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Jun 28, 2019
TL;DR: Overall I give this show a 7 (rounded up) out of 10. I will give it a higher score if not for some of its blunders (which I will go in detail). This Anime gave me an okay-ish experience. If you have major anger management issues and get easily triggered by avoidable uneccessary conflict, and a couple dumb as rock characters; I suggest giving this anime a skip. But if you're like me and love Isekai (and anthropomorphic cute anime girls) go ahead and give it a few episodes.

(This review will contain a few minor spoilers, but nothing major.)

Story 5/10
-1 point for ...
Jun 20, 2019
Charlotte (Anime) add
TL;DR: Went of smoothly, but suffers from the same problem as Angel Beats in that it was somewhat rushed near the second half of the show (I wonder why...). Overall an 8 (rounded up) out of 10. I recommend you watch it if you enjoy romance, with a dash of action and a somewhat decent story. Just don't go into the show with high hopes, sit down and enjoy it!

Story is a 7 out of 10
-2 points because it's somewhat generic if you only look at it from the surface, it's a "high-school students with supernatural abilities"; If I took a shot every time a ...

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