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Junjou Romantica
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Suteneko no Karte

Pretty much identical to Junjou Egoist's Hiroki and Nowaki.

Youhei, assuming he's the younger, is the seme as Nowaki is. Slightly taller than Kaoru, fell in love with him at first sight, dark hair, and completely head over heels for his partner and does anything to please him. Calls him 'Kaoru-san' to Nowaki's 'Hiro-san'.

Kaoru, probably older, is on bottom. Brown hair, stubborn attitude, can be grumpy at times and easily jealous about people hitting on his partner after some time. Practically the mirror of Hiroki from Junjou.

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Oga is like Gintoki. Main characters, pretty aloof and sometimes naive but surprisingly strong.

Furuichi is like Shinpachi. Pretty weak and screams a lot, often frustrated with the main character and points out to obvious when the main character is oblivious. Total spazzes.

Hilde is like Kagura in the sense of being the only girl in the group. Kagura is more crazy, but both girls are pretty strong and sometimes also aloof.

Beel and Sadaharu are pretty strong as well, and are more like the mascosts even though Beel is a baby.

Lots of fights, action, and crazy humor in both series.

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11eyes is basically the 2009 version of 2008's Chaos;head.

Each anime was based off a game. Both center around a male character who is surrounded by multiple girls who show up either near the beginning or middle of the series that have something to do with the general plot. Most of these girls can seem extremely innocent, but they're really someone totally different

Both males (Kakeru 11eyes, Takumi Chaos;head) already have a girl who is extremely close to them (Yuka who is Kakeru's childhood friend, and Nanami who is Takumi's younger sister). The male's each meet a girl who somehow knows something about the strange things that are going around in their world. (Rimi for Chaos;head, and Kusakabe for 11eyes). Each girl is able to use some strange sword. (Although for Rimi it is revealed much later on)

The elements for each anime is rather dark, and the main characters are sucked into some strange parallel world from time to time, where they are shown strange things or are forced to fight to defend themselves.

If you liked
Okane ga Nai
...then you might like
Tokyo Yabanjin

It's not even funny to how much these two manga are alike. The story is almost the same, and the art work looks almost identical. Daimon is almost the spitting image of Kanou, not to mention their personalities are practically the same. They both knew someone a long time ago and met up with them after so long. They're both part of the Yakuza, and are both very short tempered. They also both save the person they care about most by thugs who kidnap both Fubuki and Ayase and drug them (only to have Daimon/Kanou take them back to their room and 'deal with them').

Ayase and Fubuki both have those really big uke styled eyes. Both tell Kanou and Daimon not to kill anyone who has done them wrong because they don't agree with taking people's lives. They're both older than what they look (Ayase being 19 and in college, and Fubuki being 22 and in the detective agency).

Daimon and Kanou both seem to have an undeniable weakness for Fubuki and Ayase, and always do whatever it takes to save them and keep them out of trouble.

Only difference is Ayase was bought by Kanou and is forced to pay his debt off. Although Fubuki had almost be sold into prostitution a couple of times.

If you like one, you're going to like the other either way. It's surprising both of these weren't made by the same person, unless they were teamed up at some point.

If you liked
Junjou Romantica
...then you might like
Empty Heart ~Itsuwari no Koi Dakara~

I actually just realized this after I finished Empty Heart. The approach to each story is different, but the way they unfold and carry on are quite similar. Both seme's in the story are named 'Usami' (though that isn't the half of it). Takumi (the story's uke) is in love with his teacher, Jun Usami. Takumi has an older brother named Ryuuta., who Usami is in love with (mirrored to Usami being in love with Misaki's brother Takahiro in Junjo). (I'll refer to Junjo's 'Usami' as Usagi now to avoid confusion.) The approach to both are different. Takumi looks exactly like his brother and seduces Usami into sleeping with him, while Misaki only starts going out with Usagi after an incident with Takahiro (which I'll explain). Both Usami and Usagi fall in love with Takumi and Misaki after events subside. The other similarity is that Ryuuta has no idea that Usami was in love with him and gets married later on, as does Takahiro without knowing how Usagi felt. Both older brothers are protective of their younger brother.

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Though the stories are very different, the animation style is very much the same. It's sort of hard to see the story and what's going on. Maria Holic I find it easier to follow than Bakemonogatari. The way each story is told has the same style to it. The people tend to talk with little emotion sometimes, and multiple screens with text pop up during those speeches. The camera angles also seem to drift to different sections of the area that the characters are around, such as the sky, the ground, or objects that may or may not reflect on what is being said.

Each main character seems to meet someone else that they're almost forced into hanging around, only to be tormented throughout the series because of something they 'found out' about said person. Also, both main characters seem to get threatened from time to time by the other characters (Senjougahara & Maria)

If you liked
Toaru Majutsu no Index
...then you might like
Kurokami The Animation

The atmospheres are quite similar, and both deal with people who can use certain kinds of magic.

Steiner and Excel (Kurokami) seem to be somewhat like Kanazaki and Stiyl (To Aru Majutsu no Index). They both had confrontations with the main characters and faught to either kill them or take them somewhere (mostly directed to Index and Kuro). Although after awhile, they became companions with the main characters.

Reishin (Kurokami) and Izzard (To Aru Majutsu no Index) were both seen as the main threat, but half way through the series it changes to someone else.

To Aru Majutsu no Index has multiple sets of characters who come from specific 'Church's' and are sent to take out the main characters, while Kurokami have people from different 'Clans', also set to take them out and obtain power.

Kuro and Index both seem to be important to their respective areas. Index being important as she has 103,000 of the grimoires stored in her memory, and Kuro as she is the princess of her tribe. They both encounter somewhat regular high school boys who both have their lives changed afterwards.

If you liked
Petshop of Horrors
...then you might like

Please read the whole thing so you know where I'm coming from for this.

Petshop of Horrors is only 4 eps, as to where xxxHolic is 24. xxxHolic is only similar in the first few eps I suppose, but even so they seem compatible.

Firstly, they have the same atmosphere in which both are horror based. (xxxHolic might be toned down a bit more than Petshop).

Count D and Yuuko are similar to where they can be serious when it comes to their jobs, but other times they can be a completely different person. This mostly happens when they aren't working.

Both Yuuko and Count D own a particular shop and both are quite spiritual.

Where Count D is infatuated with certain sweets, Yuuko has her love for sake or any sort of alcohol.

During the first few episodes of xxxHolic, Yuuko encountered people who asked her for advice, but their lives took a turn for the worst after aquiring objects from her. (Ex: The rings, the monkey hand). Even when she tells them not to do something or asks them about their bad habits, they lie or do what they're not supposed to. This applies with Count D as well. He gives certain animals to people and tells them the do's and don'ts of them. The people always do what they're not supposed to and end up in dispair at the end.

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...then you might like

Though the plots and story line are completely different, the main characters seem to have similarities.

First off, Ciel and Ritsuka are both 12. Though they have different voice actors, their voices sound extremely similar. They're both stubborn and have snarky attitudes throughout the series. They have also both lost something precious to them. Ciel his family, and Ritsuka his older brother. Both lost their relatives due to fires. (in Loveless, this is directed via anime, as to where the manga tells otherwise about his brother's 'status'.)

Soubi and Sebastian are similar as well. Both have extrodinary powers and call the main characters their 'masters'. They are both in a contract of sorts with the kids, and their lives are made to serve said boys and protect them at all costs, also being ordered to do whatever their masters want. Both men are calm and composed and are rarely seen angry. The only difference is that Sebastian is a butler, as to where Soubi is a 'servent'. (Yes, that's similar, but with different meanings of the words) Also, Sebastian seems a lot darker than Soubi personality wise.

If you liked
Tokyo Mew Mew
...then you might like
Shugo Chara!

Both feature protagonists that have pink hair for starters. Each anime has a set of characters who transform with some sort of magic power they have. The characters are particularly younger and are involved with some sort of 'club'.
The antagonists in both are trying to find some sort of secret power that seems to take forever to find.
Also, the main character (being female) seems to have many male characters falling in love with them, be it a good guy, a bad guy or an antihero.