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May 7, 2011
Aniyome Wa Ijippari was a good hentai to watch.... That is if you are not into the whole tentacle/beast/rape/random sex thing that so many other people like watching. This hentai deals with romance and consensual sex between all parties. 1 guy and 2 girls. Not 1 girl and 7 guys or 5 girls and 8 minotaur looking things that only want sex with humans as opposed to their own kind, which kind of throws off the whole "enjoyment" section of the beastiality that people have come to know as hentai....

STORY: not anything original or anything fantastic but it does well considering the type of story read more
Mar 18, 2011
I have never been one for reading Manga/Manhwa/Manhua of the Supernatural genre, but i have to say, this is the greatest one I have read so far!!

Story: 6
after reading various other Supernatural stories, the story seems kind of boring, but it does show some very good fighting scenes, so that's why i gave it more than a 4

Art: 10
the art in Jack Frost is amazing, the way that the Jin-Ho Go can show the characters emotions and thoughts is spectacular. very very good artwork

Character: 8
the characters are very good in Jack Frost, the characters have been portrayed so that we don't know everything about them read more