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Asobi Asobase
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
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Show Princess
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kiirakun Sep 17, 11:02 AM
I'm happy to hear that <3 I'm guessing you're into older songs with similar vibes?
ezlord Sep 16, 7:00 PM
I love vanic too much
I love all his songs actually
Have you heard
Samurai by Vanic
Borderline by vanic and trove stike
It's strange by kflay and Louis the child hex cougar remix. Dude the first few lines really describe I how feel " I been so cold that I don't feel at all, scared up inside so I build all these walls/ I make my own rules I own plans got no room for no man that's my way/"

I started something new you will like a lot. Very similar to asuras bride, and woah the romance is a killer, I can't tell who I ship more. It's called my cold blooded prince, the art tho. Holy shit my brain melts in bliss
I have lucid dreams a lot, I don't like them tho, it makes me feel like I control the fate of my dream. But I like lucid night mares. I get out them faster

Holy shit yo did u too
Fran Sep 16, 4:22 PM
no se bien ya de donde habrás leído eso (lo puse en varios lugares lmao) pero gracias! más vale ser cabeza de ratón que cola de león como dicen no?

ah gracias! me tomó un largo día de experimentación más toda la ayuda que me dieron otros usuarios. De tanto en tanto me comentan algunos pidiendo ayuda, si queres te dejamos el perfil pipi cucú

shawnofthedeadz Sep 15, 11:12 PM
The guy she meets is a peddler. In medieval Europe these were people who went from town to town buying and selling goods. She essentially, joins him on their travel as he promises to eventually take her to her home town on his travels which she hasn't been in decades. The reason she wasn't originally able to return was due to her role as god of the harvest in the area they met. However, since the time she was the god of the area things have changed as the people have begun to worship Christianity and her role has become less i.e. people have stopped believing in her and she takes this opportunity to leave with the guy. The whole story is around their journey together, with the primary focus on their romance. I think its great, the adaption isn't perfect, but overall the characters make it worth it. In particular Holo (the girl), makes it worth it.

Another series along the same vein you might enjoy is Katanagatari. Togame sort of falls under the smart female protagonists but she is less as "sassy/attitudey" as Fuwa Aika or Holo. I also highly recommend that if you haven't watched it yet.
ChoChoman Sep 15, 10:11 PM
Aelx Sep 15, 12:12 PM
Everyone has that moment including me hahaha, I always thought that MAL was used to store all your anime that you have watched but a year later I discovered clubs then AWC was introduced to me, then I became more.. "Active" although it rare at some point but meh :P But if your gonna make based on "zankyou no terror" description then doesn't that mean your not get that Quartz Pink color that you've wanted? It be a shame really :/ Huhuhuh~ ╥﹏╥ how dare they build up that story then suddenly Yuuko come back in the end like, they just screwing with my heart man :')
Aelx Sep 15, 7:55 AM
Well thank you soo much then~ why don't you make your profile with this color design? I think it would look lovely <3 and yeahh huhuhu~ man tears were shed while watching it ╥﹏╥ you know what..? here, you probably recognize this beautiful scene somewhere >w<
ezlord Sep 14, 10:46 PM
What are these nightmares about
Also last night I dreamed about all my teeth falling out, me spitting my teeth out cuz I didn't want to choke and die in my teeth but feeling depressed about it too
It was so real I was glad to be awake
Sometimes I wish Iro nightmares can be woken up from too
ezlord Sep 14, 10:45 PM
What no way
Those songs are awesome man
I have literally too many of her songs actually
It took me awhile to get into her solid stuff without the remixes
Have ur
Heard blood in the cut atlantica remix
ezlord Sep 14, 9:04 PM
Woah so u know kflay? Holy shit that's rare. Gimme some songs you really like by her. Have you heard the vanic remixed one
Ya I had to quit, recently I been up till like 4 am and it's been killing me
I can't have my body shutting down, I want to get back to my hot bod so need to fix my self but can't help it
We moved about 14 times in my childhood. No wonder I have attachment issues
It is still ongoing, asuras bride just started but I'm hella hype piece over it
YES ok well tbh I thought u might like it, but I mean it's hella vapid. Like no real plot. If I wanted real life shit, I have myself and boring people to turn to,
lithiumflower Sep 14, 4:35 PM
Haha, thank you! I'm not following any current anime at the moment. I've heard the Banana Fish anime is good, though rushed, but I can't in good conscience recommend a series I haven't seen. I would definitely recommend the manga, though! I will warn you in advance that it has a lot of violence and sexual abuse, though the latter is never portrayed on-panel, it can still be disturbing. It's an excellent series nonetheless.
Dimethylanime Sep 14, 4:46 AM
Exactly!! Yay for slam poems
Some of my friends irl don’t like them because they think they’re too dramatic but I’m glad someone appreciates them
Crocospect22 Sep 13, 8:51 PM
Thank you :). Now because you mentioned it, i actually forgot to add planetes into my anime list lol, and yes i already watched it because it was one of my earliest anime when i was hooked to anime for first time, planetes and uchuu kyoudai still belong to one of my favorite anime ever. Actually it's just my opinion, sankarea anime is good but the manga is even surprisingly better that's why i recommend it to you, rea is such a bae lol. Also feel free to tell me your impression about Solanin after read it, Asano is totally a genius..
ezlord Sep 13, 6:24 PM u got a hella crazy hectic life
I totally forgot
I use to stay up till 4am doing loser shit like gaming or watching anime then went to school st 6am mostly felt like a zombie, slept in all my classes and that's how I passed high school idk even how tho
Tog is really good I hope u can finish it and lemme know
Yes asuras bride is in the making but really good
But the lady and her butler bored me to tears
Shirokuza Sep 13, 4:30 PM
No she was fking idiot girl forever,why she was married and Satoru sick in the hospital why she can waited satoru wake up? But its okay for me he was meet Airi again :)