date of my death, at least i could live any other day in peace and total reassurance that i will not die. but actually.. some things are even worse than dying so.. i'm not sure anymore. whatever, enough talking about death lol

i see that you dropped fairy gone and i wanted to ask what your impression was and why you dropped it :D i've added it to my ptw because the plot and cover looked quite nice but main score is awful and you also dropped it so now i'm not sure anymore if i should watch :D

and btw, how's your watching challenge going? how many entries have you completed by now?
okwhynot Apr 21, 2019 1:14 PM
heyy :) so glad to hear from you!!

i've been having a break from overthinking social relationships and my identity within a community and in general. i did a break from what'sapp and was not available for any shit that was going on. i felt extremely at peace and like nobody can invade my life and hurt me or irritate me etc. now i'm more able to be involved in a social situation because i charged my batteries for 3 weeks. :)

oh man, promised neverland.... i'm so happy that through this anime i finally had a 10/10 experience again. i kinda lost hope that there won't be anything that catches my attention that much in a long time. the manga was really a pleasure to read, many emotions and many plottwists. but in my opinion the anime was still a little bit better so i can't wait for the anime airing again even though i already know what is going to happen. in the end you never know, maybe they change some little details in the anime and it will still be a unique experience. i heard that they did the same thing in the first season too.
oh and i started reading the manga from the beginning when the 9th or 10th episode came out and then caught up to the manga chapter that fit the current episode and when episode 12 ended i went straight to the manga and read on. i can't help my curiosity :D

oh yes the sweet pain of knowing that there was a dream but you can't remember the plot. that's why i love sleeping over at friends' places because the moment i wake up i start retelling my dream to my friend and through that my dream stays alive :D what also helps is writing down 3 key words, most of the time you'll be able to link them together somehow.

i recently read an interesting question and had to think a while before answering, so i thought i'd ask you:
if you had to choose, would you rather know how or when you will die?
okwhynot Mar 23, 2019 6:49 PM
its all good :) thanks for letting me know
okwhynot Mar 23, 2019 4:50 PM
hey i just wanted to say that i'm looking forward to your reply and i hope i didn't say something wrong or overwhelm you with my rant. i'm fine now, still overthinking some things. i'd love to hear what you're up to lately! i'm so excited for the last episode of neverland, i started reading the manga but only read the chapters that were relevant for the current episode. but when the series is finished i will def continue reading the manga because i need to knowwww how it will continue and also considering norman!! i hope you're fine and i hope you will find the time to answer soon :)