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Sep 5, 2015
Disclaimer: This review of Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan – Tsuiokuhen (hell of a title), is just my opinion of the show. It was formed after watching it and I would encourage you all to do the same and form you own. The written word is powerful but not to be taken as truth without question. I will also keep this as spoiler free as I can so with that out of the way let us begin.

Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X as it is known in English is a somewhat classic anime from way back in the 1990’s. It was about a swordsman named read more
Aug 23, 2015
Alright then let’s jump right into this, rip that bandaid off fast. If you are reading this review there is a good chance you already know what it is you are getting into but on the off chance you don’t I will give you a quick run down. Boku no Pico is a style of hentai known as a shotacon. Shotacon is Japanese slang that basically describes an attraction to young boys. So this is a porno about a guy having sex with young boys. Now if that hasn’t got your attention/made you run for the hills then by all means read on.

Being as read more
Aug 14, 2015
Where to begin.... I may as well go with the normal rant about this being my opinion, how I will do my best not to give spoilers or how any likeness to real life people or events is strictly coincidental. As for me my over all impression of the anime was hard to describe and after many hours of thinking I have settled on the term "uncomfortable". No mater what was happening be it a heart wrenching moment of sorrow, a blood boiling fight or a spine chilling moment of realization, something felt off, but most of the time in a good way. Watching it read more
Jul 19, 2015
Disclaiming begin. This is what you would call an initial review. It is my impression of this show after watching a good handful of episodes. This is a long series and if I am to be honest I don't think I will finish it. As a side note to all you nintendians out there I am not a fan boy nor am I a hater. This is just a review from a dude that watched the show. On to it we go.

This show is about as Saturday morning cartoon as it comes. It is cute as all hell and not in the traditional anime style read more
Jul 15, 2015
DISCLAIM! This is as always, a collection of my own opinions and yada yada. I will do my best not to put in any spoilers but for once I don't thing that will be much of a problem. Onward and upward we go.

Wear do I begin with Serial Experiments Lain? I honestly don't know. This is really on hell of a mind fu*k. "Lain" as I will now refer to it for short is a psychological drama of the highest order. Or at leas of the highest order I have seen. From start to finish I struggled to wrap my brain around what was going read more
Jul 6, 2015
Disclaimer: This review is my own opinion, take it for what its worth. I will be breaking this down into the stages MAL uses for rankings as there is a lot to cover with this one. As normal I will do my best not to spoil and keep it to the broad strokes. In addition I will worn you now. Watching this with friends is a no no. YES it is a bit risque, YES there are some very confronting things about this show, but that is not what I am talking about. There are a lot of girls in this one, to the point read more
Jun 26, 2015
Figures I would smash this out before bed having just finished this. This slice of life and a half anime is one of the most memorable I have watched in a long time. Not that this is saying much as slice of life is not really my bag, as it were. But still I had a lot of fun with this one. As will be the norm with my reviews I will spoiler worn and disclaimer right now. All that is about to be said is my pov so feel free to bitch about it but don't take offense as I don't mean any. read more
Jun 25, 2015
Ok so this is my first review on the ol' list and I am notorious among friends for spoilers so I will do my best with that in this review. As a stranded disclaimer this is all my opinion and if you disagree then that's your choice and it is a perfectly good one. So lets jump right in. Akame ga Kill is one of the few anime I can call a true masterpiece, however, this dos not necessarily mean I liked it.

I have herd many people call it the "Game of Thrones" of the anime world and that is something I would agree with. read more