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Anime Stats
Days: 48.4
Mean Score: 7.19
  • Total Entries243
  • Rewatched22
  • Episodes2,946
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Apr 28, 8:57 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers
Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers
Apr 28, 8:56 AM
Completed 51/51 · Scored 6
Iron Man
Iron Man
Apr 28, 8:55 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
Manga Stats
Days: 7.8
Mean Score: 7.27
  • Total Entries43
  • Reread4
  • Chapters926
  • Volumes108
Manga History Last Manga Updates
K: Countdown
K: Countdown
Feb 26, 3:38 AM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 8
Honey Darling
Honey Darling
Feb 23, 9:33 AM
Completed 11/11 · Scored -


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Moe_Blob May 14, 8:41 AM
nice XD and that's quite a high accolade for a game owo i wasn't interested in it on release [s]because it looked too similar to Breath of the Wild '^^[s/] but what makes it so great? :D
Moe_Blob May 10, 12:09 PM
'nothing too great' and all those games are like masterpieces XD though i haven't played zero dawn and DbD, how're they? ^^
Moe_Blob May 9, 1:11 PM
i've never been to into Marvel and never watch GoT, but i can understand the appeal ^^ but i get what you mean :)

what're some of the more recent video games you've played anyway?
Moe_Blob May 3, 1:53 PM
true, a climatic moment that may or may not be accompanied by a pursuit theme lol

i'm not that big on marvel, but i have watched doctor strange and thought it was decent ^^ and i can tell you like a lot of things XD

well i love gaming, drawing and a bit of writing, but that still kinda counts as anime hobbies '^^ i guess besides that i hang out with my family and friends and do school work, but anime and similar topics are a big part of my life XD you? ^^
Moe_Blob May 2, 11:22 AM
that's a shame, though i'm a bit of a Sherlock Holmes fan too. i haven't read any of the books but i've seen a couple modern films and the BBC series, as well as enjoying all crime fiction ^^

if you ever feel like playing it i highly recommend it, the franchise basically made me who i am today XD it's kinda similar in a number of ways to ace attorney too. you could always play the cross over to get you into it :)

you've just watched a lot more than me XD and we do a bit, though i enjoyed FMAB and Steins;Gate a lot more than you, whereas you liked Nanatsu no Taizai a lot more XD
Moe_Blob May 1, 9:23 AM
i feel like i needed to play it on release to fully enjoy it, it just feels dated now. maybe i'll enjoy the 3DS remake whenever i get around to it but nothing will ever beat SS youre right XD

i was looking through your anime list and i found the Layton movie, are you a Layton fan too? ^^
Moe_Blob Apr 28, 12:42 PM
Twilight princess was my first actually, i watched my mum play it when i was like 6 or something lol

what do you think of Ocarina of Time btw? ^^
Moe_Blob Apr 26, 1:16 PM
i love it XD i can remember getting it for christmas when i was young and i loved it, and i still do ^^ it's not perfect, but it's not too different to Twilight Princess etc so i don't understand the hate >< though Fi can be annoying lol
Moe_Blob Apr 26, 9:14 AM
i actually finished Apollo recently, and i can see why people don't like it much. the cases aren't great and the final case seems a but unfinished, but it wasn't terrible. i'd definitely put it above JFA personally, but i know you preferred JFA to me XD

and oh my god i just realised it says Skyward Sword is your favourite zelda game on your profile, i'm so happy i found a fellow SS fan T-T
Moe_Blob Apr 21, 4:08 AM
turnabout goodbyes is one of my favourite cases too. the DL-6 music makes my soul ache every time i listen >< i also really like turnabout samurai, rise from the ashes, farewell my turnabout, the stolen turnabout, and bridge to the turnabout. it always seems like the last case in each game is the best XD

i'm definitely gonna play the investigations games at some point after i finish Apollo. i really want to like franziska more than i do already ^^

Moe_Blob Apr 20, 1:33 PM
i just felt like Godot was a really realistic well written character. Franziska wasn't bad, she just seemed kind of unimportant, especially in the last case of JfA '^^

if i got more phone calls i'd definitly have the steel samurai as my ringtone XD i might have to change my alarm to an ace attorney song too now that you mention it :D

we've never seen a single episode of the steel samurai, and still we all love it lol

of the original trilogy, do you have a favourite case? ^^
Moe_Blob Apr 20, 11:57 AM
oooh you've made a powerful foe XD i love pearls and ema, though i might just be a sucker for cute girls '^^

and i have to ask why you think that T&T is less good than JfA... i love T&T, with Godot literally being one of my favourite characters ever written XD

off the top of my head, my favourite tracks are Objection 2001, Pursuit 2001, Turnabout Sisters, Steel Samurai's theme, Damon Gant's theme, Cross examination Allegro 2002, investigation middle 2004, godots theme, luke atmeys theme, pursuit 2007... i could go on for ages to be honest >.> every song fits it situation perfectly, from the reminiscence themes to the pursuit themes ^^
Moe_Blob Apr 20, 8:51 AM
i actually have an ordered list of the games i've played XD

1: Trials and Tribulations
2/3: the original or Apollo, i'm still not sure
4: Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright (it got me into Ace Attorney because i was already a fan of the Professor Layton series!)
5: Justice for All

let me guess, your favourite character is Edgeworth? ^^
Moe_Blob Apr 20, 4:33 AM
sounds good nonetheless XD

so which is your favourite Ace Attorney game overall? ^^
Moe_Blob Apr 19, 1:29 PM
i'm finding it pretty good so far ngl, the second and third case aren't the greatest but the fourth case is as good as all the other games so far.

how did you play investigations 2? and how do the investigation games compare to the main games? ^^