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Fairy Tail (2014)
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xXxMemer420 Oct 25, 2014 4:43 PM
Happy birthday~!
Foolishmints Aug 21, 2014 11:23 PM
I also just noticed your profile picture is from Noragami! I just started the anime!
Foolishmints Jul 19, 2014 11:47 AM
It's okay I was too!
That is true~ Is also why i prefer to do projects by myself~ Unless forced~that last part is also true! LOL
I'm sure you're fine though~ It could be an advantage or disadvantage in some way.
LOL that's hilarious Ahhh no more senoirs T_T they were the only cool ones
True true! Waking down the hall and falling side to side xD
Er they would give like a 5 minutes speech. Sometime they schedule a day and just give us a seminar.
Peoples logic I say! I am guilty of doing that sometime too LOL!
Argh sooo good! I am such a baddie I got a bad grade.... My life is over...
MY SUMMER HAS BEEN FULLED WITH DRIVING AND VOLUNTEERING! Driving test too crucial! How about you Kawa-san?
Foolishmints Jun 9, 2014 9:31 AM

Foolishmints Apr 28, 2014 4:49 PM
Foolishmints Apr 23, 2014 5:47 PM
It's all good Kawa-Sempai. :OOOO I've been tired as usual> trying to get sleep in>~ so rarely time for anime too :(
Please Kawa-san, teach me your great ways LOL I know what you mean_ I get the zombie eye @_@ <~ something like that. I used too, but now sleep is all I know and cherish. Exams are coming up and it's going to eat me alive like every year BUT I PRAY AND PRAY!!!
Nah my English teacher isn't mean he just like to mess with us students. This week he kept screaming "OMG THERE ARE TWO HOs (Hoes) and why are you letting the two HOs touch you!" Two of my friend last name is Ho xD
!!! What's so hard about Physics D: I generally thought it was hard too, but I am managing with an A~
I wish I could have slammed that rock in my middle school art teacher "HAPPY BIRTHDAY !" ( The rock had a smirk on it too :D)
As long as she didn't called the cops on you! My gawd she threatened to get us remove from the school if we "misbehaved."
Yeah, there are the people who work really hard and it doesn't reflect on their grades and those that don't touch a book, but are the toppers." - This statement right here made me shed tear. Like I said > we basically have things plan out for us each day (sometime we have to do it) but after we finish we can
1. move on with the next lesson
2. do as you please
(IF YOU HAPPEN TO FINISH ALL THE LESSONS FOR THAT CLASS YOU CAN TAKE ANOTHER CLASS and just come back when it's exam week! I have only seen this accomplished by some.)
Well in the long run we have like a week or less to do all the work > most can be done in a day if you are a try hard(me...sometime :D)
xD we are given a lot of freedom~ but I am sure that is natural at other school if you sleep in their class as it is a disrespect to them :( OR THEY REALLY JUST HATE YOUR GUTS AND WANTS TO PICK ON YOU CUZ THEIR LIFE IS MISERABLE!!!
XD Senpai-sama, if there were a genius on MAL, it could only be you :O that phrase is too much for me~ there are many others that are higher rank than I am > I am just that decent kid that stand above others > just like you D:
I mean like they are straight copying off of the smart people. THEY DON'T EVEN LISTEN TO EXPLANATION! I tried several time explaining things to them...they just copied and nod their head until they are done copying I'm like ... whatever if you fail you failed. I just ask the teacher to give me more work now instead. :(
I do think like that from time to time "when will I have a sleep like this again?" -falls back alseep- ( IT WAS A SCHOOL DAY!!!! PLOT TWIST!!!) LOL But yeah I only go back to sleep if "IF" I having a nice dream.
The PAKs are what the teacher give LOL
It's not bad to be attached to your class - just as long as they don't cause you trouble :)
You don't seem to understand that I sniff every dollar I ever earned... then I use my money testing marker to see if it is legit. LOL
no money = no computer = no wifi = no life. People are just crazy and have been mislead by obviously false statements. You must be God. Your words pierced me. -on head and knees-
Wow... "Ah, Lego...I would spend my holidays on the cold floor of the depressing garage, building and un-building, playing chess by myself, playing basketball by myself..." I need some tissues to wipe away my tears for you... and pat you on the pack for making it this far. xD
OH nonono I was replying to the violinist! As for the barbies they are hilarious on commercial... is it me or their barbie smiles getting creepier?!?!
Foolishmints Apr 12, 2014 6:47 AM
Foolishmints Apr 6, 2014 9:20 PM
Foolishmints Apr 5, 2014 11:00 AM
Foolishmints Apr 3, 2014 4:19 PM
You are right xD~ It just bothers me that I can't do it anymore ;(
Dang, I sound stupid two years ago forgot manga> I am glad you are bursting wiht laughter Bwahaha! (Surprised you even found it.. o_o)
Dang you must be taking like AP classes or something. I got most of my class out of the way already I just have to do core classes now like English, Science, etc. (Not sure if you're trying to say when you are 15 or you are 15 :o)
Whut?!?! That's bogus. Art is a great place for generating ideas! Sculpture allows you to make it reality @_@
Why? What's wrong with CS>! I am like trying to take accounting/ other business class as well as AP computer science> Hopefully that will help me get somewhere @_@
LOL, sorry sorry, okay Senpai! ( I have met many senpai(s) over MAL so I was just hoping I could be one for once T_T (P.S I am 16 and is 5.8 ( not a chibi I can tell you that! You're smaller than me Kawa-senpai >.> (assuming) )
I sometime have open time ( also busy with work myself) but I usually end up at my mum's place to help her with her business as a translator~
Ohoho, I do too! Just so I can have a sword around my waist and look stylish *.* Then if someone messes with me I can threaten them "CHYAAAAA!"
I remember I went over my friend's house before and his sister had some lying around. I took some and place them on the plastic pan that was next to it and cracked out a villainous laugh and walked away~~~
I don't even know how they make Barbies dolls but I am assuming it is outrageously ridiculous!

Foolishmints Apr 2, 2014 7:05 PM
I tried to flex my fingers again I felt like I almost broke something... LOL Yeah yeah gotta get fit like my coach xD -why you no have time D:
Lucky daughter of a fudge cake! D:<
O_O why?! whats so funny?!?! Tell meee! ( I completely forgot about that thread!)
Yes, yes xD! Like I said I am not at that caliber! I AM A JR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT!! FFFFFS LOL ( I will take that as an awkward complement xD) Are you out of high school already? You could try to look for what you like or want to do > My end game right now is computer science or programmer maybe an entrepreneur? o_o
Sankyu very much! You may call me senpai from now on LOL (jk, you can call me what you please)
Oh gawd that song ROFL! Haven't heard that in a while~ that was a great laugh ty~~~

Foolishmints Apr 1, 2014 6:52 PM
dang so FLEXIBLE!!! I am trying to build my body as well as getting my flexibility back> my gawd so hard @_@
HAHAHA that point when you stop training! you should record on how you fail I would love to see that ROFL! (sorry sorry)
D: why not?!?!
Well of course in school the things you can do is limited but that doesn't stop you from doing thing from scratch. I actually did a lot of projects but my time in my class is short so out of four years in my sculpture class I actually only finished two projects. You are given a specific theme and you just have to follow the guide line( they are like teaching you techniques or stimulate your ideas to how to go about it) and just do what you please~ it's just supplies that limits us most of the time but we pull through~ my mum screamed at me when i said I wanted to be an artist T_T I cried a few years later I propose to be a chef of course, I got shot down again @_@
Foolishmints Mar 30, 2014 8:24 AM
D: You must! The atmosphere is absolutely amazing!
It could in the past with ease, but now my finger is all stiff and it's hard to do it @_@ I try from time to time to see if I still can and I have to force my fingers to do what it could long ago, but I feel like I'm breaking them @_@
Most of the time I just want to scream because Asians are all about piano or violin, but that would be racist D:
Somewhat of it I suppose- I don't feel like I am that good to be called and "artist" yet... :(
Foolishmints Mar 29, 2014 5:09 AM
I never heard a musical instrument until I was around 5th grade D: piano and violin were my two favorite instruments as they were the first one I saw. I saw a beautiful performance with both of them and I was dazzled @_@
My fingers use to be flexible but not they are hard stiff I can't even touch my wrist with my pinky finger anymore :( I CAN'T EVEN STACK THEM ON TOP OF EACH OTHER ANYMORE!!! D:< But that is no excuse to give up! LOL YES PIANO AND VIOLIN ALL THE WAY!!!
Foolishmints Mar 27, 2014 4:03 PM
Ah, I see! Well I started in 5th grade, but my teacher was like a professional and made us learn like hard pieces for beginners and my fingers couldn't keep up and I thought it was a nightmare and sadly left T_T Okay!!!~~~
I do try to learn some from time to time like I self teach myself all the keys! but then I get finger cramps> and that result me to automatic given up... Thank you! I will learn to play in the near future and compose SO MANY AWESOME MELODIES! BWAHAHAHA!!!
You are welcome!!!