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Aug 28, 2021
This is a review of the English Dub

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of English Dub... ok trick question... it is, they are amazing when it comes to Comedy.

This Anime was Funny **** and i just can't describe what i felt when all of the Konosuba References, and age old memes used through out the series, from a badly Censored "Tea bagging" scene to classic uses of "deez nutz" and "Noice". Non stop gags galore.

The story is straight forward and easy to follow... which is what it needed. it is basically "Sent to another world for research while the MC read more
May 22, 2021
NOTE: Review is of English Dub

This series has been a blessing and just what I needed.
Everything was superb and well done from the Artstyle, Characters, Sound, Facial Expressions, and even the story was well done.

The Story is basic... but different in a good way. A Princess is captured by the Demon King, Princess finds ways to get the best Sleep possible and doesn't care that everyone is a Demon. The Humans Send a Hero to get her Back... Which never happens as the Hero is an Idiot... Basic Stuff... But Good enough to keep me going in this Comf of an anime.

Starting with the English read more
Apr 14, 2021
Although i enjoyed this... it spoiled a lot of the 2nd Season of the anime and should be watched after the 2nd season, which means this shouldn't marked as a side story for the 1st season, it will spoil everyone who is misinformed on the series and think they should watch these afterwards.

Back to the Review.
This was just as good as the main series. The Art style, Character development and the overall enjoyment was very good. Had a more than a few laughs. The VA do a good job at bringing the characters to life and hit the right points (NOTE: I watched the read more
Feb 16, 2021
I watched the Movie Today and I am a big fan when it comes to Studio Ghibli films. I'll Keep this review short.

To start off, I'll head Fly Straight into the Characters and CG of the Film. The Background art is almost Disney/Pixar quality, it is very Beautiful and Stunning. The Lighting of the scenes is well done, and the Rain is great. Foliage is almost life like but still fits into the world with the Characters. Special Effects are almost Disney quality and are well done.

I had a small gripe about Characters and how they looks and placed into the scenes... but that read more
Jun 8, 2020
Loved this series... until the last episode which should have been somewhere in the middle of the series. episode 12 was a good ending then they ruined it with a stupid out of placed OVA that isn't an OVA.

The Characters are great and i had a lot of enjoyment out of this series, the comedy is on point and there is ecchi scenes... until you get to the end where they throw Full Nudity which is out of place. the artstyle is just over average, and the Suzutsuki has those dead eyes suiting of her personality.

the Romance is good but like most Harem, it goes read more
May 24, 2020
I don't normally Review Hentai, because people would see this on my profile and like, WTF, but here i go.

I Loved this. The story is the only thing not on point with the rest but everything makes sense in the end after you watch all 4 episodes. As the Story Progresses you get start to understand how the World works and why she suddenly chose the the teacher which shows a lot of resemblance to the the MC of Interview with Monster Girls.

This is basically the same but they want sex to produce offspring to save their race. They start falling for him other read more
Oct 21, 2018
I decided to watch this Movie in the split second that nearly made me miss the last bus that would make me arrive at the cinema on time.

From the Title you know what you are getting yourself into. even at the start of the film it starts just like Grave of the Fireflies. after it takes you back to where it began and you embark on an amazing journey that makes you Sad and happy with how Sakura handles her illness. As time goes by you immediately feel uneasy and sorry, until the credits roll and longer as a the end credit scene plays read more
Aug 6, 2018
i watched this Subbed back last November in cinemas... it was good but not watching the series subbed before hand, made it confusing a little... and the fact the subs moved quickly in some parts... Finally watching it dubbed nearly 1 year later made me remember how amazing the dub was with Shiro's cute voice... Also being used as Shuvi's voice. This movie is great in sub and dub and now all i want is Season 2.

The characters are brilliant in this, the pacing is pretty perfect, and the story is great all the way through. you feel sad, happy, jealous and what ever read more