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Jan 17, 2021
Aya to Majo (Anime) add
This movie is receiving a whole lot of backlash for the CGI-animation (it's a TV movie with a limited budget, guys, not a cinema release) and the "dissappointing" plot, but I thought the movie was fun. Not as good as other Ghibli movies, but still entertaining the whole way through.

The movie is basically about Aya (or Earwig) getting adopted by a witch, and the witch wants to use her as a slave. Earwig has to figure out how to escape or make things better for herself, or live in torment forever.

Earwig herself is very different compared to most Ghibli protagonists. Even though she's taken advantage ...
Oct 7, 2017
"PJ Berri no Mogumogu Munyamunya" is as basic as you can get: PJ works as a fortune teller at "Chop Chop Master Onion's" Cafe, but doesn't really do anything. He is usually asleep, dreaming about something that vaguely has anything to do with the customer's question, but somehow, he still manages to give them the perfect answer whenever he's accidentaly saying something out loud in the process of waking up. The customer gets happy and Parappa praises him. This is pretty much every episode of the show.

Parappa is more of a minor character in this show, not surprising when he is not even mentioned in ...
Jul 13, 2016
Pac-World (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (26/52 eps)
This is not a good show. Not even a decent one. Instead of staying faithful to the source material, like other video game adaptions such as Mario and Sonic did, they went in a completely new direction and ripped off several shows in the process.

This is a prequel to the Pac-Man games, revolving around Pac-Man's teenager days instead of his usual adult self. The story is pretty much like Ben 10, but with ghosts. Pac-Man eats pellets with different super powers, but he never bothers to learn what each of them do. An evil ghost sends out other ghosts to get him, but fails ...
Jul 5, 2014
Keroro (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (14/23 eps)
Keroro is once again back on the TV-screen, but this time in a new, flash animated format. And as expected, this is a big disappointment...

The episodes are basicly the same as in the first series. Out of the 14 episodes I have seen, eight of them were featured in the original series. The only difference is the inclusion of an extremely boring character. The mentioned character's personality is a kind-hearted copy of Tamama, with the ability to copy other characters. His name is... Keroro... just as the main character.

The music is bad, really bad. The intro theme is probably fine, and there is no ...
Dec 17, 2013
Having watched every episode there is of this show the three past months, I can safely say that the Moomins will fit everyone with a sense of adventure. It's calm, it's exciting, and most of all, the characters are lovable.

The series follows the basic formula of nearly every other Anime. Something happens, the Moomin family must fix it and everything turns out well. However, the series isn't completely episodic. There is a handful of episodes which introduces new characters, while others add background history, giving more depth to the main characters. The best way to watch this is in chronological order.

The animation is fantastic and ...
Sep 24, 2013
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (103/128 chp)
The Holy Bible has been in many formats. Cartoons, Movies, Comics, Audio Tapes and Music is just a few of them. But finally, it has reached Japan's most popular format ever: Manga. The first two books are made after the new testament (Jesus and Paulus) and mostly consists of a light-hearted tone, while the three latter ones are made after the old testament. Rape, murder and torture are just some of the keywords describing these.

Story: 7/10
The story itself are very interesting and proves that the bible belongs in manga format. There are shocking scenes, heart-breaking scenes and even grotesque happenings. The manga version of ...
Jul 3, 2013
Mixed Feelings
This is Genshiken. But, at the same time, it's not.

Genshiken. An anime-series we consider as funny and disturbing (Mostly due to Madarame's comments), but still a spot-on image of what a real otaku is like. In this book, however, none of those elements are present. Instead, we get a very serious take on the Genshiken series, with many creepypasta-like scares and supernatural happenings throughout the book.

The story is basicly about a doujin-soft named "Kyodai*Kenka", a doujin game known for including a real-life murder if you beat it in a specific order. At least that's the rumor. Kuchiki's trying to play this game, but dissappears. Meanwhile, ...
Mar 5, 2013
Out of the five Keroro movies released today, this has to be the best one. It is the only movie that really catches both Keroro's sharm & humor, which makes it feels like an extended TV-episode (Which is great compared to the other movies).

The story is okay at best as the idea of a evil twin brother has been used countless of times in both cartoons, anime and games. The way they execute it is however, really good. It will show the fans what Keroro really thinks about Pekopon and make him even more outstanding than before. There is also some heavy action scenes ...
Mar 5, 2013
Once again we get a Keroro episode with the characters as children, and it is still as boring as ever. The 3D Animation is really cheap and a disgrace to cel-shading, as well as the animation sucks. There is no impressive movements and the characters moves like robots. The story is really weak and most likely just done on the fly, as the animators at Sunrise already has a really tight schedule.

Just like the former "Keroro kids" episodes, these are really childish and most likely meant for small kids. There is no innuendo, no suggestive themes, no language and no cartoon violence like the ...
Mar 5, 2013
Mixed Feelings
Every TV-show has a pilot, but it is really rare we actually get to see the pilot for an Anime series. Lupin was too mature for it's time, so it's not surprising that no TV-channel would fund this project. The Lupin TV-series didn't get aired until five years later, when one had the guts to release a TV show of this. For that reason, I am really gratefull to TMS for bringing it here to the west so we all could enjoy it.

The first pilot (standard edition) is a great start to this series, but would most likely not catch most of the viewers attention ...