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Jan 4, 2022
If you have ever read an Isekai, you basicly know what this is about. This one is, without much exaggeration, the most generic and uninspired one i´ve read to this day. The story is a bunch of trophes, story lines and elements mashed together, sadly without a single new idea or proper execution of any part of it.

The start isn´t too bad, just not very original. A boy get´s transported in a fantasy world where he starts of as a baby of a noble family and is send away into a isolated large mansion after his father finds out about his predetermined jobs. You see, read more
Oct 24, 2021
Mieruko-Chan so far is basicly a run of the mill slice of life Anime with a creepy backdrop. It´s not realy horrific or disturbing, and doens´t feel like a horror series at all. Creepy, yes. Horror, no.

The danger and the rules of the world so far are rather unclear. That wouldn´t be that much of a problem normaly, but there isn´t much else thats happening. So not knowing if anyone is even in danger at any given time or how this danger looks like, doesn´t help much either.

On the positiv side, it´s at least kinda entertaining watching our protagonist doing her best not to react read more
Dec 18, 2020
Danmachi season 3 is okay. Nothing ground breaking, nothing new, but not bad either. Pretty much the same old story, but darker and more in the spirit of season 2.
The story started promissing but nothing of significance came of it, they pretty much reseted the most new developments in the end and we were send of with a final episode full of unexplaind or straight out stupid plans, an mediocre and out of nowwhere fight, but without the damsal in distress not even mentioned at all. Which was pretty irritating to me to say the least.
What was it about? It´s Danmchi, so about saving a read more
Apr 13, 2020
This manga is something different. It is constantly walking the line between qrotesque, fetish porn, light hearted comedy and just pure insanity.
In one scene one of the girls is puking in the main characters face, while being forced to dry hump him and the next is a discussion about racism. You realy have no clue what to expect of it at any time.

At first i thought this could be something like a satire of ecchi and hentai manga in general, with clear references to story beats and imagery. After finishing it i can assure you, i still don´t know what to make of it.

The read more
Jan 25, 2020
As a big fan of studio Shaft and the original Madoka, i realy wanted to love this one. Not seeing Gen Urobuchis name anywhere near the project had a little red light going off in the back of my head, but i thought Shaft would still handle it in a decent way.

The structure is odd and switches from a fast to a very slow pacing, seemingly at random. Heavy dramatic scenes are followed by parts that seem to ignore the moments before, sometimes with the same characters in new locations, a light hearted feeling and nobody even mentioning the dramatic stuff that happend just read more
Nov 1, 2019
This is an odd one. Some parts of it are actually very well done, like the bodyhorror and the tension in the beginning, the expressive art styl or the constant evolution of the danger, but so much else just didn´t work at all.

This manga tries to mix survival horror, with heavy ecchi elements, a highschool drama, light hearted comedy and a battle shounen protagonist in one story and fails so spectecularly with it that i just can´t stop reading.
We have emotional and dramatic scenes, that are built up for multiple chapters intercut with stupid sex jokes, that kill all tension and it´s leaving a read more
Sep 1, 2019
Kimetsu no Yaiba´s strong side is without a doubt the production value of Ufotable. It can shine with good music, fluid animations, decent artwork and nice character design.

The problems seem to lay just under the highly polished surface. Especially the story, worldbuilding and characters are sadly quite lacking.
Before i go in deeper in my reasoning i would like to make a comparison to make my problems with the series so far a bit more clear.

KnY is basicly Claymore, just with the problems inverted. Instead of a focus on the character and world building, Kimetsu is showing of spectacle.
Both anime are about a child read more
Aug 2, 2019
This sorry excuse for an Isekai is so shockingly bad that i was actually speechless watching the first episodes. For the most part it feels like a parody of itself, but sadly without any sign of understanding the trophes and elements it is using.

Story, setting, characters and even jokes seem to be heavily ,,inspired" by popular isekai animes of the last years, but without the charm or imagination to do anything worthwile with it. It feels like a clusterfuck of clichés to put it bluntly.

We got discout versions of Kazuma and Aqua from Konosuba, an overpowered main character from any run of the mill isekai, read more
Jun 29, 2019
As a fan of the original manga i was pretty enthusiastic when i first heard about this. Tensei Shitara was and still is able to shine with excellent world building, it´s characters and a story that may come of as generic at first, but is handled so well that you just can´t stop yourself from enjoying it.

Mamono no Kuni on the other hand doesn´t have any of these qualities. It is basicly a lifeless fanfiction with a mary sue author insert character as it´s lead. These words are sadly not an exaggeration. Every character knows her or want to know her, she has an unique read more
Feb 3, 2019
This manga is highly enjoyable and surprisingly well done. It´s a fast paced Isekai story that got back to the roots of this sub-genre and manages to avoid or tone down the trappings of many other fantasy animes.

I love the ever-growing cast of very likeable characters and the excellent worldbuilding so far and can only recommend it to everyone who likes fantasy adventures and don´t need unnecessary fanservice in every chapter.

The only negative things i could come up with would be that the premise could come off as generic at the very beginning and
that´s about it.

With that being said don´t let the premise turn read more