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Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden
Sep 24, 7:38 PM
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Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Sep 24, 7:38 PM
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Skip Beat!
Skip Beat!
Feb 12, 6:50 PM
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Bokura no Mitsudomoe Sensou
Bokura no Mitsudomoe Sensou
Dec 4, 2016 7:40 PM
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Mirorin May 16, 7:25 AM
I oddly remember what started the conversation too. I believe you were asking where to watch Kuroko no Basket when it first came out haha. xD

Switched into International Relations this year! Minor in Japanese. ;D
Mirorin May 15, 9:05 AM
Same here! I rarely like the main/canon couple, I always support the characters who will never get a chance. D:

I clicked back to our first comments and expected it to be like two years ago... but 2012!? What the--! Time really does go by fast!! I must've been somewhere near the first year of high school then?? I've been into BL since junior high haha ^^". I'm still into BL now, but don't read as often.

Reminds when I go back to my previous house and run into the neighbors who still live there. I remember the time before they got married and way before they had kids... now they have two kids, the oldest of which is already in junior high. It'so strange.
Mirorin May 14, 8:50 AM
"she belongs with her brother in law" <--- I love this xD

Not sure if Bleach sold well enough to get a new anime. But it's getting a live action movie, if I recall right.

In uni now haha. Moving into 3rd year next semester, so just finished 2nd year. :D
Mirorin May 9, 6:58 PM
Sounds good! As for your questions:

Mirorin May 9, 10:48 AM
Hey! I've been good. Glad to see you're doing well too. :D
This barrage of questions though haha.

Mob Psycho doesn't get good until the second half imo, when the main plot starts picking up. It was kind of meh until that point for me.

Spring 2017 recs:
Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The King's Avatar/TKA)
Uchouten Kazoku 2 (if you liked season 1)
Sakura Quest
Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!
Natsume Yuujinchou Roku
Tsuki ga Kirei
Boku no Hero Academia 2
Shingeki no Kyoujin 2

Kind of an average season overall. I think Hero Academia, SnK and maybe TKA and Natsume are the ones carrying this season. Sakura Quest might be a sleeper hit like Shirobako (but about tourism). Tsuki ga Kirei depends on your taste, but it's a nice little story about innocent adolescents and realistic characters imo. TKA is a Chinese series, but the animation is quite nice and I'm part of the official subbing team, so I'd love if you check it out even if you don't end up liking it. xD

Yes I finished reading Bleach! I think it ended quite a while ago actually, maybe a year ago? What're you wondering about?
Kransten Mar 6, 10:50 PM
yeah, im in a Latin America PvE Server - Quel'thalas
battle tag Kransten#11914
Kransten Mar 6, 5:34 PM
work is taking alot more time than before.

also i went back to play WOW.
Kransten Feb 16, 4:24 PM
Hi, thanks.

yeah i haven't, my old pc died, and now that i got a new one, i got issues with my minecraft license, i wont let me open MC.
Sensus_97 Feb 5, 10:21 AM
Oh hey o/

Just wanted to say that I like One punch man, Genos is awesome!!! I know now what you like him so much! Animation on fights its really intresting and fun =) I enjoy this!
Sensus_97 Feb 5, 2:34 AM
Good day!

Hehehehe I see, many people liked it alot.

To be honest it worked for me that it has only 12 episodes, i just really don't wanna start something with many episodes at this point (surprise - surprise). When I finish it I want a slice of life anime or a really good show with high rate. Was thinking that i would like to re-watch something from my list but haven't decided :P Damn like 2 days ago I was looking at my list and I felt sad that I didn't remember some of the story, plot etc of some shows. It feels like I spent so much time on them and now I hardly remember anything. That made me feel weird.

Superbowl it's a very big event there in States, not really know why but your people seem to watch it. :P We don't have anything similar here in Greece.
Sensus_97 Feb 4, 8:50 AM
Hey o/

I'm really happy to hear that you finally found your own place and everything worked fine! Well that's a bit annoying but I think comparing to all the positives it's just a small negative! ^_^
I have said so many times that I wanted to start watching some of those famous shows like Breaking Bad, Game of thrones etc but in the end I never did! I just need company to watch a show otherwise I feel too lazy for that!

I finished Natsume, was ok ^_^ I also watched a short OVA of Diabolik Lovers just because I wanted to finish with the franchise (yeah it was painful watch). Now I'm watching One Punch Man! Only at first episode atm but it seems to be intresting. Hehehe! I still remember how much you love Genos!

Sounds that you have alot of things going on ingame but damn this game sucks the soul out of you! I spent so much time when i played vanilla again on Nostalrius, It was fun and all but too time consuming. I'm happy that we stopped after clearing out Black wing Lair.

Every job has it's ups and downs and you always feel pressure. It's not a paradise but at least I'm doing better comparing to the previous one plus it was my choice from the start to be at that position so I wanted to be good. I hope that this job will fuel me with the money so I can do some of the things I need.

Any plans for the weekend? What are ya gonna do?
Sensus_97 Feb 3, 5:36 AM
I think some time ago you told me that you were about to get your new house, so guess you already make it so congrats!
From what I heard people got abit bored of Legion already. I don't know what's going on on retail as I haven't played it for some years now!
What are you watching these days btw?
Katamon! You should be very careful with smoking! It's unhealthy!

Hahaha! Yeah I'm happy as well that things seem to work out abit! Pretty happy for the job, not that is something amazing but i can have some money in my wallet! They seem to like me because i'm good on communicating with people ;) Today my colleague who is 10 years there called me communication devil hahahah!
Sensus_97 Feb 2, 10:41 AM
Sadly there were many changes in my guild on the New Nost server which made me leave the guild and slowly stop playing there. Was also very sad to see that the Nostalrius team decided to step back and ask the Elysium team to stop using their code, so both of those reasons I just wrote you made me quit playing.

I'm busy with my work and my relationship. My managers decided to renew my contract for some more months which is good as I have some income and can do stuff I wanted. Also spending time with my baby, playing WoW 3 tower defence, watch videos together talk etc.
In few days from now I'm going to travel so I'm very excited for that too. :-)

EDIT: The 5th season from Natsume feels a bit depressing, wish it was as good as the 4th season..
Sensus_97 Feb 2, 8:24 AM
I would love to re-watch that anime myself some day. ^^
Sensus_97 Feb 1, 10:33 AM
I guess you must be busy with family and WoW ^^ Ah, has he ever watched Hajime no Ippo? I believe he would like it :)