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Jan 13, 2015
Background: 10/10
The artistry is amazing. The movie is directed by Naohisa Inoue who did the "Whisper of the Heart" backgrounds on the fantasy scenes (which has a similar feel). His paintings commonly take place in the land of Iblard (hence the name). Since he uses his actual paintings the backgrounds look great. An additional bit of info, it looks like his technique is similar to Sachiko's in "From Up On Poppy Hill"

Animation 2/10
To give the paintings life water effects are added over and other little things, the problem is everything sticks out like a sore thumb. Also they make all the paintings move to read more
Jan 5, 2015
This is a must see for Ghibli fans. The OVA has moments that remind you of all of Miyazaki's works. I'm fairly surprised Anno didn't contribute because the world has a strong Anno vibe. The art is fantastic and it does an amazing job of covering CG up. The world design is breath taking and personally I had no issue with watching similar scenes over and over. The story is convoluted, but I believe it's because you are witnessing multiple versions of a single event to tell a whole story, sort of like "Edge of Tomorrow" (horrible comparison).