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Jan 8, 2017
The plot of the anime caught my interest, i thought it would be nice to have a glimpse of the seiyuu world.
Though I'm resistant at first because its score (7.1) was quite lower than average (7.5) but I still gave it a shot because almost all the reviews were good.. and that was my big mistake.. I was wrong, the anime is trash, the mc was a big trash, the scenes were boring, every episodes were meh, the whole thing was overrated.

Don't get fooled because the animation was good.
Well, it's a gamble if you're willing to waste your time watching this trash.
Oct 8, 2016
First, I'm soooo excited to see shokugeki having another season. This is one of the things I considered when watching an anime, If there is a high probability of getting another season.. and I'm sure there will be another season next year.

Let's start with the NEGATIVES:
- I'm kinda disappointed that it will only have 13 episodes, but still, I think its fine as long as it will left me in awe every episodes.

- The story is a LITTLE BIT fast-pacing. Particularly in episode 1 where they already began cooking, and the judges where already sitting in their chairs. Unlike in the manga, the judges where read more
Jun 15, 2016
Overrated. The anime was made half-baked, the characters are super annoying, I can't see the point of the story, and it's uninteresting. I only watched this because the graphics are nice, well.. looks can be deceiving.

One more thing, it fails to give the enjoyment and thrill viewers are looking for when they are watching a new anime. It's a waste of time, truly disappointing. The anime really wanted to impress the viewers, rather than to express, that's why it was really overrated.

Every episode, my only reaction is "What the heck??!"

I really hate this anime, everything is annoying, particularly the dialog of the characters. It's read more