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Aug 3, 2020
The MC is very likable. Change my mind.

Do you know any series where there's a harem full of beautiful women, and this lucky bastard is just dense and is annoying the hell out of you? Like with no other reason? Like they're just born to piss us off by being dense and petty?

Then my friend, the MC here is different. (Not as great as Yuuji from Grisaia nor Issei from High School DxD tho)

Anyways, the story follows a young boy with his group of valkyries-cute girls with superpowers. The twist is, they need to undergo some romance-thing before the girls power-up. In Norse mythology, there read more
Aug 3, 2020
You want a group full of badass serial killer women? The one where they murder others while being extremely hot and sexy? The one where they have sex with a man then kill him afterwards in a gruesome way? The one where there are also lesbians and they go full yuri and make us some horny bastards?

Then welcome, intellectuals who have a great sense of culture.

Seriously tho, this manga is not for those who are sensitive to rapes, gruesome murder, and any kind of exaggerated violence.

To start, I would like to say that the author is very creative in making scenarios and building up read more
Aug 3, 2020
"Hey let's make an ecchi series"

"But ecchi is so overrated and mainstream, I doubt we can make it any more interesting"

"How about we add some serious sh*ts in this series"

"Like what"

"Let's add psychological and suspense to make this thrilling, and add some horror elements too like plot twists in the first few chapters"

"Wait, isn't this a completely different series? Is it even an ecchi?

"No, the story is focused on ecchi elements"

"Are you saying you want to make some High School of the Dead kind of story?

"That sh*t is good, a true guilty pleasure series, but no, let's make the ecchi genre an essential plot device read more
Aug 3, 2020
This is one of those stories where the MC is some kind of genius who tries to hide his abilities.

Well, in these stories, the MC has some kind of reasons why he wants to hide his intellect and live a normal life, and in this manga, the reason is quite simple.

The story follows a "Kakegurui" style of high school where gambling is the core system to survive. The interesting thing is that unlike those edgy-psychological gambling school, this has goofy and humorous take on this kind of genre. But don't worry, there are serious moments in some chapters that can easily surpass the mainstream read more
Aug 1, 2020
This is one of the stories where you are introduced with the world that the characters are in, and it's up to the characters to make the story interesting.

As of now, there are only 11 chapters that are translated and the story hasn't really progressed that much. However, the latest translated chapter was able to introduce the plot devices and the different colors of each character. Personally, the story is still average as there hasn't been any big conflicts, but there are already hints that this will be an interesting series. I hope that this won't suffer from the mainstream thriller/psychological manga that start read more
Jul 16, 2020
Pandora Hearts was unique. The manga had a world of its own and as reader, we get to enjoy how the story unfolds in an interesting way. I picked up this manga when I was browsing for amazing manga(s) with not so justified anime adaptation. I hesitated at first because I didn't really heard any from my acquaintances and peers, but I like the sense of adventure and reading works that are not so popular among my circle. I wholeheartedly advice you to read this series if you haven't yet.

For my specific review,

STORY (9/10)
The story is fantastic. Imagine a complex jigsaw puzzle written in read more