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Houseki no Kuni (TV)
Houseki no Kuni (TV)
Yesterday, 3:16 AM
Watching 11/12 · Scored -
Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season
Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season
Yesterday, 3:16 AM
Watching 11/13 · Scored 1
Two Car
Two Car
Yesterday, 3:01 AM
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Girls und Panzer: Motto Love Love Sakusen desu!
Girls und Panzer: Motto Love Love Sakusen desu!
Dec 16, 6:00 AM
Reading 1/? · Scored -
Getter Robo
Getter Robo
Dec 13, 5:52 AM
Completed 17/17 · Scored -
Strike Witches: Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora
Strike Witches: Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora
Sep 18, 6:41 PM
Completed 8/8 · Scored -


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AobaSuzukaze Dec 7, 6:49 AM
That website is in Japanese so I don't know if it does, since it doesn't show any pages of the manga, but if it's the whole manga, it definitely should have any side stories that are included.
AobaSuzukaze Dec 6, 8:07 PM
There are so many Witch stories that I doubt mal has the majority of them. I haven't looked at your profile yet, so I don't know what country you're from, but you could just buy a copy of all the Strike Witches manga series I mentioned off amazon. That's where I got mine, besides 1 volume that I got at a convention. Sorry, if the names confuse you, since I prefer to remember the English and not the Japanese name. You'll need the English name for amazon, though, so it may help having it in the comment.

Honestly, the Witch stories aren't exactly extremely popular in the west so I'm not surprised that many of the entries are not completely uploaded online.
AobaSuzukaze Dec 6, 6:02 AM
For which volumes? I own the physical copies of the Fuso Sea Incident, The Sky that Connects Us, Maidens in the Sky, and One-Winged Witches; so the side stories would've been included. Idk where to find them online, if side stories in those series are what you're referring to.
Tebls Nov 19, 7:52 PM
Yes, I'm a lot older than the average anime fan. Though I wouldn't say I'm an old man quite yet.
syncrogazer Oct 7, 4:08 PM
No, it's definitely not episodic. The length and repetitiveness was killing me at the time, and I didn't feel like sitting through 20 odd more episodes to see the end. I can't say I hated it, I just didn't feel like finishing it. As for other Takahashi Ryosuke stuff: Gasaraki is a political-military (mecha) drama with historical and philosophical themes. I enjoyed it quite a bit. FLAG was interesting for the setting and POV. Layzner was pretty great until the shift in setting and tone.

I'm well aware that I have a contrarian opinion in regards to Votoms.

syncrogazer Oct 6, 6:37 AM
Well, at the point I was in in Votoms, it just felt super repetitive. Is it one of the best? I don't know.
kaneki46 Sep 24, 3:01 PM
HMS-Unicorn Sep 24, 5:23 AM
I want both to have Selfcest.
HMS-Unicorn Sep 23, 12:37 PM
Skittles Sep 4, 4:31 AM
Yeah, it's sad how JRPG's are facing a steep decline. The big franchises like FF and Tales have pretty much fallen from their grace, so it's all pretty much up to the smaller devs like Falcom to bring the genre back to its roots. The Legend of Heroes series is about the only JRPG franchise I have faith in left now.

I did hear how Nioh was divided into levels unlike the Souls series where it's more streamlined. But oh damn Ray Dhimitri, I wouldn't use him as a good example XD Guy makes a lot of one-shot vids including with the Souls bosses, but they always involve him having the most OP equipment and builds. There's no fun in watching something like that lol.

I actually just got the platinum for Bloodborne, and I gotta say it's not only one of the best PS4 games ever, abut also all-time. Just started Dark Souls 3, and while it's fun, it lacks the great atmosphere and fast-paced combat of Bloodborne so far sadly. Granted, I'm still in the beginning so things may chance. I am actually planning to try Nioh too later tbh, since even if it does seem like a watered-down Souls, the fantasy feudal Japan premise is super attractive to my eyes lol.
Skittles Aug 31, 7:24 AM
I played it on PS4 already, though it's nice to hear that it's coming to PC. I do hear stuff about it being the best gameplay-wise, but the first game still has it beat on the story and characters to which I agree. Laharl and co. is just too good lol.

Sooo hyped for Ys 8! Falcom is definitely one the best game devs today. You play the Legend of Heroes series too by any chance? Such an awesome franchise.

Hmm what makes you dislike Nioh? I was planning to grab it whenever it goes on sale actually lol.
Tarotist Aug 27, 1:54 AM
Well when something happens to the anime creator, something happens to the anime. This isn't the first time this has happened before. Gundam SEED was an ok show, but when Gundam SEED Destiny came around, creator Fukuda had health issues and had his wife take over...and everything went downhill from there...At the very least, Kaneko can keep up the crazy dankness. And about S1 being the best thing I've noticed with the fanbase of Symphogear is that their favorite season varies. Some say its S1, others say S2, and there are those that say S3 was the best. I'm actually fine with this. ^_^ you play Mega Man X games? Well if you were to ask me who is the most "Mega Man" in Symphogear, my answer would be Maria. I even mentioned in one of my comments that Maria would turn into Mega Man Zero sooner or later. Basically, if Maria's gear was colored red and black, she would literally be Mega Man Zero. Here's a little breakdown:

1. Maria's hair and her headphones resemble Zero's horned helmet.
2. Empress Rebellion looks highly identical to Zero's Chain Rod.

3. When Maria went Ignite in GX, she fused her dagger with her arm, and her arm became a "Buster". Her Horizon Cannon attack also resembles a buster shot.

It could also be in the manner of how the villains are presented in the story. The Autoscorers would definitely fit as Mega Man Zero villains. Speaking of which, what if Elfnein were to add the properties of the autoscorers to the Symphogears? Imagine Hibiki going "Micha Mode" where her fists become claws, or Shirabe going "Garie Mode" where her attacks are infused with ice that she can use to alter her movements and attacks. Imagine if Chris can enter "Leiur Mode" where she gets gunshoes and starts dancing and shooting like Bayonetta. The Illuminati would also fit as Mega Man villains, especially Saint Germain and her bullet-changing gun.

Thanks for the help and the lists. There weren't any english ones so I had to ask you. And speaking of poison, why the hell is it so strong in this game?!
Tarotist Aug 25, 3:52 PM
Nooo...I don't want to believe that....Germain and Hibiki? Personally, I think Germain and Tsubasa would make a good match. And you weren't just about to make fun of Shirabe, were you?

Shut up! Macross Delta is awesome! And how could you be watching Delta without knowing about the Giri Giri Ai? Do you even Giri Giri Ai? And if you were really going to start with the worst one, you should have gone with Macross 7, which would have been perfect since it occurs just after the original Macross which you watched. You also would have caught the Macross 7 reference that Chris made in AXZ episode 3...

Decided to do another random 10-card roll...and...IGALIMA DATTO? I got a 5-star Kirika! Yay! Do you always get a 5-star when doing a 10-card roll?

I've been fighting in the arena and came across an opponent who was 10 levels higher than me. As far as I know, he had a 3-star Hibiki and Kirika, and X-Drive Kanade, all over level 40. My team was X-Drive Hibiki, my newly acquired 5-star Kirika, and the 4-star Chris you get for free. Only my X-Drive Hibiki was at level 40. Kirika was at level 30, and Chris at level 27. There really wasn't any elemental advantages and disadvantages...and I won. Are 5-stars really that strong, or am I just lucky?

I'm grinding the Fine quests to get those green tokens to buy stuff from the shop. So...questions!
1. What are those colored chip items? They look like squares with a small colored square in the center. I know you can feed them to your gears, but what do they do exactly compared to the music sheets?
2. Should I buy more than one of each memoria card? I got the 5-star Miku and 4-star Kanade ones, and I have enough tokens to buy more. Also, what do these cards add to the gear when equipped?
3. The most expensive item in the shop is that spiked rainbow crystal that costs 1,200 tokens I think. What does it do?
4. Is awakening worth it?
5. Mind if you provide a list of the songs and what bonuses each song provides when it is being sung?
6. Is there any way to increase the deck cost limit other than leveling up so that I can use my stronger gear and memoria cards?
7. In battle, characters can inflict buffs and debuffs. Red shield is direct defense while Blue Shield is Special defense, correct? And if you have X-Drive Hibiki (I have the blue one btw), what buff does she get after using her special? It looks like a diagonal yellow light across the small box. I'm guessing crit rate up? Because she crits a lot...

Sorry for asking, but guides are lacking, and I want to be STRONG! Until then, I'm going to save my gacha gems for the next event. If Edgelord Hibiki gets a card, I'm going to get Edgelord Hibiki no matter what!

Also, no spoilers for episode 8 and 9, ok? I've already caught a few glimpses, and I don't want the fun ruined for me...
Tarotist Aug 21, 3:43 PM
HEY! CAGLIOSTRO IS NOT GAY! Episode 7 proved it! Adam walked around naked, and Cagliostro didn't even bat an eye! And several people cosplay as their waifu. They're called crossplayers...

And why are you watching Macross Delta before Macross Frontier? You can't watch Macross Delta before watching Macross Frontier! You're supposed to Ningen Loves You Yeah! first before you Giri Giri Ai because if you Giri Giri Ai before you Ningen Loves You Yeah!, you won't be able to Ningen Loves You Yeah! because the only thing that will be on your mind is Giri Giri Ai!

299732306 is my ID. I've been playing more XD ever since I learned the Wi-Fi password in my office hehehe...And do friends do nothing more than lend you their OP gears to carry you through hard levels and raids?
Tarotist Aug 18, 5:16 PM
I won't let Symphogear die! I'll cosplay as Cagliostro next year if I have to!

Yeah. 3D models, but the song is just playing in the background, which is expected considering the type of game it is. They would have to re-record every single song with every single character. There's even a male singer, but he hasn't been released yet, so you'll have to stick with the girls for now. Not that I don't mind that though, since I only choose the characters that sung the song originally. The 3D models are great, especially this one. Watch the dance! You'll know which part I'm talking about hehehe.

Well I tried to add you...but I guess your friends list is full...I'm still a low-level anyway...There's a shop in XD? But none of them use gold...Oh well, I'll just max out my X-Drive Hibiki. She's so fun to watch as she kamehameha-punches everything. She's ridiculously fast too. Don't worry about me wasting gems. I only gacha once in a blue moon. I want to focus on maxing out my memoria cards and characters first. X-Drive Bikki will do for now. Grinding is not a problem...but everything uses so much energy... Now all I need to know is what each memoria card does. Oh, how to use rice bowls and coffee items?

Eww...bad director for Wake Up, Girls...but the anime is edgy? EDGY!

Really? AXZ looks pretty consistent from what I've seen. There's a few mishaps here and there, but I'm fine with it as long as they focus on what matters most. It's like how people judge Knights of Sidonia on the animation. They don't like the choppy animation during dialogue. For me though, that's fine, because they put all the budget on the action scenes where it matters. As long as AXZ stays consistent and does what it does best, it'll do fine.