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Aug 9, 2019
When I sat down to look at what would be airing for Summer 2019, I initially found it difficult to pick shows to watch. I had seen tweets and posts on reddit which said that people were excited for Dr Stone above all else. I took a look at the trailer and I thought “Hmm, doesn’t look very good.” In hindsight, this was incredibly foolish of me.

In my view, Dr Stone is an interesting take on the “mad scientist” trope. Usually a mad scientist is depicted as someone who cannot wait to bring about death and destruction, and ruin and calamity to all life. They read more
Oct 7, 2018
This show is old so what can I really say about Fairy Tail that other people have not? Probably nothing much, so I will instead briefly discuss why I dropped it.

I enjoyed this show quite a bit but please do not think that this is a "good" show. Eating a lot of junk food is enjoyable but it is not good for you. Now you could make an argument from a possible philosophical viewpoint that the occasional overindulgence with junk food is a form of catharsis, but at this point you become pedantic because everyone understands what is meant by "too much junk food is read more
May 16, 2017
I'm not exactly sure if this is even anime. I mean it's made in Japan and it's animation so it does meet the bare minimum. But I'm not even sure if it's art.

It's a three minute short about some kind of blob that engages in fetish sex with her parents. However it isn't erotic at all. The only memorable things about this are how bad and weird the show is. It feels like three wasted minutes.

The sound is odd but the end credits stuck in my head so I gave sound the highest rating I've given any of the subsections; 2/10.

I recommend this show read more
Apr 8, 2017
So here we have the fourth anime I've ever dropped. Not that this was a bad show, I just didn't feel it the way I thought I did.

The premise isn't special. Parallel universe attacks, then the world they attack attacks them back. I think I would have enjoyed this more if it stayed as a gritty military and political drama instead of adding sexy elves, magical girls and goth lolis.

It isn't really a bad show, but I feel that something needs to be more than simply "not bad" to stand out. The way I felt watching this reminds me how I felt during God read more
Oct 3, 2016
It is, unfortunately, almost impossible to write this review without mentioning One Punch Man. I wish that it were, but you are going to see parallels and compare them when you watch this show. This isn't a bad thing, ONE is an incredibly talented mangaka and his work deserves praise. Where One Punch Man was a parody of manga and anime tropes, Mob Psycho 100 seems to be the more serious work. I might be wrong because I am not familiar with the Mob manga.

What I love and pity ONE for is that I recognise a theme in his work; loneliness. Saitama and Mob are read more
Sep 25, 2016
Orange (Anime) add (All reviews)

Bit of background before I begin, not entirely related to the anime. Feel free to skip this paragraph and head to the review. I was looking forward to this anime for a while because of this recent shojo addiction. I was going to New York City in June and I watched about an hour and twenty minutes of the live action movie on the flight. It was actually very good and I recommend that you watch that movie instead of the anime. Not that this anime is bad.

So. Orange. What we have here is what seems to be a shojo with a time read more
Jan 16, 2016
So. This was my first harem anime. Very weird. Second ecchi. My friend said this was a "trashy" show and I see what was meant; it really is. But that seems to be what ecchi is about; it's tits and ass. Maybe others also have a perverted lead, Issei, who has a dream of being a "Harem King". This essentially means that he wants to have a bunch of subordinate women whom he can command. Kind of creepy. But...

If you can look past all of the sexual stuff, this show is actually pretty cool. The other lead, Rias Gremory, is a gorgeous princess of the read more